Thursday, December 31, 2009

An another year passed.....AGAIN

Here we go again. An another year passed and I have nothing memorable from this year. My summer was the worst that I ever had in my life, the school is still boring, and this was the year when me and my friends had a lot of disagreements. I feel so sorry about that. But of course there are good things even if there are a little. In this year's begging me and Merci was a huge fan of twilight so we did paint each other like vampires. Or maybe we just wanted to cause we looked like two ill jailbirds. We were running around in her house because we didn't want her mother to see us.
 It was funny, but she did find out, and she gave us a  "what's the problem with you guys?" look. My luck that his father wasn't at home. I remember that a few days later we to ice skating to a lake which froze over. I love skating on lakes, and actually it was
 huge and flat. It was funny. We brought hot tea with us and we put it down on the ice and when we left and picked up the tea the ice was melting in a circle where the tea was. And merci just fell. Well it was memorable. She was watching some guys playing hockey and she just fell on her back cause she didn't notice a huge snow mound. I was laughing and she was shouting with me to help her.

Then there were other sleepovers, and actually I don't really remember of them, just one when my parents and my my older sister went to a trip to Italy for a weekend. Merci stayed with me for the whole weekend and we did crazy things. Around this time we started doing fittness and we wrapped ourselves in foil to sweat. It was weird. I don't put up a picture of that cause we are half naked so... Then we went to my cousin's wedding. I remembet that I was searching for the best dress for weeks. 
 Then I found a black mini dress. It was gorgeous. And I got a lot of questions about it. Then the school finished and we went to my class form's weekend house with Merci and four of my girlfriends for a week. It was the best part of my summer. We usually went to running and we went shopping together and of course to the beach. Then the school started and we had fights with Merci. It was a really bad beggining for a year. But we discussed it and we are fine now. So since the school started the only good thing was the premiere of New moon. We saw it together with a bunch of friends. And then now here and another year passed. But we had a really good Christmas. This was my year. I mean the good things. Of course I don't really remember to some things but it was a acceptable year for me. My New-Year's pledge is that I won't fight with my friends cause they are really important for me. Sometimes I just don't know why are we celebrating the NewYear. Just an another year pass away, and we are a year older. It is so bad. But anyways, I hope you'll have a really good New Year. And for those who are going out: Have a wonderful night! Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Occlusion from my friends, Bookaholic

I feel like I've been at home for years now instead of a week. I don't do anything just reading and eating. Honestly I started to worry about my size. :) I didn't do any sports since the first week of December. I have to do something, cause I'll look like my snoring pig. I've read Fantasy Lover, A hunger like no other, Eclipse, and now I'm reading The time traveller's wife, and I can't wait to read Dear John which I bought today. I'm irrevocably a bookaholic. But this is all of my friends fault, cause they can't say a date which is actually good for all of them to make something together, and I have to do something to spend the day, so I usually drag myself to my bookself in my pajamas and take down a book. But yesterday I realised that I haven't got one which I didn't read before, so me and my mom went to shop today and I bought Dear John as I mentioned.  So I'm free all week long if my books won't consume me.

We went to a huge hipermarket where you can get everything. Expect Nicholas Sparks' Dear John. I didn't lose my enthusiasm I rememberd that outside of the hipermarket part it has a small bookstore. I went into it, and after like 5 minutes I found what I was looking for. I was really satisfied with myself. I LOVE buying books. We went into a shoe shop too, and I bought a cute mule. :)
Me and Merci couldn't meet since the Christmas party, cause we always had something to do and this makes me upset. I really miss her. She had to go to make her nails done, she had to go to her grandparents, and stuffs like that. And today she and her dad bought a doggy. A little puppy. She said that he is sooooo cute. I can't wait to see him at the New Year's party which will be in her house this Thursday. Now I'm going, I want to finish The time traveller's wife. Have a good night!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas haul: Part 2 (family)

I know I had gone, but I was reading the Fantasy lover by Sherillyn Kenyon, and now I'm reading Eclipse. So the best day of the year has just passed away so qiuckly. I'm so sad.
I know that in many countries people gíve presents at Christmas day. But in my place we used to give them to each other at Christmas Eve. We don't really have any traditions, but of course we have a daily routine. When we wake up we usually have breakfast together. After that if we don't have a chritsmas tree, my dad have to go and buy one, but usually we do buy the tree before this day. So me and my sisters decorate it together. My parents don't really, cause they are cooking and cleaning the house. Then we have a few hours of nothing-to-do-and-just-hanging-out time and when it gets dark we give our presents to each other. After all the wrapping paper tearing we have our Christmas dinner which is around 5pm, and we usually just spend the evening together, talking, taking pictures and stuffs like that.
I wanted to talk about my presents. From my parents I got a book, The time traveller's wife, I got two OPI nail polishes, 1. Pamplona Purple 2. Lincoln park after dark. I was shocked. Just because my mom told me that it's too expensive for a nail polish, she did buy it for me. She said we only have Christmas one time a year! What a cutie! I also got money and a translator which is pretty useful for me now. I got bed linens, sheets. You know we always got things like that.
From my younger sister I got a nail polish dryer! I was like OMG. I didn't hear about that before. It works amazingly. It dries my nails in a minute. It's really cool. I also got a perfume. I told you before that I bought the Espirit's VIP life for one of my girlfriends and I was so sad that I didn't buy one for myself cause it was so unexpensive. But my sweety sister bought it for me. I was lik YAY! :)
And from my older sister I got Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse, a make-up palette which has gorgeous colours, a Remington hair straightener doily I mean it has curling irons too and it's so good, and also for joke I got an eye mask for the night if I can't sleep. Actually I was always whining that the lights come to my room from the street and it's so bad, but I son't know how can people sleep with eye masks on.
So I hope you'll have/had a great holiday. Merry Chritmas!!!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas haul: Part 1 (friends)

