Saturday, January 30, 2010

The intact snow is beautiful, but groaty too

I've just got home from a mall where I had to do a couple of errands, and I have to say, that it was really hard to get through it!  
The reason why was it sooo hard, the snow. We have a huge snow, I can even tell you how much, but it reaches up to my ankle. My parents didn't want to drive, so me, my sister and my mom walked. The clime was wonderful, but the fact that my feet were actually wet, and freezing just ruined everything. Anyways, you might think that I'm an idiot, that I couldn't wait with the errands, but no! I really couldn't. First of all, I had to buy two huge posters. I have to make advertising for the upcoming carnival which will be hold at my school, so today I have to do it with Merci, cause we have to bring them on Monday, and tomorrow we're not able to do it. I bought masks, and such as things like that to make the posters sthick. I also had to receive my english book, which I ordered weeks ago. The funniest is that I got its blueprint yesterday, but I think I'm gonna give it to someone else who doesn't have the book. Oh, and I have to read it until Monday! I don't know how, but I'll fix it. I also had to go into a dispensary, cause I'm a bit sick so I bought some pills, to make me healthy again. :) The worst is that a lot of stores has 70% off sales and I had to do my best, not to buy anything. I promised myself. It was really hard. You have no idea how beatiful sweaters and jeans I left behind my back. It's laceration. 
Yesterday I went spinning. Well went to the 3.30 one, and I have to say I missed the darkness. When we go to the 7.30 or the 6.30 the trainer truns off the lighting and we have a little neon lamp on while the music is lumbering. But it was good. The numbers were actually really good, better than usually what the trainer used to play. 
So now I have to go, cause I have to collect pictures to the poster then I have to make it, so I have to do lot of things today. So I hope you'll have a sunny day....I wish we could have! 


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chillin' on the ice with snow

Right now I have only 50 minutes 'til I have to go to school! Actually me and Merci didn't go to the first class because on the second we have kind of an exam, and we forget to learn, so we're just want to get late. But I'm just frgihtened-of-my-pants. My teacher is actually mad at us, cause we have this set-up that we can "rescue" ourselves if we didn't learn or we don't have homework, twice in a semester. Well, it's the first week of the second semester and I just ran out of them in this subject (economy). First I forget to learn a 4 pages long lesson, and on the other day  I forget to do my homework. I'm that lazy since the holidays, and I can't get used to it. Anyways she said that she disopped in us! I was like WTF? Really. Me and Merci are way the best in this subject, and does she really mad at me?! Gosh!
Right now I just got home, and the morning was just way too hilarious. When me and Merci was near to the school, we really-really got frightened, and we were about to go back home, but we've just decided that we HAVE TO go! Ah, and when I stepped out of the house the snow started falling really hard, and now we have a huge snow. I don't even know how I'll go tomorrow. So we were laughing sooo hard, sometimes at each other when we were about to fell down on the ground, or when the snow just fell into our eyes, and we couldn't see anything. But the funniest was that both of us were shaking because of the fear. We were afraid so much that it was way toooo funny! Okay, you might think that we're rabbits, but come on! I have never done such things like that! I didn't really lied to teachers before, and stuffs like that.....
 And I have a lot more to talk about! First of alll! On next saturday we'll keep Merci's 16th bday! I am very excited! She asked for fitness pants from me, and I know which I'm going to buy her (which is pink and looks totally gorgeous) so I'm gonna buy it for her this weekend, and also I found a hilarious thing too which is a book called New Mona! It's a parody of twilight, and it looks really funny! I think she'll be really into it. I also gonna buy her sport socks. Yes! I have a couple pairs in pink, and she always whining that she wants too. So the party....well we were joking that we'll lay her a chippendale with an edible thong, but we'll just have a nice little party, with the closest friends! I don't know what kind of cake I should bring....I thought that I should order one with Robert Pattinson's portrait on it. She won't ever eat it! :)
And yay! I'm going skating next Tuesday with Merci, her mother, and an another friend. It starts at 8pm and ends at midnight. This is all about Merci's mother, cause she works for a local TV station and it hired the whole skating-rink for that evening. They did it last year too, and I'm just excited, cause the last year was sooo much fun. But we'll froze! That's one thing which I'm pretty sure about. And if everything goes well, me and my family are going skating too to a lake this weekend. :) Yes! Which had frozed! I love skating on real lakes! That gives this good feeling...I can't even explain it! You have to feel it!


