Thursday, August 27, 2009

Such an amazing summer evening!

It is soooo peacfull! I'm sitting in my comfy chair right now. I'm listening to Yiruma's kiss the rain, while my window is wide open, because someone is frying bacon in the garden, and I just can't get enough of this signature scent. It always remind me of my childhood times. When I was at my uncle's house, we were always frying bacon. It was my favourite thing in the summer. BACON! :D

Like fifteen minutes ago I was suffering with an English (yeah you're reading well) book. I know it sounds weird, but I'm not English, so I speak a completely different language. I mean it's easy to write down such as things like what happened to me, but reading a book is sooo hard. I did the first 8 pages in like half an hour, cause I have to look after for each words that I don't know. And there are a lot of them. It's A Year In High Heels by Camilla Morton. I got it from my sister. It seems she wants me to learn summer...But it has great tips, about everydays.  It is divided to twelve parts, and these parts are like January, February, March....You know, the twelve months of the year. I was wondering that shuold I start with August?!! Cause
It's August right now. But I started it from the beggining.

So today I had to go out, to buy my books for the school. They were very heavy. When I got home my shoulders were so hurting. It was like 10-12 books. Uggh!!!! But my luck, is that my school is only a tram stop away from my house. And the worst....I had to meet with my retarded classmmates. I mean half of my classmates. They are all idiots. They were waiting outside of the school when we arrived, and me and my friend just got into the school, bought the books and everything. And we were about to leave, but they were still waiting outside. One of them asked me: Should we go inside? I had so many offensive thoughts. I wanted to tell him that he is such an idiot, and how can he be still alive with this slight rationale. None the less what kind of answer was put into words in my head, I've just beat the urge to declare it, and said: Yes, you should, with a huge, polite smile. And I have to start the school with THEM. Awesome. I feel like my brain's capacity fell of a little bit, becasue of meeting them just for a minute.
Oh and I bought some bobby-pins for this amazing hair-do.: So it worked awesome on my hair.
I've gotta go! Bye!


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