Me and my friends gave presents to each other today. We celebrated Christmas at school, which was the last day, and it was just so amazing. I never had a day like this at school. 
We moved the pews into six big tables. So everyone could sit with their friends. We put table-covers and vaporizers with orange volatile oil on them. We took the presents under our Christmas tree, I  mean like all the 24 presents, plus all these which we brought for friends. Another good thing was that my friend brought a lot of candies, like a huge bag was full with chritsmas candies. And the last which made us to feel the christmas spirit was the music. So it was wonderful. But actually we did cry. Just because a friend goes out of the country, and we'll only see her in January, which is really joyless. Theoretically we shall have a math lesson before the party, but the teacher just "forget" about it.
So as I mentioned before we gave presents to each other. I start with my Merci. I gave her a really gorgeus bag, a scooby-doo, and a christmas card (it's a tradition for us, don't ask why). She gave me a smaller make-up palette, a really cute phone case, and I got a snoring pig which moves its ear. :) It's so funny. Oh and chocolate and the christmas card.
For two of ours friends we bought presents together. We bought both for them a teddy-bear and it has a little coat with this: Merry Christmas! They are actually really cute, and they were so in love with them. So I got from them a candle doily, which is pink and I just love it, a pair of earrings, and chocolate.
The embarassing was that I was sick, as you know, and I heard it with one ear, that two of our girlfriends are buying us something. I couldn't go and buy them anything, but I asked my mom to buy chocolate. So I gave them chocolate, and I got a pair of earrings (what a surprise :D) and a mug, with a little reindeer, and my name on it. My friend did it. I couldn't believe it.
And my cutie form master. I bought her a huge box of sweets, and she was like wait for me while the others go home, and so did I, and she gave me a present. I almost fell over, cause I alredy got a scarf from her, which she brought from London, and now she gave me a a pair of earrings (again :)). So she is just the loveliest person in the world. I love her.
And the last thing. The pulling. I got pulled by a boy. We don't even talk, but he bought me a normal present. I got a rexona box. You know those ones, which are really for presents, and a box of cherry queen. I don't like that kind of chocolate but he was sweet anyways.
When we were going gome, we did say our goodbyes. It was so emotional. I mean we acted like we are not gonna see each other for like a million years, but hey, we love each other so much. When I got home I showed all my present for my mom, and she liked the snoring pig the best. Then I went to sleep, cause I felt so bad. I don't know why. Maybe I'm still sick, or maybe I sick again. I just can't eat. Whenever I eat something I wanna throw out. That's not really good.

And OH MY GOSH. The snow is really beautiful here. It has been snowing since this afternoon, and we have really big snow, so I tried to take pictures but it didn't go well, cause it's dark outside, so I'm sorry. These pictures are the best. So I'm going to do part 2, if I get my presents from my family. I'm so excited.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Extended holiday for me

Well yeah! My holiday actually started last Friday, cause I didn't need to go to school, and so I didn't go this week, and my holiday starts at actually next Monday. I mean officially. It starts at the weekend, cause the last day we have to go to school is Saturday, but that means only 3 hours, then a boring Christmas party, and then the presents. I mean we have this thing in our school, that we pull a name from a hat, or a bag or anything and we have to buy a present for that person. I was lucky, I pulled one of my girlfriends' name. So we have to give the presents to each other, and say something about the person you got. So that's kinda a Class-Christmas.
So my point was that I go to school tomorrow. My friends alredy hate me, and I don't want to bend the chord. :) I wasn't at school this whole week, and they've been doing so many things. Like writing exams, having double English lessons (which is DISGUSTING), so they are just full of everything, and we write an exam tomorrow too. So I was like ok, I'll go to school, and write it with them.
Oh and poor Merci. She thought that I go to school on Tuesday. And she was calling me every single day, asking when I'm gonna drag my butt into school. Word by word. Actually I was mad at her, she acted like I have no problems, like I sit at home and doing parties, sunbathing or idk. Ahh I wrote it down alredy.
Now I only write down this mess cause I'm waiting for my mom to call me, cause we go to shopping. I mean we'll do the whole food-fight for Christmas in a big supermarket. And It's so boring to wait for her.
And the last thing I wanted to say is that someone who is blogging mentioned me in her blog so I'll do the same cause I love the way she writes, and I think she does it pretty good. Her name is Trecia. So check out her blog.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This year's first, real snow

Hey Guys. So you know, I grudgingly believe in meteorologists. In my town, they've been telling us that snowing can be expected for like weeks now. Well, there was no snow.
Yesterday evening I watched TV, and saw the weather report. They said that in the morning we can expect snow. I was like, ok another wrong alerting. But when I woke up I saw this.
I was like OMG. My luck is that I'm not going to school this week, cause as you know I'm sick, but that was just wonderful. I mean watching it from the window, it's really beatiful, but I hate it when my boots are actually wet INSIDE. But hey, it's just sooo amazing. Merci called me like a minute ago, and she is just in a depression. :) She doesn't know how to go to school without endind in her butt, sitting on the ground. And this snow is just like 1cm at all. And supposedly it will be snowing all week long. I hope we'll have a white Christmas day. It's so extraordinary.

I can imagine my mom's face, when she woke up this morning, and looked out of the window. She loves snow, but just in that way as me. Watching it from the warm house. She hates it when she is freezing. I mean she's really the one, who goes out and in like 1 minute her fingers are tottally frozen. We should live in a mediterranean place. I told her that a few times. :) So, I know people invedted cars before, but she doesn't like driving in this slippery road. So I will solace her, when she arrives home.
Ahh, I didn't mentioned before. Mom is so bad at lying. She just fudging on my present all the time. One time she says that she bougt everything, and in the next minute she says that she bought nothing and she has to hurry. And you know she couldn't buy me the OPI polishes (If she really couldn't) , but yesterday evening, we met in the kitchen, and she looked at my finger nails, and then at hers. She said she wants OPI too, and she wants to go, and buy it with me. I was like, didn't you said that you couldn't buy any. And she was like yeah. So she just talked indiscriminate. So now I'm confused. I just don't know what will I get. Until yesterday I had a few ideas, but now, I'm groping in absolute gloom.
8 more days till the holiday. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Is it like....normal?

I've been so sick since Saturday. I had temperature too, and it was so bad. I hate it. So the thing is that I think I have flu. Don't get me wrong, I went to a doctor, but my observation is that the doctor's just look at you, and they give you antibiotics. So that happened to me today. I didn't even finished my speech about my complains, when the doctor springed at me. She just wanted to stuck down that stupid stick in my mouth. But she's my doctor since I bornt, so she knows that I don't like it too much, but I think my blink was enough horrible, and she took down the stick. So I got a lot of medicines and I drink coldrex all the time. But I was like a little girl, I didn't want to drink any more, cause whenever I drink one, I feel like I wanna throw out. But now I feel a little better.

But there's something you have to know. I got sick because I went to an aquapark with Merci. But it was at night. And it was really cold, I mean that cold that the other day was snowing. So in this cold weather we went out to the outer pool. At night. And if that still not enough, I went home with wet hair. (I went home by car) So I know I was stupid. I know. I messed up. But my dad was literally shouting with me, who is the embodiment of calmness. My mom was actually really calmed, but she is the one who is really edgy all the time. And as you guys know, I wanted OPI nail polishes for Christmas. My mom couldn't get them. She said that the shop only sells them for manicurists. What a crap. Of course, it's Hungary.

Anyways the aquapark, was just amazing. I had a really good time like this a long time ago. We laughed a lot. So Merci. I wanted to say a few words about her. Right now she is really mad at me. I mean, she says that she is mad at herself, but I know her. She is mad at me cause I didn't go skating with her, and I don't go to school, while she sucks in school. I get it, but I didn't choose it. I would have better things to do than laying in the bed all day, cause it's kinda boring. And my back is hurting too. I don't know. She thinks that I have a wonderful time, while I almost choke all the time when I cough. But I talked to her, and now I think slowly we will be fine. I hope. I love her. She is my best friend. She's like my sister. I don't like it when she's mad at me.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why the life is so unfair?

