Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miserable days....

It has been raining since Friday! I want sun. Someone says that is sooo peaceful lying in the bed, reading, watching TV, but I want to go somewhere or just ....I don't know...I want to feel happy. I feel soo bad. I have that mood, when somebody just talk to you, and you want to bite that someone's head off. Of course, that bad mood, not just about the weather, but if I would write it, that would take too much time. Let's just say that I'm so full of everything right now. When I finally got home at 5pm I couldn't be alone, just a little. No! Everyone was talking to me, my sister wanted me to dye her hair, my mom was aking me what's wrong, my dad was asking if I ate or not, and I have to do some decorations for the fresher's ball, which is in Friday, and I have to bring a lot of stuffs to the school, which I can't bring in two days, cause I don't have a licence and I can't drive, so I have to walk to school, and my sock were full of water in the last 5 five days, cause if I just go out, in 2 minutes my boots are flooding, so I'm sooo stressed.
Anyways....just to talk about something else, not just my problems. The fresher's ball is an initation. The freshmen have to do a lot of silly and neither funny exercises, like shave a balloon, eat without hands and things like that. There even will be pinyatas too. So after the exercises there will be three places where they can go. A game room, where they can play with different things. The second is a disco. So they can dance there....And the third place is the tea room which is more about me. I have to bring a lot of things, like candles, cookies, mugs, much things.And I have to do the deocorations, like I mentioned before. I've got to do so all these in two days. And I also need to learn something, but I will fix it.



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