Thursday, November 19, 2009

....and the mouse became a lion!

Sorry for the animalistic semblance, but my patience is finally over. I'm full with all the people who don't have any pride, self-esteem and as much tolerance as a fly which is always buzzing in your ears. These people's biggest mistake is that they can't see themselfs. In my judgement, the people who are gaping and laughing while an another person is crying, cause something horrible happened in the past, for example someone's father died, are means me inconsiderate. Oh, and not to meantion that these people are just always find something on you, so they can make comments, and later they can just insult everybody.
Today, when I started to see clear, I resolved that I will stand up for myself and for my friends, and I won't just release any hurting remarks past my ears. I will tell them that I hate them so much, as much that I can't even write it down. They don't have rights to judging a person without knowing how they act. They should judge themselfs before judging another, normal, patience, nice and intelligent people. They have as much brain as a monkey has. But I think a I went too far. A monkey surely has more mind than them. I'm so angry. I didn't met people like them before. And the most exasperating is that I can't do anything, and of course I'm so stupid that I feel bad cause I think that I might hurt them with my observation. I don't like hurting people even if they hurting me. It's one of my mistakes.



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