Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas haul: Part 1 (friends)

Me and my friends gave presents to each other today. We celebrated Christmas at school, which was the last day, and it was just so amazing. I never had a day like this at school. 
We moved the pews into six big tables. So everyone could sit with their friends. We put table-covers and vaporizers with orange volatile oil on them. We took the presents under our Christmas tree, I  mean like all the 24 presents, plus all these which we brought for friends. Another good thing was that my friend brought a lot of candies, like a huge bag was full with chritsmas candies. And the last which made us to feel the christmas spirit was the music. So it was wonderful. But actually we did cry. Just because a friend goes out of the country, and we'll only see her in January, which is really joyless. Theoretically we shall have a math lesson before the party, but the teacher just "forget" about it.
So as I mentioned before we gave presents to each other. I start with my Merci. I gave her a really gorgeus bag, a scooby-doo, and a christmas card (it's a tradition for us, don't ask why). She gave me a smaller make-up palette, a really cute phone case, and I got a snoring pig which moves its ear. :) It's so funny. Oh and chocolate and the christmas card.
For two of ours friends we bought presents together. We bought both for them a teddy-bear and it has a little coat with this: Merry Christmas! They are actually really cute, and they were so in love with them. So I got from them a candle doily, which is pink and I just love it, a pair of earrings, and chocolate.
The embarassing was that I was sick, as you know, and I heard it with one ear, that two of our girlfriends are buying us something. I couldn't go and buy them anything, but I asked my mom to buy chocolate. So I gave them chocolate, and I got a pair of earrings (what a surprise :D) and a mug, with a little reindeer, and my name on it. My friend did it. I couldn't believe it.
And my cutie form master. I bought her a huge box of sweets, and she was like wait for me while the others go home, and so did I, and she gave me a present. I almost fell over, cause I alredy got a scarf from her, which she brought from London, and now she gave me a a pair of earrings (again :)). So she is just the loveliest person in the world. I love her.
And the last thing. The pulling. I got pulled by a boy. We don't even talk, but he bought me a normal present. I got a rexona box. You know those ones, which are really for presents, and a box of cherry queen. I don't like that kind of chocolate but he was sweet anyways.
When we were going gome, we did say our goodbyes. It was so emotional. I mean we acted like we are not gonna see each other for like a million years, but hey, we love each other so much. When I got home I showed all my present for my mom, and she liked the snoring pig the best. Then I went to sleep, cause I felt so bad. I don't know why. Maybe I'm still sick, or maybe I sick again. I just can't eat. Whenever I eat something I wanna throw out. That's not really good.

And OH MY GOSH. The snow is really beautiful here. It has been snowing since this afternoon, and we have really big snow, so I tried to take pictures but it didn't go well, cause it's dark outside, so I'm sorry. These pictures are the best. So I'm going to do part 2, if I get my presents from my family. I'm so excited.



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