Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stressing on catastrophes

Before I saw New moon I read critics about the movie, and I was a bit incredulous. Someone said that people shouldn't do movies like the Twilight saga, because who didn't read the book, wouldn't understand the movie. They said that the whole movie is all about affliction that Edward left Bella, and she is just suffering all the time. Well it is, but it has a big message, which, as it seems, not everbody understands. Of course it's a lot easier to make a movie about the apocalypse like 2012 which is a movie that everbody can keep up with their brains, watching horrible things, and induce people to afraid of these things. And of course it's easier to make a movie like Paranormal city, where people have fears to look at the screen cause they don't know in which moment will someone die. Why shouldn't people do movies like the Twilight saga, which made and still making thousands of people read? Why shouldn't people do movies about true love which is an incredible example for anyone? Why should we watch movies about catastrophes? Don't we have enough? Twilight gives us a bit of sedation, and we can travel in a magical world, while we don't get that more than two hours has passed away, and we still don't want to step out of this world. It enchanted me. It was way better that I thought that it would be. The only thing I was furious about was the end of the movie. I won't tell anything, but who saw the movie, they get what I'm talking about, and I hope that they were as embarassed as I was. When me and my friends were walking out of the room, the cleaners were caunting the girls who were angry about the ending.


PS.: I got the inoculation for H1N1! I was so afraid! I hate pins so much. I can't bear them. So I didn't watched it at all, but it wasn't hurting. Just when the doctor pulled out the pin. I hope it will work, but I have to be careful for two more weeks! Who knows!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

....and the mouse became a lion!

Sorry for the animalistic semblance, but my patience is finally over. I'm full with all the people who don't have any pride, self-esteem and as much tolerance as a fly which is always buzzing in your ears. These people's biggest mistake is that they can't see themselfs. In my judgement, the people who are gaping and laughing while an another person is crying, cause something horrible happened in the past, for example someone's father died, are means me inconsiderate. Oh, and not to meantion that these people are just always find something on you, so they can make comments, and later they can just insult everybody.
Today, when I started to see clear, I resolved that I will stand up for myself and for my friends, and I won't just release any hurting remarks past my ears. I will tell them that I hate them so much, as much that I can't even write it down. They don't have rights to judging a person without knowing how they act. They should judge themselfs before judging another, normal, patience, nice and intelligent people. They have as much brain as a monkey has. But I think a I went too far. A monkey surely has more mind than them. I'm so angry. I didn't met people like them before. And the most exasperating is that I can't do anything, and of course I'm so stupid that I feel bad cause I think that I might hurt them with my observation. I don't like hurting people even if they hurting me. It's one of my mistakes.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The twilight saga: New Moon

Yay! New Moon is coming on Thursday which is actually Friday morning, but I'm very excited about it! I wanted to go to the midnight screening, but my parents didn't let me, cause I have school on Friday, so I have to go on Sunday. I HAVE to wait till Sunday. What a mess!
But I've been reading and watching Twilight over and over and over again. And why are the girls so in love with it? I have a few particular reasons.
First of all there is Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson who is just perfectly fitting the character. He is so hot, and still when you look at him, he has a bit of that thrill that Edward has mainly.Not to talk about that Edward is just the perfect guy, forgetting the fact that he is a vampire. He is smart, intteligent,  funny, and incredibly romantic. If I have a guy like him, I would never let him go.  
Secondly, if someone doesn't like Edward, or Robert, we still have a sexy wolf, Jacob. I wouldn't say that Taylor was the perfect for Jacob, but in the second movie he looks really hot and he has that indian look, which is kinda suit the whole story.
To be honest I like the movie, but the book is my favourite. It's incredible. It shows that love is erratic, and it can make you do things you never thought possible before.And of course every gril can dream a little bit of her Edward. Guys!! He can be the perfect example how you supposed to act. :)
When I listen to the soundtrack, it always brings back the memories from last year's winter, when the whole thing came out in Hungary. I remember that I saw the book's poster everywhere, and I thought that it must have to be a big crap. But I saw the movie, and I felt that I HAVE to read it, and it was way better. I used to read it all day, and listen to its music. And it was around November, December, so it brings out my Christmas memories too. It just came to my mind, cause I've started to listen to it again.
So I only can commend it to anybody. This story will change something in you, but if it isn't, well,  it's a wonderful book.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Warning!! Do not wear high-heels for twelve hours!

