Friday, August 28, 2009

The cold days are back

The summer went away sooo fast!
The spiteful, dark, cold and depressed winter days, when everything is  going to deep grey at 4 o'clock are coming back, starting with September.....Awesome. There's only 4 days left from summer, and to be honest I didn't do anything interesting, expect my "holiday" with my best friend. Which was one of the worst.
And of course I don't have appetite to go back to school. Always the same daily routine. Waking up at 6 (Which I pretty hate), then quickly dress up, make-up, hair, (cause I don't want to look like a zombie) packing my books for the school, then I eat something, cause I want to concentrate on what I'm doing, some coffe, and I have to do all these things in only one hour. Ok maybe one and a half. But I hate to be in a rush. But weekdays means me this.
And then meeting my friends to go to school. We usually wait for the bus like 10 minutes, just to go with like 3 minutes. And when we finally arrived in school, and sit down to my chair, the bell is just ringing. The most annoying sound ever. I just don't have time to even breath.
And of course there's a hateful tradition in Hungary. In the first day of the school, you HAVE to dress in black and white. I don't know what other countries have the same, but I'm pretty sure that this is an odd thing.
Then your classmates come over to you, and askind always the same question: What did you do in summer? or How was your summer? These are such meaningless questions. No one expect from you to tell them your summer, just tell something like: it was great, it was awesome, it went fast, but that's all. Then why the hell are they asking??
Okay maybe I sound a bit freaky today, but I've just got a little foretaste from these questions today. So anyways the best part of today, was when I finally met with my cool, fresh, and adorable form master. She's such a sweetheart. Almost forget...I know what was the best of the summer....I went on hoilday with her. :) And some other girls from my class.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Such an amazing summer evening!

It is soooo peacfull! I'm sitting in my comfy chair right now. I'm listening to Yiruma's kiss the rain, while my window is wide open, because someone is frying bacon in the garden, and I just can't get enough of this signature scent. It always remind me of my childhood times. When I was at my uncle's house, we were always frying bacon. It was my favourite thing in the summer. BACON! :D

Like fifteen minutes ago I was suffering with an English (yeah you're reading well) book. I know it sounds weird, but I'm not English, so I speak a completely different language. I mean it's easy to write down such as things like what happened to me, but reading a book is sooo hard. I did the first 8 pages in like half an hour, cause I have to look after for each words that I don't know. And there are a lot of them. It's A Year In High Heels by Camilla Morton. I got it from my sister. It seems she wants me to learn summer...But it has great tips, about everydays.  It is divided to twelve parts, and these parts are like January, February, March....You know, the twelve months of the year. I was wondering that shuold I start with August?!! Cause
It's August right now. But I started it from the beggining.

So today I had to go out, to buy my books for the school. They were very heavy. When I got home my shoulders were so hurting. It was like 10-12 books. Uggh!!!! But my luck, is that my school is only a tram stop away from my house. And the worst....I had to meet with my retarded classmmates. I mean half of my classmates. They are all idiots. They were waiting outside of the school when we arrived, and me and my friend just got into the school, bought the books and everything. And we were about to leave, but they were still waiting outside. One of them asked me: Should we go inside? I had so many offensive thoughts. I wanted to tell him that he is such an idiot, and how can he be still alive with this slight rationale. None the less what kind of answer was put into words in my head, I've just beat the urge to declare it, and said: Yes, you should, with a huge, polite smile. And I have to start the school with THEM. Awesome. I feel like my brain's capacity fell of a little bit, becasue of meeting them just for a minute.
Oh and I bought some bobby-pins for this amazing hair-do.: So it worked awesome on my hair.
I've gotta go! Bye!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm so a carcass!