P.S.: I bought those shoes, and I'm in love with them! I haven't weared them yet, but we didn't get 40% off, we got 50%! I was like, I couldn't buy them in a better time!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Miracles happen, even if they are tiny

OMG! I just had a really bad night! I went to bed at 10.30pm but I couldn't sleep until midnight, if I remember well. That's one of the worst things ever. You're laying in your bed, and try to fall asleep for hours, but when you're about to really do, you just wake up in your happiness that your almost fall asleep. And I don't know who had this too, but I had last night, and I wish that it won't happen again. I was so embittered and angry. I think after a while I couldn't sleep because I was so mad!
I turned to my other side for the 100th time wen I saw light! I didn't know who was awake but I thought that it can be my sister, who is, we don't know why, can't sleep at Saturday nights, and in my silent fuming, I thought I look after it. It was her. And when I entered her room I saw the amazement in her face. It must have to be that I wished her a good night hours earlier. She couldn't sleep too. (Whenever she can't sleep I always tell her to come to my room, and wake me up, and she said that I should do the same, but we never really do, so I did it for the first time....but I didn't wake her up). Honestly, when I pressed down the door handle, I got frightened a bit, cause I didn't want to wake her up. But she was just sitting in her bed watching some african people in the TV. We looked at each other and laughed. We talked for a little while, but she started to be very sleepy, so I let her go to sleep, and I went back to my bed. I was wilde-awake. But then, somehow I fell asleep.
In the morning when my mobile was ringing to wake me up at 6.30am I felt like as if a roadroller would have gone through me. In myself I was swearing,and I desired if only a miracle, which makes my day right, would happen. And guess what? My music teacher was missing from school! Well that was a miracle, even it was little. And then, that stupid jerk, who is sitting next to me, thought that he takes the management in his hands, and he sit back to his old seat, so Merci sit next to me all day long! I was extremely in a better mood.
Until now nothing interesting happened, there aren't any more miracles yet. I've get a book from Merci, to read. It's Jemima J by Jane Green. I'm excited about it.
I don't think there is anymore I can write about. I hope you'll have a better week than mine!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Deadly dull Friday

Weekend has just finally arrived...and I am not doing anything interesting. 
Right now I'm just watching a German (I think) TV show about families. I don't even understand what they are talking about, but somehow it just attracting my attention. It's about a really weird family. They are all wearing pink, and their whole house is pink. So everything. Expect a little boy, who seems to be the one who is always the wrong somehow. The mom is blonde and wearing pink all the time and she likes her daughter only. She doesn't even care about her son. You know I'm just trying to get the whole thing...:)....There isn't anything in the TV.  Like an hour ago I was watching the Dollhouse, which is my favourite series right now, but I have all the parts of it on my desktop, and now I can't watch them cause my sister needed my desktop. So I'm just bored, that's why I'm watching German shows about pink families. Actually I'm not a TV junky, I just wacth it if there isn't anything to do.
Merci and me were talking about that we should go out today, but the cold and snowy weather just stole our appetite. So now I think she is sleeping....:) She is always sleeping if we are not going anywhere. I always wake her up somehow.
OMG! There is a lot of trash in my mind. I don't even know what I'm writing. My attention is still on the pink family. And I still don't understand it. Be right back in a minute! I just had to run down to my mother, cause she was shopping again, so I helped her. I don't know what to do in the whole evening. Ummm.....I have a new favourite new song: Superstar (Smash It) by Kimberly Cole. It's from the dollhouse's first series, third episode, when Echo has to be a singer too to armor a superstar. It is just a really good song. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. 
UHHH! Gosh! I hate this laptop. I can't see the keyboard when it gets dark. I have to use a lamp or something. Why couldn't they put some lighting in it when they made it? Now I'm just super lazy to stand up and turn on the lighting. I barely can see what I'm typing. Ok, I'm going away before I get a brainstorm. I promise that tomorrow I'll write something more sensible. 


