Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Problems with my annoying-and-sometimes-unsufferable family

So here we go again. My family always flurry me somehow. Let's see what's the biggest problem. We live in our house far too many. Sometimes I just don't have a place to be alone, and kinda "run away" a bit from this mess. Just to be on my own, when you are in that mood, when you don't want to speak to anyone, and everybody's just annoys you even with a wink, or just her/his breath.
Ok, I have a bedroom, I really have. But right now it isn't my only plcae, cause my sister's laptop isn't working really good, so she is always in my room, using the old computer in the corner of my room. It wouldn't be a big problem, but that computer has that old, loudy and noisy keyboard. So whenever she dump a character, it hurts my ears, and if I want to learn, it's impossible. And when I want to go to bed, I have to told her like five time and she usually has half hour long fairwells. 
An then my grandfather.I haven't mentioned that my grandpa lives with us, cause my grandma died when I wasn't even planned. I didn't know her, and it hurts, cause my mother told me that she loved children very much, and if these children are her grandchildren, there's nothing more to talk about. So he didn't want to leave alone, so he moved here, and sold his house. I love him really, but he's like a bad pekingese. Wherever I go he just follows me. I mean in the house.  One of the morning he saw me, get out of bed, in half-coma and he asked me: Have you ate? Of course I immediately become angry. What the hell was he thinking? I ate the sheet at night? Or what? Gosh, and that's just one of the hundreds of his neat questions.
Last but not least, my mother. I swear I love her, more than anyone but she could be very annoying. I just don't know how to describe it, I mean I don't have the words for it. She just annoying sometimes. Like when I'm talking to someone, I mean on the internet, calmly sitting in my chair listening to music, ALONE a bit, after a really-really long school day, at once I look around and see her face plugged in the door. And I got a heart attack. :S Is it normal?
But yesterday was good. At my friend's we saw the Original Sin with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas, and P.S. I love you, while we were watching it we had a pillow fight too. :) And today I bought too books. One is Emma by Jane Austen, and an other from a hungarian writer. So I have something to read for the holiday. On thursday I'll have a box-fittness lesson, but I don't wan to go, cause I don't feel very well. And on the same day I have a ticket for a play to the theatre. Awesome. 



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