Okay, I didn't go totally crazy, I was just wondering. I have a lot of friends who is going trough a really hard time of their lives, and half of them are really important too. There are some people who don't want to talk about it, and there are people, who can't get better without a talk. Personally I have a huge problem too, for almost 4 years now. I'm in those people's group who don't like to talk about their problems, just keep it to themselves. Well, that's really who I am. I don't want people to feel sorry about my situation. Okay, they actually would never think that I have a problem like this.I never act like a suffering crone. I try to smile no matter what happened, and it's so not easy sometimes. I told it to my best friend just in this summer. So you might understand me.
I only write down this story because of somebody, who is really sad about a death, and for some other friends, who don't feel very well.
So the whole thing started like 4 years before at around Christmas time. My dad came home, and he didn't really felt good. He always had temperature, and he felt bad, but it went like this for months. Whenever he went to a doctor, they always told him, that is just some stressing, and that's why he is ill all the time. Well, he got enough of doctors, and when he was ill again, he didn't go to any at all. And of course he didn't care about what we were thinking. We thought that he should go back to a doctor or something, but he was just adamant. So I don't really know how it happened, cause I was on holiday, you know out of town, but my mom called and I could hear something in her voice, which I haven't heard before. Something like....rue or fear. When I got home, she told me that dad has cancer. And it isn't going in any right ways. He had it a lot of parts of his body. This was the hardest thing ever for me to accept. I had never felt like that before. My dad was waiting for surgery like 3-4 days, and every second was dangerous for him. I hated the waiting, every day was so long. But the only thing that gave me strength was my dad's attitude. I swear that he was behaving like nothing happened. He was whistling and joking all the time. I just couldn't understand. I even thought about that he doesn't care about it. But now I get it. He said that if he would be sad, or really mad, nothing will change, he can't change things with his anger or sadness.
So here we now, after 4 years, and he is still in his best mood, and yes, he is still ill. None of us know if he get better or not. We just have hopes, but the time goes really fast, and sometimes I'm just worried.
So I just wanted to say that if you have something bad going on your life, you shouldn't be unhappy, or mad, cause you will fix nothing with it. I've learnt it. You can bet.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Late night essay!

I hate writing essays. I hate them so much. I have two write two. Awesome. I have only a night to finish and learn them. And why I'm blogging, when I should learn? I feel so tired. I had training today, so that could be a really good reason, but I don't wanna revile my trainer. But, actually he is really crazy nowadays. There is something you must have to know. Me and my friend...yes, Merci...:) we can talk without words. I mean we didn't learn any semiology, but we are best friends for 6 years now, and we have that ability, that we know what's the other thinking when we look at each other, about the way we look at each other. Our newer friends always freak out, that we don't need words for a simple dialogue. So our trainer just noticed it, and he is always disrupt us, because we always talking. I always argue with him just in my mind, that we doesn't really talking. We just look at each other and lauhg...sometimes. But come on! Why have to be a simple training like a drilling.(It's a funny sentence :D) Why we have to do the things without a word? Isn't it about having fun and stuffs like that? I don't get it. I'll ask him about that! :)
As you can see I'm a bit silly. It must be my tiredness. So my point in this whole entry is that I have to learn sooo much, and I don't know how to do it. Maybe I just get up earlier in the morning, but I don't think it will work...waking up before 6. It's 10pm here right now, so it's kinda impossible. So pray for me tomorrow. The bad thing is that we will recite, and I'm always the first one with this teacher.
So good nigth for everyone, who don't have to stay awake.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm obsessed with Christmas shopping!

I love arragements for Christmas, and I love shopping for my friends and family. I love to see the happiness on their faces, when they open a present and find something which they really wanted to get before. Yesterday I didn't do anything else, just shopping. At 8 am I went with my mom, and we bought a lof of food, beverages, and some presents for Santa. I don't know the traditions in other places, but in my town we have a fest called Santa on the 6th of December. In this day we get presents like chocolate for the good children and birch for the bad ones. I never got birch before. :) But I don't know if I'll get one this year. I was good. I think. So the point is that is an other feast here.

When we got home it was alredy 10am. We at lunch, and we went straight to a mall, where I bought a perfume for one of my girlfriends. It's Esprit-VIP life. Actually I'm in love with it, but I bought it for her, cause I have way too much perfumes, and I don't need a new one. But I had to persuade myself about it in the mall. It was funny. :) I also bought a huge box of Merci sweeties for my class form. (Merci is just the name of the chocolate, like kitkat, or milka, and it's sooo good) I bought a book for my sister. And a mascara. Which is really good. I only bought it for her because she is not as obsessed with make up like I am, so she always uses a noname one. I bought her a maybelline one, the yellow. I don't know the name of that, but I always use Maybelline and I'm in love with it. I also bought a bag and a big scooby-doo for my best friend, Merci. She likes that dog a lot. :) I also bought other tiny tots, but I won't write them all down. I have to buy presents for my dad, and some of my friends, which I think I'm gonna do next weekend, and I'm done. We got home around 6pm. I was tired, but I don't how in the evening I couldn't sleep at all, so I watched TV until 11:30pm.
I'm gonna write down my christmas list, but I don't know which things I'm gonna get. I can't wait till Christmas.
1. Stephenie Meyer: Eclipse (It's a must have)
2. OPI nail polishes (I want a lot of colors, but the two which I really want are, Pamplona Purple, and Lincoln park after dark)
3. Sweats!!! (In a lot of bright colors, like pink, blue, green, etc.)
4. Make-up palettes. 
5. Audrey Niffeneger-The time traveller's wife

These are the things that I really want. Let me know what you guys want!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why do we offend each other all the time?

Me and my mom just can't bear each other sometimes. Or maybe just me. I mean maybe sometimes I can't bear her. I think the problem is so compound...There are a lot of reasons.
First of all, I think we are the same person. We have so many equal attributes. And for me this isn't always the best. My mom is kinda the person who is If-I-say-something-that-must-be-true type! And it's always brings me into awkward situations. She always follows just what is in her mind, no matter what anybody says. And she's always stressing on something! ALWAYS! Our same attribute is that we both are really portentous. I mean, we always just see the bad things in everything. And I can't help it, no matter how I try. And the other thing is the stressing. I'm the same like her. She just got mad in a second, and so me. I think that's why we just offend each other all the time.
Today I asked her to help me write an essay, because I had to do it with the eldest woman member in my family, but I don't want to go out of the city, so I'm doing it with her. So I asked her to do the first three questions, but she was watching tv, something sappy series which she saw before, and she said that she's coming when it's over. Of course I got mad immediately.Not just because of this. My day was bad too. Me and my friend just got into a fight with each other, I wrote a stupid pleading, and I had to write an another essay too, which I wrote for two hours. Of course I wasn't in my best mood. And her series are more important to her than me. So when she finally came to my room, and I asked her a question, she couldn't answer at all. She said that I should think of something and write it down. But come on, it's an interview. She HAS to answer all of my questions. So when we got out of our disagreement, her phone started to ring. I almost pluck out all my hair. She was talking on the phone like half hour, so I went to shower. It was 7pm when so got to my room, and asked what's the matter. And I started to cry. I hate this in myself. When I'm so angry, I just cry. It's so embarassing. So we didn't do anything, and I didn't want to leave it for the weekend cause I had another plans, but as it seems I'll have to write my essay, and saty at home. Cool.
I love her! I really do! I couldn't live without her,I don't know what will I do If I ever lose her. But we have problems..... But who hasn't? So I always just think about the old times, when I was a child, and we were always playing. She was kissing me all the time like everywhere. Oh and she does it right now too. It's just anoying now, but back then it was so funny, and we had a really good relationship. She says that we don't talk now, and I never tell her anything, but hey, she is the one who is always in front of the TV. Ah! So I'm so much like her, but I hope that nothing will go bad between us. I love her!
I think I go and talk her a little!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby all I want for christmas is you......

