Saturday, February 27, 2010

The end of the independence

OMG! My solitude is officially gonna get over tomorrow! 
Let's just say that in these past two weeks I had a little time to relax and now I have to strees a month again. I hope it's enough if I say that I have to live together with a really annoying person again. I hate this. I love when I'm on my own, just do whatever I want, and just chilling in my own place. But my place is not gonna be just my place for an another month again. When I got to know it a week earlier I lost all my cheerfulness. And now I'm spending my last lonely night, and then I have to say goodbye to all of it. I hope it turns out good and somehow it's not gonna be a month. 
And let me add that today I could go out with a bunch of, hilariously funny and lovely friends to watch a movie, and eat lunch together somewhere, and just allow myself to have a tortuous afternoon, after the eternal studying, but my parents didn't give me money! My mom told me that she was spending on me a lot this month, which is really-really true, and she asked me to try to practise the abandonment. So I didn't go, and when I spoke with Merci an hour ago she said that it's even better that I didn't spend on the movie ticket because the movie (The book of Eli) was a big crap, and they didn't enjoy a minute of it. And she said that somehow they weren't in their laughing mood, and instead of the habitual whinnying, they were just walking side by side without a word. That not that good, cause I think everyone was expecting a really good afternoon. Well, everyone has a bad day. 
So today I went out with my mom to the mall, where I didn't buy anything, but I wanted to. But we were both tired, and my legs were hurting because of the high heels, and I just got angry in the tiniest things. Maybe today is not the best for anyone. Right now I'm thinking about to start an essay, which I have to finish for Tuesday. So I think I'm going to write it, and then some TV or something. You know, enjoying the last hours of my independet life. 


Friday, February 26, 2010

A wonderful day with my lovely friends

Well, hello again! Forgetting the fact that I had no appetite yesterday to go to the island, we had a really great girls day! I mean it was a REALLY kind of girls laughing all the time, while we go, the sun is shining and WARM!!! for the very first time this year...actually we had around 15-20 celsius here, and for the very first time this year I could take off my winter jacket outside. I was walking in that beautiful place in a pulover, the sun was warm, the birds were tweeting....that was a perfect spring day. 
At first we had to go by a lot of vehicles to get there, and we all actually met with our perfect guy at the metro station. Me and Merci never like the same guys, expect HIM, but now we were just melting....He was really hot. Back to the theme....When we arrived there we had to find that gravestone, but it was really difficult, cause there were a bunch of statues and things like that around everywhere. But then we found it and we met two guys who were actually drunk. They were climbing in the debris of the sometime convent. But we weren't make a big deal about that, we took some pictures (cause that was all we needed to the project from the island) and we made our way to a McDonald's. Casue we were starving, but we had to walk like half hour to reach the restaurant, and let me add that I was in high it wasn't that comfortable, as I expact it. A lot of running people were there in that beautiful day, and once when a girl was running towards me I just fell in love with her T-shirt. So when she passed me, I turned around to see it from behind too, and I saw the two guys from the gravestone. I thought that they were just walking there, but after a while when we were about to arrive to the restaurant, they were still behind us, and they were actually almost running to reach us, then we finally entered at Mcdonald's and we just calmed down. That was kinda scary. But then we talked for almost an hour, and it was really great. 
Here is a funny sidestory....When we were about to go home, we saw a store window, with a huge sale, and we just realised that the shirts were oly around a dollar, and the scarfs too. We were about to in, when a nice, old lady told us that it is a dry goods store. It was hilarious. I think around fifty people could walk and hear us in that minute and I think they all thought that we are not normal. 
So it was a really-really good day. Now I'm going cause I have to do some errands.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Unnecessary things to do

