Saturday, October 31, 2009

Watch out what you desire, cause it may come true

Last week, I didn't really want to sleep at my friend's house. It was kinda an up-to-3-people party. I lied that I'm a bit sick. I know, I know. It's horrible, but that was the only thing that I could thinking of. So after all, I had that stupid guilt, and I wished to be really sick. It didn't work, so I slowly forgot about it. On Monday I've met some friends as I told you earlier this week. So one of my friend was a bit sick. I think my wish was on a good way to come true, cause from Wednesday to now I have that bad sore throat, my nose is running, and I feel dizzy whenever I stand up. I feel crappily. That's what I've got for lying. I've only told you this, cause I wanted to give an advice, about lying, and wishes, and I wanted you to learn from my mistakes, and not from yours.
But...eventually I went to that box can tell you a few experiences.

1.: First, when you finished the working-out you feel nothing. But after a day, you have the worst muscle strain ever in your legs, and your back. You barely can move your legs, or just comb your hair.
2.: Bring your own mittens!!!! If you don't have one, immediately go and buy one, cause they give you one, but Its smell is disgusting. Believe me, I've almost got a blub when I had to wear them, but the worst was when I took them off, and my hands smelled like the mittens. I almost fell over.
3.: Bring a little towel. It's useful when you're sweating.
The lesson was really hard, it was half and an hour long.
Today I saw The lake house for the first time, and it was just amazing. And I'm still reading Emma by Jane Austen. The first houndred pages was a bit boring, but now it started be good. But I'm still around the 200 pages, of the 600 but someday I'll read it. :)


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Problems with my annoying-and-sometimes-unsufferable family

So here we go again. My family always flurry me somehow. Let's see what's the biggest problem. We live in our house far too many. Sometimes I just don't have a place to be alone, and kinda "run away" a bit from this mess. Just to be on my own, when you are in that mood, when you don't want to speak to anyone, and everybody's just annoys you even with a wink, or just her/his breath.
Ok, I have a bedroom, I really have. But right now it isn't my only plcae, cause my sister's laptop isn't working really good, so she is always in my room, using the old computer in the corner of my room. It wouldn't be a big problem, but that computer has that old, loudy and noisy keyboard. So whenever she dump a character, it hurts my ears, and if I want to learn, it's impossible. And when I want to go to bed, I have to told her like five time and she usually has half hour long fairwells. 
An then my grandfather.I haven't mentioned that my grandpa lives with us, cause my grandma died when I wasn't even planned. I didn't know her, and it hurts, cause my mother told me that she loved children very much, and if these children are her grandchildren, there's nothing more to talk about. So he didn't want to leave alone, so he moved here, and sold his house. I love him really, but he's like a bad pekingese. Wherever I go he just follows me. I mean in the house.  One of the morning he saw me, get out of bed, in half-coma and he asked me: Have you ate? Of course I immediately become angry. What the hell was he thinking? I ate the sheet at night? Or what? Gosh, and that's just one of the hundreds of his neat questions.
Last but not least, my mother. I swear I love her, more than anyone but she could be very annoying. I just don't know how to describe it, I mean I don't have the words for it. She just annoying sometimes. Like when I'm talking to someone, I mean on the internet, calmly sitting in my chair listening to music, ALONE a bit, after a really-really long school day, at once I look around and see her face plugged in the door. And I got a heart attack. :S Is it normal?
But yesterday was good. At my friend's we saw the Original Sin with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas, and P.S. I love you, while we were watching it we had a pillow fight too. :) And today I bought too books. One is Emma by Jane Austen, and an other from a hungarian writer. So I have something to read for the holiday. On thursday I'll have a box-fittness lesson, but I don't wan to go, cause I don't feel very well. And on the same day I have a ticket for a play to the theatre. Awesome. 


