Thursday, November 5, 2009

The new clothing line?

Maybe I'm the one who is partial, but I just saw this on Monday at school. I'm talking about those shimmery leggings. You know, we girls used to wear it with only a T-shirt or a pulover. A slim girl can work it really good, with the good accesorries, but, I don't want to piss off anybody, but a bit fuller girls are not really. In my angle I would never wear them. So on Monday my classmate just came to school in a white one, but not that shimmery, just a normal white one, which we usually wear under skirts, and in a top, in a really cold, winter day. I looked with my mouth wide opened. She is the one who is really not-that-slim. Near to the end of the day, I just tried not to make it a big deal, but when she bended down, and her black undies showed through her leggings, that was the top of the day.
Since she wore it, yesterday her girlfriend came in a shimmery one. She wore the same: leggigns, a top and boots. She actually worked it really good, but I was still amazed about the fact, that it's winter. But that was all my amazement for that day. But today...OMG! An another of their friends, whose one leg is bigger than my both together, just came in thights, with a pulover which barely covered her butt. You know, those pulovers which normal people wear with jeans. So I was shocked.
I'm not saying this because I want to hurt anyone, or cause I'm that mean. And of course that's not my business that what are they wearing but now I really started to think about  myself.....Maybe  I'm really -really partial??!....I don't know. I'm not used to talk about anyone behind their backs, but I think I'm just saying it rightly. Sometimes the truth hurts.



Anonymous said...

Hey again!

I remember those days! Except most of the schools in South Africa have uniforms... only on civvies days we were allowed to come to school in proper clothes.

Umm...anyway, I was wondering... could I maybe email you sometime? Would be really cool to chat to someone from another country!


dawn said...


Of course you can email me! My address is:
Anyways, where do you live? :)

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