Sunday, October 18, 2009

Time goes by....

I know,  I know......I had gone! I'm so sorry. I have no time since the school started. But there's a few thing that I wanted to tell....
First of all, from the next weeks's half  to November's first week is holiday for me. YAY! I'll have time to sleep and just doing nothing.  But to be honest I'm doing nothing in every single weekend since school started.
Sooooo, in school.  Of course I have to share place and time with my idiot classmates.  I don't want to use the real names, so let's just call him Will. (I don't know why...:D) I don't know why I'm doing this cause he literally couldn't understand this text expect his name, but I want to be aware.  So Will is just deadly stupid. I've just found it out last night. He is CLEVER. (yeah you're reading well, and yes I know I said that he is stupid)  He always plans how to get out of the situations....So he could be very very smart if he'd use his power for studying instead of lying.  And he is really intelligent too. He writes so good. But he is in the  wrong company, where people act childishly, and pick their noses while they are talking.
So kinda these are like my weekdays, and my mom always asking me why I'm so tired! And yes I'm tired physically when I get home, and nobody can talk to me cause I'm crazy.
Oh, and I didn't mentioned my hearing lesion. I mean I don't have it, but I will have in four years with them I think. They are screaming in the But anyways I'm ok.


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