Gosh! February is almost over! How times passes....:S It seems like that the first day of January was yesterday, but not....
Today! Wow! I have a lot of things to tell! First of all, I have been learning for a huge "exam" for literature, since the second week of February, and today was the big day. I have to say that I had thousands of butterflies in my stomach all day long, and I even asked my mom to write me a justification for PE cause I wanted to learn while the others were having volleyball....(I hate that sport the most), so I was learning when Merci came up with the idea that we can report to the teacher when we didn't learn something. I didn't really wanted to do it, but during these big exams I forget everything when I have to say something. So we reported it to the teacher but she didn't accept it, because it was an announced exam! So I have to say that I was really nervous, Let's say that I haven't been that nervous for a long time. When she was about to ask me, she just went trough me, and she didn't call me. I couldn't believe in my luck....everyone was teasing me in the end of the class, cause I didn't have to do anything while they were suffering. :) 
I don't why did this happen, but I was really happy...then maybe someone thought that this luck was enough for the day, cause when we arrived to the last lesson, which was physics, which I hate the most, and which I don't know, the teacher thought for a moment and she asked a guy to say a number. He said 14 and the teacher said 1 so the number was 15. I had no idea what was she talking about, but when she asked me to go to the board, and she told me that she is asking me about the previous theme, we learnt, I couldn't even think about anything. (She asked me cause I'm the 15th in the checklist) It's obvious that I didn't learn a word yesterday cause I was learning other things....So in the end my mark turned out to a C and I was really thankful....:( I know it's a really good mark, but OMG in the beggining I was about to get an E, cause I couldn't sy anything. But somehow I just made it to a C.....gosh....And the best is that....(drumbeat) tomorrow physics exam! :D That teacher is crazy! And the math...I don't even know what the teacher is talking about! I mean I have double lessons, cause I don't undestand it, and this is still not enough to get it. Maybe there's something wrong with me....but I don't think so, cause not I'm the only one who don't know it. 
And on Thursday I have to go to the Margaret Island wih a bunch of my friends because we have to do a project for school, and it's really far away. We need and hour or more just to get there. Then we have to find a gravestone, and a couple of more things. :S
Now, I'm going to learn and relax a little bit! 


Friday, February 19, 2010

A couple days of solitude

So here I am again! I know that I'm a slacker, I mean I'm not posting so much recently. And there are many reasons....

1. I'm playing farmville all the time since last friday, and I can't go away whenever I start it. I'm obsessed with this game, and this is all of my friends fault, who made me do this game. They were all talking about it effusively at school, and they told me that I HAVE TO try it out. So I made a little farm last friday and now I'm in the 16th level. When I got home from school I always find myself in front of the computer which is not too good.

2.I'm super, hyper tired this week, cause I had to get up at 6 all the time, and today I almost had to kick myself out of the bed, and I had to collect a lot of power not to turn off my alarm and go back to sleep. It was terrible. I don't even know who was that stupid, cruel person who set this whole thing around the education. Waking up at 6....Pfffff. And I was alone for two days, cause Merci didn't come to school....she was ill. It was so bad, going to school alone. I hate walking alone.....and we are each other's habit. I found it today. Actually if we are walking alone we are missing each other. We've been walking to school together for 6 years now. Of course she is the person who I feel the most comfortable with. We can share everything, we are really like sisters. And of course I was tired today, and when I'm tired I can get mad because of a bad word. So today I wasn't nice to her, but she came to school.....

3. All I want to do, in each second of the day is talking to HIM! I can not think about anything else. And of course I am talking with him right now, but he is with his friend and he is not as communicative as he used to be, which is sad cause that was moment that I've been waiting for today. But who does not respect the small one does not deserve the big one, right? :D

So my friday is not that eventful.....again. But tomorrow my dad's birthday party is coming, and I hope that we are going to spinning too. Actually I don't like these big family events, cause we have a lot of loud relatives, but I think I'm gonna make it. I also have to learn a lot for Tuesday, and I don't really know anything. 
So that's for my weekend, I'll try to make myself do an another post in these days. 


Ps.: I have a few colors of the Nicole by OPI nailpolishes. I haven't heard about them before, but I got them from my mom. I got 4 colors. I don't know....I used a metal one now, and it's gorgeous. If you heard anything about tha please let me know!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Choosing beetwen Love and Friendship