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

History, maps, cats and even more

Yay! I have a free day tomorrow! No school, no waking up early, and no learning! 
Well, if you follow me on twitter, you must have to know that everytime when I have to learn history I loose all my pep for a life. It was the same yesterday. I had to learn sooo much history, and guess what?! I was the lucky one who had to tell the whole lesson to the teacher. In the break before the class, we were talking about who is going to write an exam or tell it to the teacher. I told them that I'm going to be, but they said that some jerk is going to go. So they were looking at me with wide-opened mouth when they heard my name from the teacher's mouth. And you guys know that I hate doing anything in front of a lot of people, well yet if it's necessary to speak. But thank god, the teacher just gave exercises to the class, so I could sit next to her, and tell her everything. I was a little bit freaky with the that wicked map, showing every towns, and cities that I had been talking about. I hate maps, and I'll hate them forever. Even in the end I was weird cause she just asked me about the previous curricula, and I just forgot about it at all. I mean I wrote an A marked exam about that, and I couldn't say anything. But that's okay, she said that I learnt it wonderfuly, and she gave me an A. I couldn't say any thank yous.
Also, I've ordered a book like on last week's Thursday, and I still didn't get it. I have to finish it for the 1st of February, but I don't how I will, cause my friend was at the bookshop and they said that they're doing some kind of an inventory, and those books which had been ordered might arrive a week later. So I can expect it for next week's Wednesday. That's no too good. I don't know how I'm gonna read it out. If anyone is interested it's Oliver Wilde's Picture of Dorian Gray. It will be an "interesting" book. I heard weird thing about it.
And awwww! My mom went away this afternoon cause she had to buy some food. So the point is that she called me when she got home, cause she wanted me to help her carrying the bags into the house. When I stepped out of the door, a little kitty was looking at me, like at the Shrek movie. My heart melted in that moment. I feel sooo sorry for those pets, who just got rejected. I mean when the baases just got bored of their pets and they throw them out. I could kill these people. So I started patting it, and I just wanted to let it in the house but my mom didn't let me. She says that I want to adopt every pet that I find. And that's true. My heart broke into million pieces when I closed the door in front of its face. It's so sad!
And last but not least! Today...spinning! Wooohoo! Ok, I'm not really that happy. Actually I don't have energy to do it, but after all I feel way better If I do it then If I don't. And I can sleep tomorrow. So that's the only reason why I go today. And my sister asked me to, so that's an another thing which is important to me! Love her! So now, I'm going to pack for the working out! Have a great afternoon!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Girls living the wrong lives?

Since I do spinnig, I’m way too tired. I’m arguing with my friends about childish things, and I think it’s not the way it’s supposed to be.
I mean everyone says that if we do sports we’ll be fitter. That’s so false. Or maybe there’s just something wrong with me. Even when I could sleep this morning for two more hours. I felt really tired. My eyes were really heavy when I tried to stay them open. I had only four classes but during this time I argued with Merci like 5 times or I don’t know. We both were tired, but me…Gosh…I was just unbearable. Some other friends asked me too, if there’s something wrong with us or no. So yeah, maybe I should stay in my bed all day, and I won’t insult anyone.
Not to forget…My grammar teacher took a 45minutes long “talk” about 16 years-old-girls-and-the-wrong-way-of-life instead of a grammar class. Just because she spotted a girl in high heeled-boots. Actually it wasn’t that high-heeled, mines were higher, but later she spotted mine too. So she said that we shouldn’t walk in high heels in our age, and we shouldn’t dye our hair ( OK, that makes sense) and we mustn’t use any make-up. Of course I was in high heels, had make-up on, and my hair is dyed (ok, mine is just tinted, I didn’t use haircolor). The point is that she was looking at me very often. But come one that’s something that I can’t change. Since I was 8 or 9 I have brushes and eye shadows in my hands. I grew up using make up, and I used to do it for school too since 7th grade. I’m not that girl who rather hides in the darkest corner of her room instead of going out without make-up. I love my face without it, I just love to do it. That’s it. If she doesn’t like it, don’t look at my face. Anyways, almost every girl use make-up in my class…so I wasn’t the only one.
She was talking about the false nails too, but I don’t have false nails. Merci has. J Or there was the classic theme about making “friends” at discos, and if you go into them they look at you like fresh “meat”. Thank Godness I don’t like these places at all. I won’t ever go into any. Not even make “friends” there. Come one! I meant guy “friends”!
When I got home I made french fries to myself….that was my luch. And I hardly could make myself to learn history. Oh and my sister bought me the Gone with the wind’s sequel Scarlett. It has 948 pages. When I’m gonna read it out?


