Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stressing on catastrophes

Before I saw New moon I read critics about the movie, and I was a bit incredulous. Someone said that people shouldn't do movies like the Twilight saga, because who didn't read the book, wouldn't understand the movie. They said that the whole movie is all about affliction that Edward left Bella, and she is just suffering all the time. Well it is, but it has a big message, which, as it seems, not everbody understands. Of course it's a lot easier to make a movie about the apocalypse like 2012 which is a movie that everbody can keep up with their brains, watching horrible things, and induce people to afraid of these things. And of course it's easier to make a movie like Paranormal city, where people have fears to look at the screen cause they don't know in which moment will someone die. Why shouldn't people do movies like the Twilight saga, which made and still making thousands of people read? Why shouldn't people do movies about true love which is an incredible example for anyone? Why should we watch movies about catastrophes? Don't we have enough? Twilight gives us a bit of sedation, and we can travel in a magical world, while we don't get that more than two hours has passed away, and we still don't want to step out of this world. It enchanted me. It was way better that I thought that it would be. The only thing I was furious about was the end of the movie. I won't tell anything, but who saw the movie, they get what I'm talking about, and I hope that they were as embarassed as I was. When me and my friends were walking out of the room, the cleaners were caunting the girls who were angry about the ending.


PS.: I got the inoculation for H1N1! I was so afraid! I hate pins so much. I can't bear them. So I didn't watched it at all, but it wasn't hurting. Just when the doctor pulled out the pin. I hope it will work, but I have to be careful for two more weeks! Who knows!


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