I am so sorry! I know that I had gone, but there is a serious, and wasn't-so-unexpected problem between me and Merci! I think we actually like the exact same guy....And that's not even enough, because he is our classmate. I won't say his name, but OMG! I know that someday this is going to overhaul us. We didn't had a guy to fight on before, cause we didn't met that perfectly cute guy, but now I don't even know what I feel. I think I might be.....scared. But I tell you excatly what had happened! I tell you the story....
There is that framville game, and that was what brought us together. Me, Merci, and "he" were online all the time this weekend, and Merci started talking with him. You know I didn't care much, when she mentioned, but after a time I was really angry, cause she couldn't stop talking about the fun, they had, and it was really exasperating hear the same all the time. Then he wrote to me on facebook and we started chatting as well, but only a few sentences. I thought that he is cool, but that was all. But then.....yesterday Merci didn't have internet, so she asked me to do something in her farm. So I went to facebook, and first logged in as myself, to make my farm done fisrt. And then I saw that he was in level 13 (he was teasing me that he'll pass me) and I wrote to him, that how he dared! :) (As a joke) And from that moment we talked from 6pm to 10pm. We couldn't stop laughing, and I had a funny evening like that a really-really long time ago! Really! I was laughning uncontrollably for four hours. We actually talked about everything. From school to even some hairs....:D So there was everything....And slowly we talked to each other like we have known each other for years. Then he said that I am a very bouncing girl, and that felt so good. That was the first thing which scared me....and then when we said our not-so-wanted goodbyes, he called me in a really cute name! It's hungarian and I can't translate it, but it was really sweet (hajnal virágszál)! In the evening I was thinking about him, and this is an another frightening thing. Then in the morning I woke up really happily, that I'll met him, but when I met Merci, everything turned bad! 
When I just mentioned her that I talked to him, she literally foze down for a moment, but then she made herself to show a miserably fake smile. I didn't really make it a big deal, I thought that she wanted to talk to him as well. As we made our way to the school, I told her that we had a really big fun, and she started to ask questions about us. Like how much we talked, or was it really good or not, and things like that. When I told her that we talked 4 hours, she fulminated out of herself and told me to disabe him, and don't talk to him or if he writes me, don't answer. I was really indignant! It's okay that she is my best friend, but she can't tell me what to do. I told her that I won't disable him, cause I don't want to, and I am not a jerk. She just didn't seem to forget it, but the english class started. And there I realised that she was crying. I immediately got it! She likes the guy. And what was even worse....I realised that I like him too. When I asked her what's wrong, she didn't speak to me, but then she laid on my shoulder and she said that she doesn't want to love him. And I felt the same. Cause to be honest he is the guy who I could fall in love with. For the rest of the day we didn't mentioned him, but I was always searching for his look. Actually I was thinking about him half of my day...
But somehow we all went to the cafeteria together. Gosh! He just wanted to talk me, I saw it! He actually started talking to ME! But I saw Merci standing next to me, and I knew that she'll hate me if I just start chat with him so I only responsed with a slight smile. He didn't even talked to me again, and he seemed sad. So, OMG! Am I the one who imagine things? Or what is going on here?!!! 
When we reached Merci's house, she told me again not to speak to him. I was really tired because of that and other school things, so I really turned rusty. Then she finally said that Ok, talk to him I don't really care, but call me if you guys talk. 
Then we talked about him a bit before I headed home. She asked me if I like him or not....And I had to lie!!! OMG! How she looked at me...I told her I only love him as a friend. So right now I don't know what to do, and I don't know how I feel, and I don't know if Ishould talk to him or not?! Advices, please?!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Double size me, Please!

Hi everyone! So it's finally Friday! Actually this week had gone really fast! I don't know what happened...But let's just be happy, cause the weekend is coming!!!! 
Ok, I don't have anything exciting to do, but this weekend I can be a little alone, you know...on my own after a long "congestion"! So now I am really in a good mood. But maybe my cheerfulness is coming from this afternoon's shopping. After school, me and a buch of friends went out to McDonalds. At my place all the restaurants have a buy one get one free sale for the BigMacs. So went in pairs to the tills, and we all ordered the same...:) After we ate, our bellies were hurting a but, but who cared, cause we were going to shopping. I bought a shirt which is actually really pretty, and I bought a bracelet, a pair of earrings, and a set of little earrings! Ok, I explain that! You don't know that I think, that I have a second place for earrings on my left ear. I just did it a month ago, and now I can change it, so I went into a store and bought a set of it. And while I was paying for them, Merci called me that she doesn't feel well. She went to spinning, but she stopped after 10 minutes and called me....we brought her home, and we went home too. 
And I have to say that I have a new addiction! I LOVE farmville. This is the coolest thing since twitter. I didn't really understand why were people so into it, but now I have to say that they were right. I only used it for two days and now I'm on the 7th level! I have a bunch of animals and trees and etc. 
So now I think I'm going, but tomorrow I'll post something meaningless!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Living without privileges