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting stuck between many feelings

Have you ever had a feeling like you don't really know how you're feeling? Cause right now, I just have a lot of feelings, and I can't even seperate one from the other one. 

Let's just forget about it. I'm tired, and it's late here! That has to be the reason. Tomorrow I went spinning, with a bunch of friends as you know, and it was just terrible. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was good, and for sure, I was strewing it to Merci, and of course she got on the occasion, so we're going tomorrow too. After school!!!!! You have to know that today, when I woke up I felt good actually cause I slept more then 10 hours. But after like 5 minutes I was really tired. And still I am. I don't have a clue how I'm gonna go to school on Tuesday.
My luck that I don't have school on Thursday, cause the teachers have something to do. So my sister fell in love with the spinning too, and she wants me to go with her on Wednesday. I don't know what to do. I mean I HAVE to go cause I promised her, but gosh! I went on Saturday, I'm going tomorrow on Monday, and Wednesday?!!! I'm gonna look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.Okay, maybe not, but it's still risky. :)
In the first half hour my main thoughts were that I'm gonna throw up, fell off the cycle and die. You can imagine that feeling, I hope. And we still had an another half hour. I wasn't in trainings since the beggining of December. I shall start it slowly, but I was stupid as always. Tomorrow I'm gonna be smarter. HOPE SO!
I'm really sorry for that mess what I wrote down tonight, I'm just really-really a rag today. I just thought that I should write something, cause tomorrow I won't have energy, I think! So again, I'm really sorry! Good night everyone!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Spinning,presents, on-set romance..etc.

Hey guys! Tomorrow I'll have a spinnig class with Merci, my sister, my form master, and an another friend. Actually I'm really excited, but I'm nervous too because of a couple things.

1. I have never tried spinning before, and I think I'll look like an idiot, while I'll try to keep up with everyone. I'm gonna make a fool of myself in front of a bunch of people. You guys are probably know now, but I tell you again. I'm really bad at puclib speeking, or any other thing where I have to stand in front of a lot of people. I HATE when everyone is looking at me. It is dusturbing me all the time. My hands starts to sweat, and I forget everything what was in my mind. But two thigs are comforting me. My sister and my friend haven't done spinning before too, so I wouldn't be the only one.

2. I'm so curious what will my form master think about my sister. I mean she won't tell me, but if she and Merci will talk, I'll get it out of Merci somehow. I wanna know what she is thinking about her, just because I really love her. I mean my sister.

