Friday, August 28, 2009

The cold days are back

The summer went away sooo fast!
The spiteful, dark, cold and depressed winter days, when everything is  going to deep grey at 4 o'clock are coming back, starting with September.....Awesome. There's only 4 days left from summer, and to be honest I didn't do anything interesting, expect my "holiday" with my best friend. Which was one of the worst.
And of course I don't have appetite to go back to school. Always the same daily routine. Waking up at 6 (Which I pretty hate), then quickly dress up, make-up, hair, (cause I don't want to look like a zombie) packing my books for the school, then I eat something, cause I want to concentrate on what I'm doing, some coffe, and I have to do all these things in only one hour. Ok maybe one and a half. But I hate to be in a rush. But weekdays means me this.
And then meeting my friends to go to school. We usually wait for the bus like 10 minutes, just to go with like 3 minutes. And when we finally arrived in school, and sit down to my chair, the bell is just ringing. The most annoying sound ever. I just don't have time to even breath.
And of course there's a hateful tradition in Hungary. In the first day of the school, you HAVE to dress in black and white. I don't know what other countries have the same, but I'm pretty sure that this is an odd thing.
Then your classmates come over to you, and askind always the same question: What did you do in summer? or How was your summer? These are such meaningless questions. No one expect from you to tell them your summer, just tell something like: it was great, it was awesome, it went fast, but that's all. Then why the hell are they asking??
Okay maybe I sound a bit freaky today, but I've just got a little foretaste from these questions today. So anyways the best part of today, was when I finally met with my cool, fresh, and adorable form master. She's such a sweetheart. Almost forget...I know what was the best of the summer....I went on hoilday with her. :) And some other girls from my class.


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