Monday, October 26, 2009

The Vampire's assistant

Good morning!
So we're going to watch The vampire's assistant today. I didn't want to watch this one, but my girlfriends are in this huge vampire fever. I mean, ok I LOVE the Twilight saga but that's all. I just don't want to have that weird feeling, when you come out of the cinema, like you are disappointed cause that's not what you've been waiting for....I have no idea if you know what I'm talking about...:D But If you have it's cool.
Just to understand  what I'm yakking on: since school started I've been studying and studying and studying....and now we have a week holiday, and I don't want to waste this time. I wanted to rest all week-long, but since I've been at a variance with my girls, I didn't want to say no. And it's always fun to hang with them.  You know, they are my best friends in this whole world and some of them are my friends for almost 6 years.
Anyways...I'm going to fix myself, cause I've just woke up like an hour ago, so I look like an idiot. :) But if you saw the movie or you know anything about it, please tell me what you think!!!
EDIT: Ok, I've just got a call, and we are not going.....:(  But we will watch it, so I'm still interested in your opinion about the movie. But I've gotta go, we are having kind of a movie day in my friend's house.

A scary night

Hi everyone!
So I haven't slept much last night.  Cause you might know now, that I have the worst neighbours ever.
Yesterday evening I went to sleep at 11 pm. I wasn't really tired, but I thought that I wanna be rested the next day, so I've decided to sleep.  Everything went well until 3 am. I had woken up for a terrible squeal, and then I heard that "I'll kill you" like 5 times, and the squeals again. I was alone in my room, so I was very scared. I didn't know who was it, or someone is really trying to kill someone. I immediately ran to my parents's room, and god bless them they were awake.  I've started to ask questions like "Who is it?, What happened?". They told me that our neighbours are just got home, after a long night in some kind of a pub.  So the husband was extremely drunk.  He was shouting with his wife,so  I think she was the address of the assault. And their daughter was squealing. So it was on the street. When they finally got to their house he just started to snap everything in his way. It went in like 15 minutes, after we heard that he started to scream again. But finally at around 4 am they were silent. We saw the girls cleaning the house too, and then I went back to my bed. Of course I couldn't sleep at all. So I slept like 4 hours.
I don't know what happend after all this, but maybe I just don't want to know. But all night long when I couldn't sleep I was hoping that they are all fine. There was a fear in me, thinking about what if something had happened??! Cause their girl was a really good friend of mine. But we just got in our seperate ways.  Anyways I was scared all night long, and I got out of bed at 6.
I haven't heard or seen anything still to this second. And if this not enough, I was calling my best friend like a hundred times today but she didn't answered at all, so I almost  went crazy about what happened to her after this night I was thinking the worst, when she called me. She was laughing at me! She said I'm crazy....and to be honest I feel like I am. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Time goes by....

I know,  I know......I had gone! I'm so sorry. I have no time since the school started. But there's a few thing that I wanted to tell....
First of all, from the next weeks's half  to November's first week is holiday for me. YAY! I'll have time to sleep and just doing nothing.  But to be honest I'm doing nothing in every single weekend since school started.
Sooooo, in school.  Of course I have to share place and time with my idiot classmates.  I don't want to use the real names, so let's just call him Will. (I don't know why...:D) I don't know why I'm doing this cause he literally couldn't understand this text expect his name, but I want to be aware.  So Will is just deadly stupid. I've just found it out last night. He is CLEVER. (yeah you're reading well, and yes I know I said that he is stupid)  He always plans how to get out of the situations....So he could be very very smart if he'd use his power for studying instead of lying.  And he is really intelligent too. He writes so good. But he is in the  wrong company, where people act childishly, and pick their noses while they are talking.
So kinda these are like my weekdays, and my mom always asking me why I'm so tired! And yes I'm tired physically when I get home, and nobody can talk to me cause I'm crazy.
Oh, and I didn't mentioned my hearing lesion. I mean I don't have it, but I will have in four years with them I think. They are screaming in the But anyways I'm ok.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sooo busy days!

Soo sorry for not updating. I've been very busy. Of course with the school starting I haven't got much time left. I have to study soo much, so I usually woke up at 6 in the mornig, and then I go to school at 7. After all I arrive at home at around 5 or 6 int the afternoon. And then I have to study, cause if I'm not I fail all my exams. I know it may sound creepy, but that's the truth.  I got the worst grammar teacher ever! She's like a soldier. But just to let you know I'm still alive.
Today I went to shopping with Merci and with an another friend of mine. It was such a relaxing day if we forgot the fact that we went away at 10 am and we arrived home at 6 pm. :) My legs are so hurt. But I don't mind....Later I tell you more but I'm going to sleep!