Good Morning!
I’ve just waken up, and I have a lot of confusing things in my head. The respective reason would be that yesterday evening I went to running with my sister.  We ran an hour. When we got home I felt like I am kind of a rag. I had to use up all my energy which had left, to go over to my bathroom and take a shower. After all I just dived into my bed. God Bless it!
And still yesterday our car have broken down. SO we can’t even just go out shopping (I meant food here). We have to walk….cool.But the coolest is that the car will be fixed in a MONTH……probably. I have no clue what I’m gonna do, cause I have to buy a lot of things to that wicked school.
And if this still not enough, my sister just begging me all the time to go with her to a rock concert tonight. I have maiden three main reasons at night to not to go.
1.: It’s obviously a ROCK concert, with drunk, head-shaking and howlering singers which is not my world.
2.: She is going with HER friends. I don’t know any of them. What could I do with them?
3.: I am so not that kind of girl, who likes to gout at night. I’ve never been. In the evening I like to be at home. Just reading, or watching TV.
Ok, I got a heart attack right now. My idiot neighbour, a little, grizzled dick, has a far-gone bird phobia.  He can’t even bear if a bird flies on his grass. He want to get rid of them, so he always shuoting……in the morning. For him they went away from home.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Worst holiday EVER!

Hey, it' me again....after a really-really long time! Because I had to survive my worst holiday ever. With my best friend. We were at her gradparents house in the countryside.
I know it sounds stupid. Because I dear to bet that a lof of you would dieing to spend a week with your best friend, and being away from your sometimes-crazy-and-unbearable-family. Am I right? But I just didn't even enjoyed a moment of it.
I was like a zombie. I walked, I did breath, but didn't really talked or smiled. I have no idea what had happened to me, but I just had that huge homesickness. And as it seems me and Merci can't bear each other even for a day. We couldn't do anything, cause there was nothing. The only one enjoyable place was a beach.....With only one pool!!!
And nothing else. How Should I bear this?
At times I just wanted to cry. All day, until my parents got me back home.  But I didn't. I counted every second of the day, and I claimed myself with this monologe: Every second brings me closer to the end of the week.I didn't want to let to know Merci, about how i'm feeling. I wanted to show her how much I enjoy the life there. Surprise.....It didn't work....but I thought it did.
On the last day we had a huge fight. I managed to cry, cause I had no idea why was she mad at me. She shut the door at my face, she didn't talk to me, and she just easily looked over me. Of course I did it Either, but I alredy was in a minor depression. So I didn't bear it long.
The other day when we were about to going home, she just told me the whole thing. She was pissed of, cause I didn't even laughed,  smiled or just talked with her, and it ended with a huge hug. And to be honest I was soooo relieved. That was the last afternoon we had to spend there, and went out to the beach. And I don't know why exactly on the last day, but some cute guys just started to waveing to us. And we found out that these guys were our neighbors.
So still to this day I have bad memories, an I promised myself, that I wont ever go back to this place. But I did survive. But the funniest was when Merci called and asked me if I wanted to spend one more week there. I just laughed out loud, and lied that I have other plans for the rest of the summer.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey everyone!

So, this is my blog! I want to introduce myself, so i think it’s gonna be long. My name is Hajni…Hajnalka. It means when the sun rises in the morning. :) I’m fifteen years old, and I live in Hungary in Europe. I live with my family.
Let me start with my extremly cute mother. She is a social worker, and she’s 46. I love her so much, and she always tries to give anything she can.  And then my father, who is working for the local metro station, is 50 .  Sadly 3 years ago  at summer my dad felt bad, so we took him to a doctor, and they said that he has two tumours. It was our worse summer ever. But when I got to know it, when i got back home from a holiday, I did not cry.  I just couldn’t. I don’t know why. And still, for that day either. But maybe I just want to look strong in front of him. Becasue I am so not. I am not strong, and I don’t want him to know that. But he is awesome. He just didn’t give up, in any situation. And still, he is alive. There were moments when my mother cried, when daddy didn’t see her, but he is just so strong.  That’s the most important thing I just want to learn from him. To NEVER give up. No matter what happened.
And so, back to the theme. I have two amazing, amd wonderful sisters. They mean me a lot. The one who is older than me is Lilla. She is 18, and she is studying. The oldest is Virág (means: Flower). So she is 23. She is working for a big company. They are like my best friends.
If we are here, I wanna talk about my bestest friend in the whole world. She is Merci(like the car mercedes). :) She is just soooo crazy. She always can make me laugh, but of course sometimes we just wanna kill each other. :) WE can do wild and crazy things together, and our parents just watching with wild-opened mouth. :)  (isn’t this just enough crazy??)
About me, something…..I’m studying in a High School right now. I had my first feshman year. YAY! It was soo good.  But it all went so fast.  My fav colour is deep pink and purple.  I’m in love with the pop, and R&B music.  So that’s for now. I gotta go. Bye.