I can't get rid of this song. It stucked in my head. My classmates were listening to it all day, and otherwise I'm in love with it, but it is a bit annoying now. Did you have this feeling before? When for example you tried to sleep, but you couldn't cause you were singing something in your head? I know it is a weird phrasing, I mean "singing in your head" but that's the truth. You're singing the song without loud, and you can't stop thinking about that, no matter how much you try to think about something else. It's the wosrt ever. I'm in a christmas mood too, so that's not really helping me forget this song.
Also, I heard many people talking about the Clinique products. Everbody says that is soo good. Like they had so much acnes, and when they started using Clinique, they all had disapperared. I don't know! They all said it so convincingly. I've been using Neutrogena products for a really-really long time now, and it's working really great for me. It just ran through my head that my face is very oily, and maybe Clinique  could help, but I don't know. I just love Neutrogena. My heart will break if I buy something new. :) Let me know, if you have any advice, or any experiences about the two products, and help me which ones I should use.
And the last thing is that my fittness lessons's numbers dramatically dropped. I have only one in a week, and I need more. I love doing sports, especially that feeling, when you fall into bed, and sleep trough the night, and in the morning your body has that numb feeling. I mean you just feel that you did something. And I just love that. But right now my back hurts so bad, I don't know why.
At school nothing interesting happened to me. Lately we have duble english lessons, which is pretty boring, cause we had to read Charles Dicken's Christmas carol, and we are talking about that all the time. My teacher told us that we don't get the story. She didn't believe in us, so she carried us to the cinema to watch it in 3D. It was boring cause we were talking about so much, and I knew what's gonna happen. Oh and my friends call me Daffodil. :) Cause that's my last name. I mean I have two forenames, but I don't use it, and they didn't know about it, so they just call me daffo which sounds better in hungarian. It's nárcisz. It's cool, I think, but I don't use it. 


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OPI, sushi, juicy couture....

First of all! Let me explain the title. I want OPI nail polishes soo much! I want to start collect them in December. I heard a lot of great reviews about them, and the colors are just wonderful. But I have no words to desccribe how beautiful they are!! Fisrt I want three colors, just to try them out.

1. No Spain No Gain NLE45
2. Lincoln Park After Dark NL W42
3. Yoga-ta Get this Blue! NLI47

I'm in love with these colors! I can't wait to finally paint my nails with them. I want them SO MUCH! The other thig is that today I didn't want to go to school. I was so tired and everything. I even talk with my friend, and she didn't wan to go either, but she made me to go! She said that it isn't fair, just staying at home, bacuse I feel like a crap. But I planned my whole day earlier. I wanted to order sushi, stay in bed all day, and watching movies, or reading. Or both of them. But I went to school. And it was boring!!!
So about the juicy couture thing....I'm in love with the juicy couture wallets, bags, necklaces and stuffs. They are so pretty, and so cute. I want to buy a bracelet! The one which is gold, and has a huge pendant on it, with this: JUICY! I love it! I don't know how much I will say it!
When I got home from school, I had to go to the bank, cause my credit card didn't have kind of a licence to use it with the internet. So I had to fix it, and let me add, that it is raining here so.....Today is just horrible. And I feel stiff because of the yesterday's trainig. I barely can move my arms.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stressing on catastrophes

Before I saw New moon I read critics about the movie, and I was a bit incredulous. Someone said that people shouldn't do movies like the Twilight saga, because who didn't read the book, wouldn't understand the movie. They said that the whole movie is all about affliction that Edward left Bella, and she is just suffering all the time. Well it is, but it has a big message, which, as it seems, not everbody understands. Of course it's a lot easier to make a movie about the apocalypse like 2012 which is a movie that everbody can keep up with their brains, watching horrible things, and induce people to afraid of these things. And of course it's easier to make a movie like Paranormal city, where people have fears to look at the screen cause they don't know in which moment will someone die. Why shouldn't people do movies like the Twilight saga, which made and still making thousands of people read? Why shouldn't people do movies about true love which is an incredible example for anyone? Why should we watch movies about catastrophes? Don't we have enough? Twilight gives us a bit of sedation, and we can travel in a magical world, while we don't get that more than two hours has passed away, and we still don't want to step out of this world. It enchanted me. It was way better that I thought that it would be. The only thing I was furious about was the end of the movie. I won't tell anything, but who saw the movie, they get what I'm talking about, and I hope that they were as embarassed as I was. When me and my friends were walking out of the room, the cleaners were caunting the girls who were angry about the ending.


PS.: I got the inoculation for H1N1! I was so afraid! I hate pins so much. I can't bear them. So I didn't watched it at all, but it wasn't hurting. Just when the doctor pulled out the pin. I hope it will work, but I have to be careful for two more weeks! Who knows!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

....and the mouse became a lion!

Sorry for the animalistic semblance, but my patience is finally over. I'm full with all the people who don't have any pride, self-esteem and as much tolerance as a fly which is always buzzing in your ears. These people's biggest mistake is that they can't see themselfs. In my judgement, the people who are gaping and laughing while an another person is crying, cause something horrible happened in the past, for example someone's father died, are means me inconsiderate. Oh, and not to meantion that these people are just always find something on you, so they can make comments, and later they can just insult everybody.
Today, when I started to see clear, I resolved that I will stand up for myself and for my friends, and I won't just release any hurting remarks past my ears. I will tell them that I hate them so much, as much that I can't even write it down. They don't have rights to judging a person without knowing how they act. They should judge themselfs before judging another, normal, patience, nice and intelligent people. They have as much brain as a monkey has. But I think a I went too far. A monkey surely has more mind than them. I'm so angry. I didn't met people like them before. And the most exasperating is that I can't do anything, and of course I'm so stupid that I feel bad cause I think that I might hurt them with my observation. I don't like hurting people even if they hurting me. It's one of my mistakes.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The twilight saga: New Moon

