Saturday, November 14, 2009

Warning!! Do not wear high-heels for twelve hours!

Last night was our well organised fresher's ball. As we know I was one of the four girls who ran the tea-room. We started the whole settlement at 1.30pm. We had to mess up all the tables, just to get six little places where people can drink and talk, far away from the monotonic disco, which was in the other side of the school.....Back to the point! Then we had to put spreads and candles onto each tables. The point was that we had to light so much candles so we didn't need the lamps at all. At around 3pm all the candles were lighting and the tables looked beatufil but the counter where the mugs and teas were supposed to be were nowhere. For 4pm. some people wanted go in, but we didn't have hot water, cause we wanted to heat four kettles in the same time and it was too much energy for the school, and the power passed. Ridiculous! When they fixed it, it was 4:15. Our first guest was my harshest teacher. But she was fine, just her tea wasn't. It was cold. Failure!! So during the evening my hand burnt down, Some jerks wanted my phone number, we heated milk in the knettles which we musn't do, we gave out the hot chocolate with milk, but my teacher said that we sould do it with water, we sang some songs in the karaoke part of the evening, and we slowly arrived to 8pm which meant: THE PARTY'S OVER! But we had to clean up all the mess, and wash up the hundreds of the dirty mugs. I got home at around 9:15pm. I had a headache, my legs were hurting from the high heels, which I wore for more than twelve hours, and my stomach was hurting too, because I didn't eat anything all day. Just breakfast. So I felt really bad, and I went to sleep. In the morning I realised that I'm bit sick. My nose is running, and I'm so tired. I didn't do much today, I tried to rest and just doing nothing. But really, I don't feel very well. I think I'm going to shower, and then I'll slip into bed and watch TV.

But really what do you think? How do you guys drink hot chocolate? With milk or water? 



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