Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey everyone!

So, this is my blog! I want to introduce myself, so i think it’s gonna be long. My name is Hajni…Hajnalka. It means when the sun rises in the morning. :) I’m fifteen years old, and I live in Hungary in Europe. I live with my family.
Let me start with my extremly cute mother. She is a social worker, and she’s 46. I love her so much, and she always tries to give anything she can.  And then my father, who is working for the local metro station, is 50 .  Sadly 3 years ago  at summer my dad felt bad, so we took him to a doctor, and they said that he has two tumours. It was our worse summer ever. But when I got to know it, when i got back home from a holiday, I did not cry.  I just couldn’t. I don’t know why. And still, for that day either. But maybe I just want to look strong in front of him. Becasue I am so not. I am not strong, and I don’t want him to know that. But he is awesome. He just didn’t give up, in any situation. And still, he is alive. There were moments when my mother cried, when daddy didn’t see her, but he is just so strong.  That’s the most important thing I just want to learn from him. To NEVER give up. No matter what happened.
And so, back to the theme. I have two amazing, amd wonderful sisters. They mean me a lot. The one who is older than me is Lilla. She is 18, and she is studying. The oldest is Virág (means: Flower). So she is 23. She is working for a big company. They are like my best friends.
If we are here, I wanna talk about my bestest friend in the whole world. She is Merci(like the car mercedes). :) She is just soooo crazy. She always can make me laugh, but of course sometimes we just wanna kill each other. :) WE can do wild and crazy things together, and our parents just watching with wild-opened mouth. :)  (isn’t this just enough crazy??)
About me, something…..I’m studying in a High School right now. I had my first feshman year. YAY! It was soo good.  But it all went so fast.  My fav colour is deep pink and purple.  I’m in love with the pop, and R&B music.  So that’s for now. I gotta go. Bye.


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