Yay! New Moon is coming on Thursday which is actually Friday morning, but I'm very excited about it! I wanted to go to the midnight screening, but my parents didn't let me, cause I have school on Friday, so I have to go on Sunday. I HAVE to wait till Sunday. What a mess!
But I've been reading and watching Twilight over and over and over again. And why are the girls so in love with it? I have a few particular reasons.
First of all there is Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson who is just perfectly fitting the character. He is so hot, and still when you look at him, he has a bit of that thrill that Edward has mainly.Not to talk about that Edward is just the perfect guy, forgetting the fact that he is a vampire. He is smart, intteligent,  funny, and incredibly romantic. If I have a guy like him, I would never let him go.  
Secondly, if someone doesn't like Edward, or Robert, we still have a sexy wolf, Jacob. I wouldn't say that Taylor was the perfect for Jacob, but in the second movie he looks really hot and he has that indian look, which is kinda suit the whole story.
To be honest I like the movie, but the book is my favourite. It's incredible. It shows that love is erratic, and it can make you do things you never thought possible before.And of course every gril can dream a little bit of her Edward. Guys!! He can be the perfect example how you supposed to act. :)
When I listen to the soundtrack, it always brings back the memories from last year's winter, when the whole thing came out in Hungary. I remember that I saw the book's poster everywhere, and I thought that it must have to be a big crap. But I saw the movie, and I felt that I HAVE to read it, and it was way better. I used to read it all day, and listen to its music. And it was around November, December, so it brings out my Christmas memories too. It just came to my mind, cause I've started to listen to it again.
So I only can commend it to anybody. This story will change something in you, but if it isn't, well,  it's a wonderful book.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Warning!! Do not wear high-heels for twelve hours!

Last night was our well organised fresher's ball. As we know I was one of the four girls who ran the tea-room. We started the whole settlement at 1.30pm. We had to mess up all the tables, just to get six little places where people can drink and talk, far away from the monotonic disco, which was in the other side of the school.....Back to the point! Then we had to put spreads and candles onto each tables. The point was that we had to light so much candles so we didn't need the lamps at all. At around 3pm all the candles were lighting and the tables looked beatufil but the counter where the mugs and teas were supposed to be were nowhere. For 4pm. some people wanted go in, but we didn't have hot water, cause we wanted to heat four kettles in the same time and it was too much energy for the school, and the power passed. Ridiculous! When they fixed it, it was 4:15. Our first guest was my harshest teacher. But she was fine, just her tea wasn't. It was cold. Failure!! So during the evening my hand burnt down, Some jerks wanted my phone number, we heated milk in the knettles which we musn't do, we gave out the hot chocolate with milk, but my teacher said that we sould do it with water, we sang some songs in the karaoke part of the evening, and we slowly arrived to 8pm which meant: THE PARTY'S OVER! But we had to clean up all the mess, and wash up the hundreds of the dirty mugs. I got home at around 9:15pm. I had a headache, my legs were hurting from the high heels, which I wore for more than twelve hours, and my stomach was hurting too, because I didn't eat anything all day. Just breakfast. So I felt really bad, and I went to sleep. In the morning I realised that I'm bit sick. My nose is running, and I'm so tired. I didn't do much today, I tried to rest and just doing nothing. But really, I don't feel very well. I think I'm going to shower, and then I'll slip into bed and watch TV.

But really what do you think? How do you guys drink hot chocolate? With milk or water? 


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunshine, self-knowledge, pigs and a lot more!

Let me start my fairy tale!
Once upon a time, when I woke up I saw the sun shining for the first time this month! My mood turned out the best, and I even sang some songs in the bathroom while I was getting ready for school. I was whistling even when I realised that I have to bring two heavy bags for school. I stepped out my house happily, but I was neorvous too, knowing that something will bring me down, but nothing happened. Actually I got some remarks that I look really good today but that was all. Me and my friends were doing the last arragements today about the fresher's ball. We had to sing too in front of the senior class. It was embarassing....but they were enjoying it and they were singing with us. Then I had two exams today, but they went pretty good at all. So nothing had disturbed me.
We have a new lesson on thursday. It's self-knowledge. It's about ourselfs, and like the teacher said, he want us to have a healthy self-esteem, and to be honest, I think I don't have one. I mean a healthy one. I don't know why....sometimes I'm like a little grey mouse in the corner of a crumbling building. But the exercises are a bit confusing. Today we did a game, the point was that each of us had to say an adjective which characterize us, but we couldn't say the one that they said before. The girls just mucked my two ideas. Nice and impatient. So I said trustworthy. He asked each of us why we chose this, while I was laughing in a girl who is as big as a pig and her ego is like the effeil towel. She was sitting in a chair in a skirt, and she pulled up both her legs, and everything was showing. I wasn't the only one who laughed!! So I'm not that mean. I'm trustworthy! :D
When I got home I had to bake some cookies, cause every girl need to bring some for the ball. So I finished it up at 5pm. It's 7.30pm alredy, and I want to go to shower but I had to learn too, and I need to paint my nails, cause they looks soo bad. Ahhh! :)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miserable days....

It has been raining since Friday! I want sun. Someone says that is sooo peaceful lying in the bed, reading, watching TV, but I want to go somewhere or just ....I don't know...I want to feel happy. I feel soo bad. I have that mood, when somebody just talk to you, and you want to bite that someone's head off. Of course, that bad mood, not just about the weather, but if I would write it, that would take too much time. Let's just say that I'm so full of everything right now. When I finally got home at 5pm I couldn't be alone, just a little. No! Everyone was talking to me, my sister wanted me to dye her hair, my mom was aking me what's wrong, my dad was asking if I ate or not, and I have to do some decorations for the fresher's ball, which is in Friday, and I have to bring a lot of stuffs to the school, which I can't bring in two days, cause I don't have a licence and I can't drive, so I have to walk to school, and my sock were full of water in the last 5 five days, cause if I just go out, in 2 minutes my boots are flooding, so I'm sooo stressed.
Anyways....just to talk about something else, not just my problems. The fresher's ball is an initation. The freshmen have to do a lot of silly and neither funny exercises, like shave a balloon, eat without hands and things like that. There even will be pinyatas too. So after the exercises there will be three places where they can go. A game room, where they can play with different things. The second is a disco. So they can dance there....And the third place is the tea room which is more about me. I have to bring a lot of things, like candles, cookies, mugs, much things.And I have to do the deocorations, like I mentioned before. I've got to do so all these in two days. And I also need to learn something, but I will fix it.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why are the people doing so unfair things?