Hey everyone!
So first of all, I have to say that my life is outrageous right now. Nothing interesting going on with me, and I have to go to school on the dawn of the dawns, which is laceration! Sometimes when we have holidays I have motivation like "OMG! We only have two weeks left" or something, but now the earliest break we have is in April! How far is that??? There is not even a thing I'm looking for in the future! Ok, there is one, a teeny-weeny thing. I asked my mom to go to the OPI store, and buy me some polishes, but this is going to be tomorrow! On the 10th of FEBRUARY! There is one thing that would make my anticipation better....If the slugging sun would rise, and the temperature would be 30 centigrades! But that's really far either, so I said that my life is just a big mess now.
I don't even learn, since the holidays , and I think that I should do something with myself, and I always do promise myself that I'll study tomorrow, but that seems impossible whenever I sit down with a book, but If I just thinking, that's a lie, cause I don't even make my way to pick up a book, just when I'm packing to my bag. What a sloth I became! I can't believe it! But tell me one thing! How is that even possible that someone, who should be sitting in a chair at the school, is just landing in an another country, as a holiday while we are just going to school, and learning, and stuffs like that?! Cause that's the other thing which makes this whole thing even more unbearable. I want to go to holidays too, while other people suck in school, and I want to get out of here a little bit too! But let's just face the truth, my parents would never let me go anywhere during school! That is just so unfair! Right now all I want to do, is chop off my head, or something like that!
But let's just say that we have only 3 more days until the weekend, which means me a buch of fun things! First of all, I'm going to a face treatment, to a cosmetician! She's my mom's girlfriend, and they are talking sometimes, and I always wanted to make my face cleaner, and my mom just settlep up everything for me for this Saturday! But I'm still thinking that I really need this or not! So I don't know.....and the other thing is that I wanna spend money! Gosh, all I want is shopping right now, but I think I'm going at the weekend, I just don't know who I'm going with....Maybe with my sister or someone who would like come with me....IDK! 
I can't really say anymore, so I'll go!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

The wannabe popstars

I got home from Merci's party like two hours ago. It wasn't that "Gosh-that-was-the-best-party-I-have-ever-been-in" but it was a really good girls night! Anyways....They really loved my tunic....:D
So I don't really know where to start....We began with the welcome drink again! Now it had only 17% alcohol content, and it was really sweet, something coconut. It was too enough to not to be shy, cause we were singing all night long. There were Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus, High school musical, Britney Spears, Abba, Aly and AJ, Camp rock, and a lot more. Really. My friend brought karaoke cds, and mikes, and so now, I know that I won't be a singer....:D I really don't have the voice for it....but none of
There was even a "striptase" show. Dont't get me wrong. Not between us...My girlfriend's boyfriend lives far away from her. They talked on skype last night, when we were there, and we were teasing the guy to take off his shirt, cause my girlfriend said that he has a really good body. So we didn't stop the teasing, and finally he said that he will take off his shirt if she will just take off her shirt. We just made her!!! And so the guy....:) His body weren't that wonderful, but it was good. But his face....gosh, he's really-really cute! I saw pictures of him, but I never thought that he is that sweet.
Of course there was a huge dinner again. We had cheese cream soup, and chicken with cauliflower which tasted wonderfully. After that meal I felt that I gained 10 punds, and my stomach was really strainig, but we had to eat a little birtday cake. Well they give us huge pieces, and I couldn't eat it all. But it was really good. I only could eat again after 1am. I ate a little chips, nothing else....:) 
And OMG! How are these girl's nights are going with you guys? I mean we have that stupid thing that we should stay up until 4 am, and things like that. Why is that soooo good? I mean, why are they crucifing themselves when they can't make their eyes stay open!? I won't ever get this....Isn't is the best when everybody's going to sleep when they want to? Cause this night, one of friends, were really tired by 2 am, and she wanted to go sleep. I even turned the lights off, to let her sleep, and then the other girls were teasing her not to sleep. Nevermind! Just tell me if everybody's doing this or not!
But then everybody went to sleep by 3 am, and we got up at 8am. For the breakfast we had two huge pizzas, which were baked by Merci's parents. They were delicious. So kinda that was the party, and it was sometimes boring sometimes not. There was a point when I almost went home, cause I called my mother, and she didn't feel very well, and she was alone at home. So I was thinking really badly, but then I made myself to stay, cause I knew that Merci won't ever forgive me if I go.
She's better now. I'm going to rest I think, cause I'm really tired!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Crazy people's multitude

