Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm so a carcass!

Good Morning!
I’ve just waken up, and I have a lot of confusing things in my head. The respective reason would be that yesterday evening I went to running with my sister.  We ran an hour. When we got home I felt like I am kind of a rag. I had to use up all my energy which had left, to go over to my bathroom and take a shower. After all I just dived into my bed. God Bless it!
And still yesterday our car have broken down. SO we can’t even just go out shopping (I meant food here). We have to walk….cool.But the coolest is that the car will be fixed in a MONTH……probably. I have no clue what I’m gonna do, cause I have to buy a lot of things to that wicked school.
And if this still not enough, my sister just begging me all the time to go with her to a rock concert tonight. I have maiden three main reasons at night to not to go.
1.: It’s obviously a ROCK concert, with drunk, head-shaking and howlering singers which is not my world.
2.: She is going with HER friends. I don’t know any of them. What could I do with them?
3.: I am so not that kind of girl, who likes to gout at night. I’ve never been. In the evening I like to be at home. Just reading, or watching TV.
Ok, I got a heart attack right now. My idiot neighbour, a little, grizzled dick, has a far-gone bird phobia.  He can’t even bear if a bird flies on his grass. He want to get rid of them, so he always shuoting……in the morning. For him they went away from home.


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