Merci is persuading me for a long time now, and I thought that "Okay, I'll go to that wicked spinning, just leave me alone". I'm way tooooooooooo LAZY. And we even go an hour earlier bacuse they want to work-out before the training. I couldn't believe in my ears. My luck that our form master (OMG let's call her Stacy, cause I'm full of that "form master" thing), Stacy drive us to the gym. Casue, yes, the strike is still going on. So, if she wouldn't drive us, we would have to go an another hour earlier. Just to walk there. What a crap!
Lately, I've been thinking about Merci's 16th birthday present as you know. I think I won't buy any lush products, cause I was thinking. I want to give her something that she'll remember after a few years later too. I mean, If I give her a lush gift bag, she'll use it all up in like a month, and she'll never remember what she got from me. Maybe if she'll fall in love with it as me. But I just want her to remember for her 16th birthday. I mean okay, it's not a big deal, she's not turning 21 even 18 but It's different a little bit then 15. So I thought about wallets. She wants one since this fall. I didn't buy her one for Christmas, cause the bag, which I bought to her was way too expensive to buy a wallet too. So now I'm thinking about one, and a juicy couture bracelet. But I don't know.....I'm still thinking.
And OMG! I've just found out that Channing Tatum and Jemma Dewan are actually married. I didn't even know that they are together, and when I heard that they got married I almost fainted. What a cute couple. I love on-and-off-screen couples. Like: Vanessa Hudgens&Zac Efron, Ashley Greene&Jackson Rathbone, Miley Cyrus&Liam Hemsworth....etc. These are the sweetest things that ever can happen. Awwww


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review: Lush creamy candy bubble bar

You guys don't know that eventually I went back to the Lush store and I had to buy just one bubble bar, which is the Creamy candy one as the title says. I was so excited to try it out all week long, and today I just made myself to clean out my bath, and take a lush bath.
I only used the half of the bar, and I think it made enough bubbles. Just the water wasn't pink at all, but maybe If I would put the whole bar in it it will turne out light pink. I don't know. So when I got in, I immediately burned my legs down. The water was too hot. :)

But I fixed it, and I have to say that the water was softer. Or I don't know. It was not like when I just have a usual bath. It was so soft, and easy. Maybe I'm just hallucinating, cause everyone said in every videos I watched, that the water was really smooth, and moisturising. But I felt something like that too. And OMG! The smell was just amazing. I still can smell it on my skin, and on my bathrobe. Even my sister asked that what is that sweet scent, and she was in the in my room, which is really far! I was wondering that I should buy soaps and shampoos in the same scent, and I would smell like a lush store. So it was really relaxing, and I will totally buy some other things from lush in this month.
So tomorrow I have only 35minutes long classes, and I'm so happy about that. But I still have to walk to school, cause the strike is still going on. My hands are soo dry, cause it's so cold out here.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The eternal bootlicker

This is the third day I've been sitting next to HIM and HE makes my life impossible, even if he's not knowing this.
I mean his attitude is normal for him, I think, but for me he is the biggest jerk far away I have ever met in my entire life. Some poeple would say that "You should be forbearing with him, cause for a long time he was in a bad company!" or something like that, but NO. This isn't about the bad company. This is all about upbringing. I never saw my parents, even my sisters to be that unpolite, under the IQ's -worst-level, jerks.
Yesterday we were writing an exam, and I think he was afraid of asking anything from me, cause of my would-like-to-kill-you look which is in my face all the time when he is near me. Even Merci made a remark that she never saw a disgust like that in my face before. So I didn't help him at all, I mean, come on! Why would I? I was even covering the paper, just to hide the answers away from him, but after a little while when I was ready, and I couldn't pretend that I'm writing anymore, I left the paper in the desk, and I turned backwards to my friends. And this was the minute when he almost shouted that "Ah! That's what I've been waiting for!" and I would like to kill him at that moment. Of course he got an A mark on the next day, as me.
Then today our physics teacher was giving us the marks for the first semester, which actually ended today. So when he was the one, who got his mark, he just stood up, and walked to the teacher's desk, of course he crawled across me, but who cares about me, when he is about to get his D! Really! So when I was about to get my mark, he was just standind in my lookout. I couldn't see the teacher but I heard that she was talking to me, and he saw that I couldn't see her, but despite he didn't get out of my view. Eventually the teacher asked him to sit down. I didn't say a word. Just now: ASSHOLE!
But I don't want to talk about him all day long, so I'm getting into something new.
Today we didn't do anything at school. We weren't learning cause the half of the class didn't come to school because in here the people who are working in the transport were striking. So yeah! For like two hours me and four of my girlfriends, including Merci, were talking about the guys. Of course the girls were talking about how they met, and the first kiss, you know. But it was so bad that right now I don't have a boyfriend, and they were telling sooooo-sooooo cute things. I want to meet someone. To feel happy, and out-of-myself. I wish that it's come true!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

The patch which saved my confidence

Oh my gosh! I can't bealieve what that herpes patch did. That huge bulge is only a little red spot now on my mouth. And I used it for only two days. Awesome. I feel sooooo happy right now.

