Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby all I want for christmas is you......

I can't get rid of this song. It stucked in my head. My classmates were listening to it all day, and otherwise I'm in love with it, but it is a bit annoying now. Did you have this feeling before? When for example you tried to sleep, but you couldn't cause you were singing something in your head? I know it is a weird phrasing, I mean "singing in your head" but that's the truth. You're singing the song without loud, and you can't stop thinking about that, no matter how much you try to think about something else. It's the wosrt ever. I'm in a christmas mood too, so that's not really helping me forget this song.
Also, I heard many people talking about the Clinique products. Everbody says that is soo good. Like they had so much acnes, and when they started using Clinique, they all had disapperared. I don't know! They all said it so convincingly. I've been using Neutrogena products for a really-really long time now, and it's working really great for me. It just ran through my head that my face is very oily, and maybe Clinique  could help, but I don't know. I just love Neutrogena. My heart will break if I buy something new. :) Let me know, if you have any advice, or any experiences about the two products, and help me which ones I should use.
And the last thing is that my fittness lessons's numbers dramatically dropped. I have only one in a week, and I need more. I love doing sports, especially that feeling, when you fall into bed, and sleep trough the night, and in the morning your body has that numb feeling. I mean you just feel that you did something. And I just love that. But right now my back hurts so bad, I don't know why.
At school nothing interesting happened to me. Lately we have duble english lessons, which is pretty boring, cause we had to read Charles Dicken's Christmas carol, and we are talking about that all the time. My teacher told us that we don't get the story. She didn't believe in us, so she carried us to the cinema to watch it in 3D. It was boring cause we were talking about so much, and I knew what's gonna happen. Oh and my friends call me Daffodil. :) Cause that's my last name. I mean I have two forenames, but I don't use it, and they didn't know about it, so they just call me daffo which sounds better in hungarian. It's nárcisz. It's cool, I think, but I don't use it. 



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