First of all, there's the coolest, funniest and most listened radio station ever, Danubius. Everybody I kow, were listening to it, and we were adoring the presenters. They could just change your view of life. There were even a hugging-day, which was organized by Danubius, at a mall. I went to there, and I could hug my favourite people in the world, and they were talking to you, like we have been friends for long-long years. They are a few of the nicest people I know. So some idiots were cheating in a competition and now they want to suspend Danubius. And why? Cause they want to put some stupid political radios onto Danubius's place. If there will be political radios, we would always listen to how they swear at each other all the time instead of laughing out your heart. So you might not live in Hungary but could write your name here.
And the other thing is about a book. I had been searching it in a while. The time traveller's wife was first published in 2007 here. I wanted to buy it all this year, but the books just had gone. I was surprised, I couldn't even order one from the net or from a second-hand bookshop, until today. I was just walking in the mall, and I saw it in a bookshop. They've just published it again, with a new cover, and they sell it in a really higher price, just beacuse, I think, the movie is going to come out in the cinemas. I'm gonna buy it after all, but that's just so annoying.
And like 5 days ago, Eclipse the Twilight saga's 3rd book came out. They sell it for 6000 hungarian forints. It's really expensive. But I've just told you this, because I'm so angry.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

The new clothing line?

Maybe I'm the one who is partial, but I just saw this on Monday at school. I'm talking about those shimmery leggings. You know, we girls used to wear it with only a T-shirt or a pulover. A slim girl can work it really good, with the good accesorries, but, I don't want to piss off anybody, but a bit fuller girls are not really. In my angle I would never wear them. So on Monday my classmate just came to school in a white one, but not that shimmery, just a normal white one, which we usually wear under skirts, and in a top, in a really cold, winter day. I looked with my mouth wide opened. She is the one who is really not-that-slim. Near to the end of the day, I just tried not to make it a big deal, but when she bended down, and her black undies showed through her leggings, that was the top of the day.
Since she wore it, yesterday her girlfriend came in a shimmery one. She wore the same: leggigns, a top and boots. She actually worked it really good, but I was still amazed about the fact, that it's winter. But that was all my amazement for that day. But today...OMG! An another of their friends, whose one leg is bigger than my both together, just came in thights, with a pulover which barely covered her butt. You know, those pulovers which normal people wear with jeans. So I was shocked.
I'm not saying this because I want to hurt anyone, or cause I'm that mean. And of course that's not my business that what are they wearing but now I really started to think about  myself.....Maybe  I'm really -really partial??!....I don't know. I'm not used to talk about anyone behind their backs, but I think I'm just saying it rightly. Sometimes the truth hurts.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Remember! FEAST!

I don't know if you have a feast on November 1. but we have, and every shop or mall or anything are closed. I just don't have an idea how could I forgot it, but me and my sister went to the local grocery store, and of course we were thinking, that why the heck is it closed?! After like 5 minutes in the coldest air ever I got it that what the day is, so we walked home still in the coldest weather ever. It was a really long walk, like 20 minutes and we found a little kitty. She was soooo cute. We stopped for another 15 minutes just to pat her. At least she was enjoying it, so that matters. When we got home I had to cook, cause my parents were out of town, and my sister doesn't really know anything about cooking. But she was helping me a lot...she crumbed the fish. :) So after we ate, we saw a movie (What women want) and kinda that's all, cause when it finished it was alredy 6. I showered and washed my hair yet. And I read. So that was my yesterday.
To my largest grief the school started today, but to be honest it went really fast today. It was awesome to meet with my friends after a long week, that we had been away from each other, but of course meet with the idiot-half of the class wasn't that melting.  I had seven lessons, but I didn't really realized it, just when we were about to go to training. It felt really good. On monday I have a step-aerobic and a fittness lesson, and on Thursday I only have a fittness one. I arrived home like half hour ago. I ate and now I'm here with a glass of wine (My mother let me do this often) and writing...
But I didn't told you that yesterday evening was awful. My form master called me, but I didn't know that she was, I thought that it's someone else....I was thinking about a man who always calling me that he is looking for peter. I've told him like houndred times that it isn't his number, but it looks like he doesn't really care about it. Anyways, I thought that it's him, so I picked up the phone and said Hello, in a really angry voice, and she said she's sorry for disturbing like 10 times. It took so long to explain, why I was so angry. So it was extremely  embarassing. Now I have to go to study!


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Watch out what you desire, cause it may come true

Last week, I didn't really want to sleep at my friend's house. It was kinda an up-to-3-people party. I lied that I'm a bit sick. I know, I know. It's horrible, but that was the only thing that I could thinking of. So after all, I had that stupid guilt, and I wished to be really sick. It didn't work, so I slowly forgot about it. On Monday I've met some friends as I told you earlier this week. So one of my friend was a bit sick. I think my wish was on a good way to come true, cause from Wednesday to now I have that bad sore throat, my nose is running, and I feel dizzy whenever I stand up. I feel crappily. That's what I've got for lying. I've only told you this, cause I wanted to give an advice, about lying, and wishes, and I wanted you to learn from my mistakes, and not from yours.
But...eventually I went to that box can tell you a few experiences.

1.: First, when you finished the working-out you feel nothing. But after a day, you have the worst muscle strain ever in your legs, and your back. You barely can move your legs, or just comb your hair.
2.: Bring your own mittens!!!! If you don't have one, immediately go and buy one, cause they give you one, but Its smell is disgusting. Believe me, I've almost got a blub when I had to wear them, but the worst was when I took them off, and my hands smelled like the mittens. I almost fell over.
3.: Bring a little towel. It's useful when you're sweating.
The lesson was really hard, it was half and an hour long.
Today I saw The lake house for the first time, and it was just amazing. And I'm still reading Emma by Jane Austen. The first houndred pages was a bit boring, but now it started be good. But I'm still around the 200 pages, of the 600 but someday I'll read it. :)


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Problems with my annoying-and-sometimes-unsufferable family

So here we go again. My family always flurry me somehow. Let's see what's the biggest problem. We live in our house far too many. Sometimes I just don't have a place to be alone, and kinda "run away" a bit from this mess. Just to be on my own, when you are in that mood, when you don't want to speak to anyone, and everybody's just annoys you even with a wink, or just her/his breath.
Ok, I have a bedroom, I really have. But right now it isn't my only plcae, cause my sister's laptop isn't working really good, so she is always in my room, using the old computer in the corner of my room. It wouldn't be a big problem, but that computer has that old, loudy and noisy keyboard. So whenever she dump a character, it hurts my ears, and if I want to learn, it's impossible. And when I want to go to bed, I have to told her like five time and she usually has half hour long fairwells. 
An then my grandfather.I haven't mentioned that my grandpa lives with us, cause my grandma died when I wasn't even planned. I didn't know her, and it hurts, cause my mother told me that she loved children very much, and if these children are her grandchildren, there's nothing more to talk about. So he didn't want to leave alone, so he moved here, and sold his house. I love him really, but he's like a bad pekingese. Wherever I go he just follows me. I mean in the house.  One of the morning he saw me, get out of bed, in half-coma and he asked me: Have you ate? Of course I immediately become angry. What the hell was he thinking? I ate the sheet at night? Or what? Gosh, and that's just one of the hundreds of his neat questions.
Last but not least, my mother. I swear I love her, more than anyone but she could be very annoying. I just don't know how to describe it, I mean I don't have the words for it. She just annoying sometimes. Like when I'm talking to someone, I mean on the internet, calmly sitting in my chair listening to music, ALONE a bit, after a really-really long school day, at once I look around and see her face plugged in the door. And I got a heart attack. :S Is it normal?
But yesterday was good. At my friend's we saw the Original Sin with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas, and P.S. I love you, while we were watching it we had a pillow fight too. :) And today I bought too books. One is Emma by Jane Austen, and an other from a hungarian writer. So I have something to read for the holiday. On thursday I'll have a box-fittness lesson, but I don't wan to go, cause I don't feel very well. And on the same day I have a ticket for a play to the theatre. Awesome. 


