Monday, October 26, 2009

A scary night

Hi everyone!
So I haven't slept much last night.  Cause you might know now, that I have the worst neighbours ever.
Yesterday evening I went to sleep at 11 pm. I wasn't really tired, but I thought that I wanna be rested the next day, so I've decided to sleep.  Everything went well until 3 am. I had woken up for a terrible squeal, and then I heard that "I'll kill you" like 5 times, and the squeals again. I was alone in my room, so I was very scared. I didn't know who was it, or someone is really trying to kill someone. I immediately ran to my parents's room, and god bless them they were awake.  I've started to ask questions like "Who is it?, What happened?". They told me that our neighbours are just got home, after a long night in some kind of a pub.  So the husband was extremely drunk.  He was shouting with his wife,so  I think she was the address of the assault. And their daughter was squealing. So it was on the street. When they finally got to their house he just started to snap everything in his way. It went in like 15 minutes, after we heard that he started to scream again. But finally at around 4 am they were silent. We saw the girls cleaning the house too, and then I went back to my bed. Of course I couldn't sleep at all. So I slept like 4 hours.
I don't know what happend after all this, but maybe I just don't want to know. But all night long when I couldn't sleep I was hoping that they are all fine. There was a fear in me, thinking about what if something had happened??! Cause their girl was a really good friend of mine. But we just got in our seperate ways.  Anyways I was scared all night long, and I got out of bed at 6.
I haven't heard or seen anything still to this second. And if this not enough, I was calling my best friend like a hundred times today but she didn't answered at all, so I almost  went crazy about what happened to her after this night I was thinking the worst, when she called me. She was laughing at me! She said I'm crazy....and to be honest I feel like I am. :)


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