Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why are the people doing so unfair things?

First of all, there's the coolest, funniest and most listened radio station ever, Danubius. Everybody I kow, were listening to it, and we were adoring the presenters. They could just change your view of life. There were even a hugging-day, which was organized by Danubius, at a mall. I went to there, and I could hug my favourite people in the world, and they were talking to you, like we have been friends for long-long years. They are a few of the nicest people I know. So some idiots were cheating in a competition and now they want to suspend Danubius. And why? Cause they want to put some stupid political radios onto Danubius's place. If there will be political radios, we would always listen to how they swear at each other all the time instead of laughing out your heart. So you might not live in Hungary but could write your name here.
And the other thing is about a book. I had been searching it in a while. The time traveller's wife was first published in 2007 here. I wanted to buy it all this year, but the books just had gone. I was surprised, I couldn't even order one from the net or from a second-hand bookshop, until today. I was just walking in the mall, and I saw it in a bookshop. They've just published it again, with a new cover, and they sell it in a really higher price, just beacuse, I think, the movie is going to come out in the cinemas. I'm gonna buy it after all, but that's just so annoying.
And like 5 days ago, Eclipse the Twilight saga's 3rd book came out. They sell it for 6000 hungarian forints. It's really expensive. But I've just told you this, because I'm so angry.



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