Last night was our well organised fresher's ball. As we know I was one of the four girls who ran the tea-room. We started the whole settlement at 1.30pm. We had to mess up all the tables, just to get six little places where people can drink and talk, far away from the monotonic disco, which was in the other side of the school.....Back to the point! Then we had to put spreads and candles onto each tables. The point was that we had to light so much candles so we didn't need the lamps at all. At around 3pm all the candles were lighting and the tables looked beatufil but the counter where the mugs and teas were supposed to be were nowhere. For 4pm. some people wanted go in, but we didn't have hot water, cause we wanted to heat four kettles in the same time and it was too much energy for the school, and the power passed. Ridiculous! When they fixed it, it was 4:15. Our first guest was my harshest teacher. But she was fine, just her tea wasn't. It was cold. Failure!! So during the evening my hand burnt down, Some jerks wanted my phone number, we heated milk in the knettles which we musn't do, we gave out the hot chocolate with milk, but my teacher said that we sould do it with water, we sang some songs in the karaoke part of the evening, and we slowly arrived to 8pm which meant: THE PARTY'S OVER! But we had to clean up all the mess, and wash up the hundreds of the dirty mugs. I got home at around 9:15pm. I had a headache, my legs were hurting from the high heels, which I wore for more than twelve hours, and my stomach was hurting too, because I didn't eat anything all day. Just breakfast. So I felt really bad, and I went to sleep. In the morning I realised that I'm bit sick. My nose is running, and I'm so tired. I didn't do much today, I tried to rest and just doing nothing. But really, I don't feel very well. I think I'm going to shower, and then I'll slip into bed and watch TV.

But really what do you think? How do you guys drink hot chocolate? With milk or water? 


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunshine, self-knowledge, pigs and a lot more!

Let me start my fairy tale!
Once upon a time, when I woke up I saw the sun shining for the first time this month! My mood turned out the best, and I even sang some songs in the bathroom while I was getting ready for school. I was whistling even when I realised that I have to bring two heavy bags for school. I stepped out my house happily, but I was neorvous too, knowing that something will bring me down, but nothing happened. Actually I got some remarks that I look really good today but that was all. Me and my friends were doing the last arragements today about the fresher's ball. We had to sing too in front of the senior class. It was embarassing....but they were enjoying it and they were singing with us. Then I had two exams today, but they went pretty good at all. So nothing had disturbed me.
We have a new lesson on thursday. It's self-knowledge. It's about ourselfs, and like the teacher said, he want us to have a healthy self-esteem, and to be honest, I think I don't have one. I mean a healthy one. I don't know why....sometimes I'm like a little grey mouse in the corner of a crumbling building. But the exercises are a bit confusing. Today we did a game, the point was that each of us had to say an adjective which characterize us, but we couldn't say the one that they said before. The girls just mucked my two ideas. Nice and impatient. So I said trustworthy. He asked each of us why we chose this, while I was laughing in a girl who is as big as a pig and her ego is like the effeil towel. She was sitting in a chair in a skirt, and she pulled up both her legs, and everything was showing. I wasn't the only one who laughed!! So I'm not that mean. I'm trustworthy! :D
When I got home I had to bake some cookies, cause every girl need to bring some for the ball. So I finished it up at 5pm. It's 7.30pm alredy, and I want to go to shower but I had to learn too, and I need to paint my nails, cause they looks soo bad. Ahhh! :)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miserable days....