Hey everyone!
I have to be at Merci's house in an hour! Gosh! She asked me to dye her hair, and I couldn't say no, cause she was so upset, because her father said something....I don't what, she'll tell me later. I'm wearing that gorgeous red tunic, which I bought at promod, like a month later. I just said that because this is first time I ever wear it, and I'm corious what my friends will say about it. I hope they'll like it.... many of you know, we had a carnival at my school yesterday, which was settlet up by my class. I have to say that it was really good. I talked to some of my classmates, who I didn't really talked before, and I felt more comfortable with a lot of my girlfriends. In the beggining I wasn't in the mood for a carnival, but when Merci did my hair and we dressed up....well....a lot of my classmates laughed at us, of course, just because we looked funny. We did each other's hair like really cowgirls. We did two ponytails, braided them, and we put one colorful band onto each ponytails. We looked hilarious, cause we were wearing a plaid shirt, knitted up, so it was funny....I'll send a picture, but I only got the pictures tonight.
I was one of the girls who ran the tea room...again. Well it was an experience, I have to say. There is an Eglish teacher in my school, who just got back to the tea room for like a 100 times, and I couldn't understand what he was saying. He is from England, and he has a really hard accent....and you know that I'm not even American, how far is English accent from me. Anyways, I got a stupid dancer too, who asked me what tea am I drinking, and I was drinking banana tea (which was wonderful) and he said that : "Aha! Banana is really good!", he was a guy of course. So, I had really varied guests....even my self.knowledge teacher......I hope he thniks I'm opened enought that night! I mean running arund ith two ponytails braided, and that stupid costume....I am corious what will he say on thursday. 
In the end of the night we were eating at the buffet for free, and we didn't even had to pay for the tea. So, we were even smuggling food for other friends too. It was way too funny, cause everybody saw us carrying a bunch of food in every 10 minutes...
The party lasted unil 8pm but me and Merci stayed packing with Stacy, and we finished it at 9pm. She drived home and I called my mom to drive us home too. While were waiting in front of the school in totally dark, you won't believe what had happened! A car stopped by us, and we looked at it. A man and a woman were sitting in it, and they just got out of the car.You knowm, our look just stucked on them, cause of the tiredness, or something, and I heard the woman said something like "If they look at here again I'll whomp them!" and things like these! I didn't have a mortal fear ever in my life. But as they were slowly nearing us, we just got an idea how to rescue. The school was closed, but it has a ring, and if you push it, they can see you by a camera. So we pushed it, and the doorman let us in until mom arrived. And the married couple had gone. So we survived! I just don't know what they like about that! Crazy people! 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The uncommunicative cowgirl

