Thursday, December 17, 2009

Extended holiday for me

Well yeah! My holiday actually started last Friday, cause I didn't need to go to school, and so I didn't go this week, and my holiday starts at actually next Monday. I mean officially. It starts at the weekend, cause the last day we have to go to school is Saturday, but that means only 3 hours, then a boring Christmas party, and then the presents. I mean we have this thing in our school, that we pull a name from a hat, or a bag or anything and we have to buy a present for that person. I was lucky, I pulled one of my girlfriends' name. So we have to give the presents to each other, and say something about the person you got. So that's kinda a Class-Christmas.
So my point was that I go to school tomorrow. My friends alredy hate me, and I don't want to bend the chord. :) I wasn't at school this whole week, and they've been doing so many things. Like writing exams, having double English lessons (which is DISGUSTING), so they are just full of everything, and we write an exam tomorrow too. So I was like ok, I'll go to school, and write it with them.
Oh and poor Merci. She thought that I go to school on Tuesday. And she was calling me every single day, asking when I'm gonna drag my butt into school. Word by word. Actually I was mad at her, she acted like I have no problems, like I sit at home and doing parties, sunbathing or idk. Ahh I wrote it down alredy.
Now I only write down this mess cause I'm waiting for my mom to call me, cause we go to shopping. I mean we'll do the whole food-fight for Christmas in a big supermarket. And It's so boring to wait for her.
And the last thing I wanted to say is that someone who is blogging mentioned me in her blog so I'll do the same cause I love the way she writes, and I think she does it pretty good. Her name is Trecia. So check out her blog.



Anonymous said...

Haha. Again, for the milllionth time, THANK YOU. You always make me blush! xD Class-Christmas is quite nice. We used to do that in primary school and that wasn't for christmas, it's actually for Children's Day. Our year end school break starts at the end of November, so there are no Christmas celebrations. Btw, I'm curious,how did you find my blog? =)

dafo said...

Hi! What? your holiday starts when? OMG! That's not fair! :) Umm, I don't exactly rememver, but I had a wordpress acoount too, but I didn't like it that much anyways. So I was searching for blogs by theme I think. Or something like that. And I just found yours, and started reading it, cause it was interesting. :) And you love the Twilight-saga too, so I was like, Ok, we're soul mates! :D:D

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