Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sooo busy days!

Soo sorry for not updating. I've been very busy. Of course with the school starting I haven't got much time left. I have to study soo much, so I usually woke up at 6 in the mornig, and then I go to school at 7. After all I arrive at home at around 5 or 6 int the afternoon. And then I have to study, cause if I'm not I fail all my exams. I know it may sound creepy, but that's the truth.  I got the worst grammar teacher ever! She's like a soldier. But just to let you know I'm still alive.
Today I went to shopping with Merci and with an another friend of mine. It was such a relaxing day if we forgot the fact that we went away at 10 am and we arrived home at 6 pm. :) My legs are so hurt. But I don't mind....Later I tell you more but I'm going to sleep!


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