Wow! I have a billions of errands today! 
Even if it's already 3 pm here, and I just got home from school, but I felt that I need to write down the things which had happened to me, and which will happen.....I'm kinda confusing, aren't I? Maybe it's the self-knowledge class, which I had last today. I thought that I'm going to sleep, but then I got a sharp observation.
I know that the teacher (he) didn't want to make it obvious that he is talking to me, but he was looking at me 90% of the time. Let's just start at the beggining. These classes always start the same. You have to tell to the "teacher" that how you feel, and how was your week, and etc...So when I had to tell something, there were nothing meaningless I could say, so I only said that I'm fine, and nothing interesting happened to me. Then when the class slowly arrived to its end, he just said that WE should be more opened to the people because he doesn't know anything about US! He was obviously looking straight in my eyes, while he was talking, not to mention, that he was even looking at me when I casted my eye down. I don't know what's his problem. None of us in the class said anything interesting than me, so I don't kow.....
So back to the errands....Until this evening I have to bake some cookies, for the tomorrow's carnival, I have to make my outfit, or let's say costume. Well, okay! That's kinda funny! Me and Merci didn't know who we'll be, but then a few days ago, she said that she's going to be Leia Skywalkwer, with her hair and everything. I was in a big trouble cause I had no idea who or what I should be! Then yesterday I called her, and she said that she was just joking abou Leia, so we are going to be.....(drumbeat).....cowgirls! :) Yeah! We just settled everything. The hair, make-up, clothes....everything. We are going to wear a plaid shirt (which we gonna tie up it underneath our breasts), jeans, some kind of brown boots, and we or just me gonna have a hat like these girls have. Then out hair will be in two ponytails which we gonna braid. And the make-up is something that we'll doin the evening, tomorrow, so If I can I send here a picture of us. So the errands....I also have to learn for geoghraphy, cause we'll have an exam tomorrow. I could get out of it, cause Stacy (my for master) said that she wants to go to spinning, cause she doesn't have a 3rd and a 4th class. But me and Merci have but she said that she can work this out...and I said that I don't go....If I'll go, and I won't be able to stay awake in the carnival....So I said no, but Merci said OK! :( 
Today I have to do my nails too, and I think that's all. But I have no energy to do these at all! I just want to sleep. I have spiritual problems, cause I just realised that I can't do my saturday's beauty sleep, cause Merci has her bday party.....I'm gonna be like a zombie all week long! I hate these let's-stay-up-for-really-late things! Sometimes my friends act like little girls! Ahhh! Let's just forget about it! I think I'm going to bake that stupid cake, then learn....and etc. 


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

....and the busy, new month begins!

February has already reached us with its frosty claws. Well, where it's frosty! Cause I feel a gigantic-sized jealousy of everyone who lives in a warm place. I've been freezing for months now!!! I need some sunshine too, cause I look like a carcass, with my pale face. It looks ridiculous, with my hair, cause I have a darker brown hair, and OMG! So I'm freezing, there's 11 inches of snow, and everything is frosty where the snow is not covering, my nose is running....and I think that's all. 
I said that this month will be a little busy...well, yeah! I have a couple of things which I have to keep in my mind! First of all tonight I'm going skating with my friends, I hope It won't be difficult not to forget it...:) I'm excited and nervous too. I mean I LOVE skating, but I'm sure about the company....but I just hope that it will be great. It starts at 9pm and ends at midnight. (But I alredy mentioned that) Right next this week Merci's birthday is coming, and this week I have to go and buy her presents too (Cause I couldn't go at the weekend...stupid snow). Then this Friday we hold the carnival at the school, which is nowhere! Really! I don't even know what to wear! I need a costum. (Another errand to my things to do list). Then, after a week, we have my sister's name-day and my dad's birthday too, so I have to go to buy another presents. And the last thing I know is that I have a research task for the school. I have to find a famous, hungarian woman's grave, and do excercises. It's confusing, and I don't even know where it is!
So I have to keep in mind a lot of things, and I'm not really sure that I remember everything.....But my last day of January, Sunday, was a bunch of fun for me. Me and my oldest sister, Virág (means flower) went for a walk in the biggest snow, and we ended up with a sledge on the top of a little hill. We just fell of it a lot of times. There are bunch of pictures of me and Virág on the ground. I felt like I'm 5 again, and to be honest, it's way better to be older! So that day was a worthy final for January, which wasn't my best month in my life beacuse of a few things. 
Ohhh, before I forget! I read Jemima J! It was great! I almost sad thatit was awesome, but I just stopped myself. I  mean it was relly good, and I enjoyed reading it, but I won't say that it can approach, for exmaple, the twilight saga. So It was great! Right now I'm reading Lover enshired by J.R. Ward. If you her books you know that they are really good. This is the latest book which was published here from the Black dagger brotherhood series. I'm corious, cause Meci said that it's a little boring. Well, let's hope it's not. 
Now, I'm going to read a little, and just annex myself until the evening!  Have a good day!