Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why do we offend each other all the time?

Me and my mom just can't bear each other sometimes. Or maybe just me. I mean maybe sometimes I can't bear her. I think the problem is so compound...There are a lot of reasons.
First of all, I think we are the same person. We have so many equal attributes. And for me this isn't always the best. My mom is kinda the person who is If-I-say-something-that-must-be-true type! And it's always brings me into awkward situations. She always follows just what is in her mind, no matter what anybody says. And she's always stressing on something! ALWAYS! Our same attribute is that we both are really portentous. I mean, we always just see the bad things in everything. And I can't help it, no matter how I try. And the other thing is the stressing. I'm the same like her. She just got mad in a second, and so me. I think that's why we just offend each other all the time.
Today I asked her to help me write an essay, because I had to do it with the eldest woman member in my family, but I don't want to go out of the city, so I'm doing it with her. So I asked her to do the first three questions, but she was watching tv, something sappy series which she saw before, and she said that she's coming when it's over. Of course I got mad immediately.Not just because of this. My day was bad too. Me and my friend just got into a fight with each other, I wrote a stupid pleading, and I had to write an another essay too, which I wrote for two hours. Of course I wasn't in my best mood. And her series are more important to her than me. So when she finally came to my room, and I asked her a question, she couldn't answer at all. She said that I should think of something and write it down. But come on, it's an interview. She HAS to answer all of my questions. So when we got out of our disagreement, her phone started to ring. I almost pluck out all my hair. She was talking on the phone like half hour, so I went to shower. It was 7pm when so got to my room, and asked what's the matter. And I started to cry. I hate this in myself. When I'm so angry, I just cry. It's so embarassing. So we didn't do anything, and I didn't want to leave it for the weekend cause I had another plans, but as it seems I'll have to write my essay, and saty at home. Cool.
I love her! I really do! I couldn't live without her,I don't know what will I do If I ever lose her. But we have problems..... But who hasn't? So I always just think about the old times, when I was a child, and we were always playing. She was kissing me all the time like everywhere. Oh and she does it right now too. It's just anoying now, but back then it was so funny, and we had a really good relationship. She says that we don't talk now, and I never tell her anything, but hey, she is the one who is always in front of the TV. Ah! So I'm so much like her, but I hope that nothing will go bad between us. I love her!
I think I go and talk her a little!



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