Monday, October 26, 2009

The Vampire's assistant

Good morning!
So we're going to watch The vampire's assistant today. I didn't want to watch this one, but my girlfriends are in this huge vampire fever. I mean, ok I LOVE the Twilight saga but that's all. I just don't want to have that weird feeling, when you come out of the cinema, like you are disappointed cause that's not what you've been waiting for....I have no idea if you know what I'm talking about...:D But If you have it's cool.
Just to understand  what I'm yakking on: since school started I've been studying and studying and studying....and now we have a week holiday, and I don't want to waste this time. I wanted to rest all week-long, but since I've been at a variance with my girls, I didn't want to say no. And it's always fun to hang with them.  You know, they are my best friends in this whole world and some of them are my friends for almost 6 years.
Anyways...I'm going to fix myself, cause I've just woke up like an hour ago, so I look like an idiot. :) But if you saw the movie or you know anything about it, please tell me what you think!!!
EDIT: Ok, I've just got a call, and we are not going.....:(  But we will watch it, so I'm still interested in your opinion about the movie. But I've gotta go, we are having kind of a movie day in my friend's house.

A scary night

Hi everyone!
So I haven't slept much last night.  Cause you might know now, that I have the worst neighbours ever.
Yesterday evening I went to sleep at 11 pm. I wasn't really tired, but I thought that I wanna be rested the next day, so I've decided to sleep.  Everything went well until 3 am. I had woken up for a terrible squeal, and then I heard that "I'll kill you" like 5 times, and the squeals again. I was alone in my room, so I was very scared. I didn't know who was it, or someone is really trying to kill someone. I immediately ran to my parents's room, and god bless them they were awake.  I've started to ask questions like "Who is it?, What happened?". They told me that our neighbours are just got home, after a long night in some kind of a pub.  So the husband was extremely drunk.  He was shouting with his wife,so  I think she was the address of the assault. And their daughter was squealing. So it was on the street. When they finally got to their house he just started to snap everything in his way. It went in like 15 minutes, after we heard that he started to scream again. But finally at around 4 am they were silent. We saw the girls cleaning the house too, and then I went back to my bed. Of course I couldn't sleep at all. So I slept like 4 hours.
I don't know what happend after all this, but maybe I just don't want to know. But all night long when I couldn't sleep I was hoping that they are all fine. There was a fear in me, thinking about what if something had happened??! Cause their girl was a really good friend of mine. But we just got in our seperate ways.  Anyways I was scared all night long, and I got out of bed at 6.
I haven't heard or seen anything still to this second. And if this not enough, I was calling my best friend like a hundred times today but she didn't answered at all, so I almost  went crazy about what happened to her after this night I was thinking the worst, when she called me. She was laughing at me! She said I'm crazy....and to be honest I feel like I am. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Time goes by....

I know,  I know......I had gone! I'm so sorry. I have no time since the school started. But there's a few thing that I wanted to tell....
First of all, from the next weeks's half  to November's first week is holiday for me. YAY! I'll have time to sleep and just doing nothing.  But to be honest I'm doing nothing in every single weekend since school started.
Sooooo, in school.  Of course I have to share place and time with my idiot classmates.  I don't want to use the real names, so let's just call him Will. (I don't know why...:D) I don't know why I'm doing this cause he literally couldn't understand this text expect his name, but I want to be aware.  So Will is just deadly stupid. I've just found it out last night. He is CLEVER. (yeah you're reading well, and yes I know I said that he is stupid)  He always plans how to get out of the situations....So he could be very very smart if he'd use his power for studying instead of lying.  And he is really intelligent too. He writes so good. But he is in the  wrong company, where people act childishly, and pick their noses while they are talking.
So kinda these are like my weekdays, and my mom always asking me why I'm so tired! And yes I'm tired physically when I get home, and nobody can talk to me cause I'm crazy.
Oh, and I didn't mentioned my hearing lesion. I mean I don't have it, but I will have in four years with them I think. They are screaming in the But anyways I'm ok.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sooo busy days!

Soo sorry for not updating. I've been very busy. Of course with the school starting I haven't got much time left. I have to study soo much, so I usually woke up at 6 in the mornig, and then I go to school at 7. After all I arrive at home at around 5 or 6 int the afternoon. And then I have to study, cause if I'm not I fail all my exams. I know it may sound creepy, but that's the truth.  I got the worst grammar teacher ever! She's like a soldier. But just to let you know I'm still alive.
Today I went to shopping with Merci and with an another friend of mine. It was such a relaxing day if we forgot the fact that we went away at 10 am and we arrived home at 6 pm. :) My legs are so hurt. But I don't mind....Later I tell you more but I'm going to sleep!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The cold days are back

The summer went away sooo fast!
The spiteful, dark, cold and depressed winter days, when everything is  going to deep grey at 4 o'clock are coming back, starting with September.....Awesome. There's only 4 days left from summer, and to be honest I didn't do anything interesting, expect my "holiday" with my best friend. Which was one of the worst.
And of course I don't have appetite to go back to school. Always the same daily routine. Waking up at 6 (Which I pretty hate), then quickly dress up, make-up, hair, (cause I don't want to look like a zombie) packing my books for the school, then I eat something, cause I want to concentrate on what I'm doing, some coffe, and I have to do all these things in only one hour. Ok maybe one and a half. But I hate to be in a rush. But weekdays means me this.
And then meeting my friends to go to school. We usually wait for the bus like 10 minutes, just to go with like 3 minutes. And when we finally arrived in school, and sit down to my chair, the bell is just ringing. The most annoying sound ever. I just don't have time to even breath.
And of course there's a hateful tradition in Hungary. In the first day of the school, you HAVE to dress in black and white. I don't know what other countries have the same, but I'm pretty sure that this is an odd thing.
Then your classmates come over to you, and askind always the same question: What did you do in summer? or How was your summer? These are such meaningless questions. No one expect from you to tell them your summer, just tell something like: it was great, it was awesome, it went fast, but that's all. Then why the hell are they asking??
Okay maybe I sound a bit freaky today, but I've just got a little foretaste from these questions today. So anyways the best part of today, was when I finally met with my cool, fresh, and adorable form master. She's such a sweetheart. Almost forget...I know what was the best of the summer....I went on hoilday with her. :) And some other girls from my class.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Such an amazing summer evening!