So I was happy in the morning too, and I went shopping with my mom. I know, I know! But really I didn't want to buy anything. She wanted to buy herself boots, and a coat, but we just went next to a promod boutique with 50% off sale. I couldn't just walk away!!!! Come on I have feelings, and I'm a girl. For my excuse I ONLY bought a Shirt. In a 50% off sale!!! I bought that red one. Actually I don't like the model, and it looks bad in her, but actually it's really gorgeous. Believe me! If you live in Europe you can buy it here. Or if you live somwhere else you can choose it here. But my mom bought everything she wanted too, so that's good. Oh, I almost forget! I heard a lot of things about the lush products, and I always wanted to try them out, but I wasn't sure that we a have a store in Hungary. But I just found one! I almost fainted. I didn't buy anything cause I wanted to look around in the net, and get to know a little more what's that lush really is. But they tottaly bought me! I'm going to buy something this month just to try it out. I was thinking about the Think pink bath bomb, and the Creamy candy bubble bar or maybe the comforter bubble bar! HELP ME! Tell me what's the best thing to buy, what's your favourite! I can't choose!
When we were about to go home, and we went up to the parking lot, we met with my form master. I just saw a pink something coming towards me, and then I saw that it's a pink person waving, and then I saw the blonde hair and I got explanation for everything. :D I love her. So we just talked a few words, and we all went to our seperate ways.
And I'm so in trouble! Merci's birthday is coming so fast. It's on the 6th of February. She is turning 16. I don't know what to buy her. When I entered the lush store and saw those little, wrapped gifts I immedaitely thought about her, cause she's in love with bathing. But I think she just never heard about lush, and she would think that I bought something horrible to her, and she would never use it. I mean that's what I'm afraid of. So help me again! What to buy her!!!?? Or should I buy her lush gifts, and tell her everything about lush?!! HELP!!!!!!!!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

My life's debaucher

It could be two things. Actually one of them is not a thing. It is a person. But let's just start at the begginig!
You don't know that about me, and I really didn't want to tell it, but I have a problem which always comes back to my mouth. It is herpes. I have it a few times in a year, and I have no idea why it's comes out. Whenever I have that stupid scratchy feeling and I feel that my mouth is a bit hotter than in any other parts, I know that it will be a herpes. And it's gonna be huge. So at these times, I just don't want to go anywhere, I'm hiding away from even my family, so how are they expecting me to go to school?
The point is that today when I woke up I felt that my mouth is drawing. I immediately know what's going on, and I lost my cheerfulness for all of my life. Really. I mean I know that I can be happy if that's my biggest hygiene problem, when millions of people have the worst disease, like my dad, but I feel like I'm disgusting. So I went to school today, I don't know how I made myself but I did, and going tomorrow too, but I asked my mom to buy me those bandages for herpes. I don't know how it will work but I heard goog things about that. But still, tomorrow I have to go to school, and OMG, she wlill buy it only tomorrow  evening! I just hate hiding away from people while we have a conversation. I'm the person who hates when somebody looks away instead of looking at your eyes during talking. So I feel really-really bad, and everybody who had herpes before really knows what I'm talking about.
And the other thing. I mentioned the seat order, and of course I have to sit next to that guy who I hate the most. I mentioned him before in many entries cause I was so mad at him. So right night, when  I have herpes and I feel ugly, I have to sit next to that jerk. too This week is not the best for me. And Merci just called me ,and she always wants me to go to spinning, but she just picked the best time to call me. So we were shouting with each other, cause she is just unbearable if she wants something. Unbelieveable. And I have to study again. Like all week long! I'm so tired! HELP ME!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The sadest love story ever: Dear John

A few weeks ago I was watching videos on youtube, and you must have to know that I'm obsessed with juicystar07's videos. So I was watching one of her videos where she mentioned Nicholas Sparks's Dear John. She said that this is going to be a movie and she wants to read the book first and then see the movie, and I know that Nicholas Sparks wrote the book which became my favorite movies such as like, A walk to remember, The notebook, and etc. I haven't read them but the movies were enough emotinal to cry. I LOVE these movies, and I just did a little research and I found the book. I bought it and I finally finished a Nicholas Sparks book.
Well....what to say. When I put it down my first thought was "WHY?" and I countinued whinig like a five years old little girl. Even on the last page I was hoping that somehow John and Savannah get together again, but I knew that is kinda impossible. When I read the last few words my tears started dropping unstoppable.

"And then I feel as if I'm witnessing a miracle, as ever so slowly she raises her face towards the moon. I watch her drink in the sight, sensing the flood of memories she's unleashed and wanting nothing more than to let her know I'm here. But instead I stay where I am and stare up at the moon as well. And for the briefest instant, it almost feels like we're together again."

This was that part. I was so sad. You have to know that they are looking at the moon cause they promised to each other , when they were in love that in every single full moon they look at it and remember. And Savannah, forgetting that she's married, she's still looking at the full moon, so she has to love John a little too. Of course John always , cause he is so deeply in love with her.So John's character is kinda that guy who I could be if I would be a guy. You won't get me, but I just know it, cause I have some similar features like his. Back to the theme, this book had really tigged me. This is really about true love, findind yourself, confidence and growing up. This was really an experience reading it. I really can just commend it to anybody, even for guys actually. And I wanna say thank you for Blair-juicystar07 for letting me know about that! I love you girl!

"Love should bring joy, it should grant a person peace, but here and not, it was bringing only pain."


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New year's fames: Hobo, school, parties etc.

This is my first entry this year!
So first of all, happy new year everyone, and I really mean that you'll have one, better than mine seems to be. And Merci's. I mention her here just because her little puppy died. And he was only 4 days with her. RIP Hobo, we hope you are in a better place now.
I'm so in depression. Really. It's snowing. That's not really a big deal, but I have to go to school by my two, freezing foot at 7am is the wosrt thing that ever happened to me. Since I had been at home for 3 weeks and I was lounging in the bed for days, waking up at 6am wasn't a heartmelting thing. I'm so, so jealous for people who are home schooled.
Right now I should learn history because I missed an exam cause of my sickness, and now I have to write it, but it's soooooo much. And I have to study Phisycs too. I hate it. Gosh. I don't know how I will get used to it.
But here's something happy. My New year's party. I had been talking about it for years now, like an obsessed. So when we got to Merci's house we get welcome drinks. Our mouth dropped. It was something really alcoholic, and I get to know that it was 16% alcohol. I know that this isn't that much, but for us it was enough to laugh unstoppable through the night. It was really embarassing. When we went out for dinner we couldn't eat at all, because of the laughing. At around 11pm we were finally acting like normal people, but at midnight her parents came with a bottle of champagne, and of course we had to drink a glass of it, but when her dad get to know that we liked it, he left the bottle with us. :) It was hilarious. By the way we didn't drink it. We had warmth all night long and we couldn't sleep until 4 am. We woke at 8 am of course. Why could we sleep any longer!? I got home at noon and I went to sleep and I only woke up in the evening. So it was a really good night.
And last but not least. I feel like I'm in kindergarden. Our teachers are making a seat order. They will put me next to an idiot, selfish d***. I mean come on! I'm a junior in a high school. The last time when the teachers did that was at 7th grade. So don't get me wrong if yuo'll see a foulmouthed entry on Thursday. I will be rally angry I think. So again, I hope you'll have a muvh better new year that we have. I'm going to study!