It is soooo peacfull! I'm sitting in my comfy chair right now. I'm listening to Yiruma's kiss the rain, while my window is wide open, because someone is frying bacon in the garden, and I just can't get enough of this signature scent. It always remind me of my childhood times. When I was at my uncle's house, we were always frying bacon. It was my favourite thing in the summer. BACON! :D

Like fifteen minutes ago I was suffering with an English (yeah you're reading well) book. I know it sounds weird, but I'm not English, so I speak a completely different language. I mean it's easy to write down such as things like what happened to me, but reading a book is sooo hard. I did the first 8 pages in like half an hour, cause I have to look after for each words that I don't know. And there are a lot of them. It's A Year In High Heels by Camilla Morton. I got it from my sister. It seems she wants me to learn summer...But it has great tips, about everydays.  It is divided to twelve parts, and these parts are like January, February, March....You know, the twelve months of the year. I was wondering that shuold I start with August?!! Cause
It's August right now. But I started it from the beggining.

So today I had to go out, to buy my books for the school. They were very heavy. When I got home my shoulders were so hurting. It was like 10-12 books. Uggh!!!! But my luck, is that my school is only a tram stop away from my house. And the worst....I had to meet with my retarded classmmates. I mean half of my classmates. They are all idiots. They were waiting outside of the school when we arrived, and me and my friend just got into the school, bought the books and everything. And we were about to leave, but they were still waiting outside. One of them asked me: Should we go inside? I had so many offensive thoughts. I wanted to tell him that he is such an idiot, and how can he be still alive with this slight rationale. None the less what kind of answer was put into words in my head, I've just beat the urge to declare it, and said: Yes, you should, with a huge, polite smile. And I have to start the school with THEM. Awesome. I feel like my brain's capacity fell of a little bit, becasue of meeting them just for a minute.
Oh and I bought some bobby-pins for this amazing hair-do.: So it worked awesome on my hair.
I've gotta go! Bye!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm so a carcass!

Good Morning!
I’ve just waken up, and I have a lot of confusing things in my head. The respective reason would be that yesterday evening I went to running with my sister.  We ran an hour. When we got home I felt like I am kind of a rag. I had to use up all my energy which had left, to go over to my bathroom and take a shower. After all I just dived into my bed. God Bless it!
And still yesterday our car have broken down. SO we can’t even just go out shopping (I meant food here). We have to walk….cool.But the coolest is that the car will be fixed in a MONTH……probably. I have no clue what I’m gonna do, cause I have to buy a lot of things to that wicked school.
And if this still not enough, my sister just begging me all the time to go with her to a rock concert tonight. I have maiden three main reasons at night to not to go.
1.: It’s obviously a ROCK concert, with drunk, head-shaking and howlering singers which is not my world.
2.: She is going with HER friends. I don’t know any of them. What could I do with them?
3.: I am so not that kind of girl, who likes to gout at night. I’ve never been. In the evening I like to be at home. Just reading, or watching TV.
Ok, I got a heart attack right now. My idiot neighbour, a little, grizzled dick, has a far-gone bird phobia.  He can’t even bear if a bird flies on his grass. He want to get rid of them, so he always shuoting……in the morning. For him they went away from home.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Worst holiday EVER!

Hey, it' me again....after a really-really long time! Because I had to survive my worst holiday ever. With my best friend. We were at her gradparents house in the countryside.
I know it sounds stupid. Because I dear to bet that a lof of you would dieing to spend a week with your best friend, and being away from your sometimes-crazy-and-unbearable-family. Am I right? But I just didn't even enjoyed a moment of it.
I was like a zombie. I walked, I did breath, but didn't really talked or smiled. I have no idea what had happened to me, but I just had that huge homesickness. And as it seems me and Merci can't bear each other even for a day. We couldn't do anything, cause there was nothing. The only one enjoyable place was a beach.....With only one pool!!!
And nothing else. How Should I bear this?
At times I just wanted to cry. All day, until my parents got me back home.  But I didn't. I counted every second of the day, and I claimed myself with this monologe: Every second brings me closer to the end of the week.I didn't want to let to know Merci, about how i'm feeling. I wanted to show her how much I enjoy the life there. Surprise.....It didn't work....but I thought it did.
On the last day we had a huge fight. I managed to cry, cause I had no idea why was she mad at me. She shut the door at my face, she didn't talk to me, and she just easily looked over me. Of course I did it Either, but I alredy was in a minor depression. So I didn't bear it long.
The other day when we were about to going home, she just told me the whole thing. She was pissed of, cause I didn't even laughed,  smiled or just talked with her, and it ended with a huge hug. And to be honest I was soooo relieved. That was the last afternoon we had to spend there, and went out to the beach. And I don't know why exactly on the last day, but some cute guys just started to waveing to us. And we found out that these guys were our neighbors.
So still to this day I have bad memories, an I promised myself, that I wont ever go back to this place. But I did survive. But the funniest was when Merci called and asked me if I wanted to spend one more week there. I just laughed out loud, and lied that I have other plans for the rest of the summer.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey everyone!

So, this is my blog! I want to introduce myself, so i think it’s gonna be long. My name is Hajni…Hajnalka. It means when the sun rises in the morning. :) I’m fifteen years old, and I live in Hungary in Europe. I live with my family.
Let me start with my extremly cute mother. She is a social worker, and she’s 46. I love her so much, and she always tries to give anything she can.  And then my father, who is working for the local metro station, is 50 .  Sadly 3 years ago  at summer my dad felt bad, so we took him to a doctor, and they said that he has two tumours. It was our worse summer ever. But when I got to know it, when i got back home from a holiday, I did not cry.  I just couldn’t. I don’t know why. And still, for that day either. But maybe I just want to look strong in front of him. Becasue I am so not. I am not strong, and I don’t want him to know that. But he is awesome. He just didn’t give up, in any situation. And still, he is alive. There were moments when my mother cried, when daddy didn’t see her, but he is just so strong.  That’s the most important thing I just want to learn from him. To NEVER give up. No matter what happened.
And so, back to the theme. I have two amazing, amd wonderful sisters. They mean me a lot. The one who is older than me is Lilla. She is 18, and she is studying. The oldest is Virág (means: Flower). So she is 23. She is working for a big company. They are like my best friends.
If we are here, I wanna talk about my bestest friend in the whole world. She is Merci(like the car mercedes). :) She is just soooo crazy. She always can make me laugh, but of course sometimes we just wanna kill each other. :) WE can do wild and crazy things together, and our parents just watching with wild-opened mouth. :)  (isn’t this just enough crazy??)
About me, something…..I’m studying in a High School right now. I had my first feshman year. YAY! It was soo good.  But it all went so fast.  My fav colour is deep pink and purple.  I’m in love with the pop, and R&B music.  So that’s for now. I gotta go. Bye.