It has been raining since Friday! I want sun. Someone says that is sooo peaceful lying in the bed, reading, watching TV, but I want to go somewhere or just ....I don't know...I want to feel happy. I feel soo bad. I have that mood, when somebody just talk to you, and you want to bite that someone's head off. Of course, that bad mood, not just about the weather, but if I would write it, that would take too much time. Let's just say that I'm so full of everything right now. When I finally got home at 5pm I couldn't be alone, just a little. No! Everyone was talking to me, my sister wanted me to dye her hair, my mom was aking me what's wrong, my dad was asking if I ate or not, and I have to do some decorations for the fresher's ball, which is in Friday, and I have to bring a lot of stuffs to the school, which I can't bring in two days, cause I don't have a licence and I can't drive, so I have to walk to school, and my sock were full of water in the last 5 five days, cause if I just go out, in 2 minutes my boots are flooding, so I'm sooo stressed.
Anyways....just to talk about something else, not just my problems. The fresher's ball is an initation. The freshmen have to do a lot of silly and neither funny exercises, like shave a balloon, eat without hands and things like that. There even will be pinyatas too. So after the exercises there will be three places where they can go. A game room, where they can play with different things. The second is a disco. So they can dance there....And the third place is the tea room which is more about me. I have to bring a lot of things, like candles, cookies, mugs, much things.And I have to do the deocorations, like I mentioned before. I've got to do so all these in two days. And I also need to learn something, but I will fix it.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why are the people doing so unfair things?

First of all, there's the coolest, funniest and most listened radio station ever, Danubius. Everybody I kow, were listening to it, and we were adoring the presenters. They could just change your view of life. There were even a hugging-day, which was organized by Danubius, at a mall. I went to there, and I could hug my favourite people in the world, and they were talking to you, like we have been friends for long-long years. They are a few of the nicest people I know. So some idiots were cheating in a competition and now they want to suspend Danubius. And why? Cause they want to put some stupid political radios onto Danubius's place. If there will be political radios, we would always listen to how they swear at each other all the time instead of laughing out your heart. So you might not live in Hungary but could write your name here.
And the other thing is about a book. I had been searching it in a while. The time traveller's wife was first published in 2007 here. I wanted to buy it all this year, but the books just had gone. I was surprised, I couldn't even order one from the net or from a second-hand bookshop, until today. I was just walking in the mall, and I saw it in a bookshop. They've just published it again, with a new cover, and they sell it in a really higher price, just beacuse, I think, the movie is going to come out in the cinemas. I'm gonna buy it after all, but that's just so annoying.
And like 5 days ago, Eclipse the Twilight saga's 3rd book came out. They sell it for 6000 hungarian forints. It's really expensive. But I've just told you this, because I'm so angry.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

The new clothing line?

Maybe I'm the one who is partial, but I just saw this on Monday at school. I'm talking about those shimmery leggings. You know, we girls used to wear it with only a T-shirt or a pulover. A slim girl can work it really good, with the good accesorries, but, I don't want to piss off anybody, but a bit fuller girls are not really. In my angle I would never wear them. So on Monday my classmate just came to school in a white one, but not that shimmery, just a normal white one, which we usually wear under skirts, and in a top, in a really cold, winter day. I looked with my mouth wide opened. She is the one who is really not-that-slim. Near to the end of the day, I just tried not to make it a big deal, but when she bended down, and her black undies showed through her leggings, that was the top of the day.
Since she wore it, yesterday her girlfriend came in a shimmery one. She wore the same: leggigns, a top and boots. She actually worked it really good, but I was still amazed about the fact, that it's winter. But that was all my amazement for that day. But today...OMG! An another of their friends, whose one leg is bigger than my both together, just came in thights, with a pulover which barely covered her butt. You know, those pulovers which normal people wear with jeans. So I was shocked.
I'm not saying this because I want to hurt anyone, or cause I'm that mean. And of course that's not my business that what are they wearing but now I really started to think about  myself.....Maybe  I'm really -really partial??!....I don't know. I'm not used to talk about anyone behind their backs, but I think I'm just saying it rightly. Sometimes the truth hurts.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Remember! FEAST!

I don't know if you have a feast on November 1. but we have, and every shop or mall or anything are closed. I just don't have an idea how could I forgot it, but me and my sister went to the local grocery store, and of course we were thinking, that why the heck is it closed?! After like 5 minutes in the coldest air ever I got it that what the day is, so we walked home still in the coldest weather ever. It was a really long walk, like 20 minutes and we found a little kitty. She was soooo cute. We stopped for another 15 minutes just to pat her. At least she was enjoying it, so that matters. When we got home I had to cook, cause my parents were out of town, and my sister doesn't really know anything about cooking. But she was helping me a lot...she crumbed the fish. :) So after we ate, we saw a movie (What women want) and kinda that's all, cause when it finished it was alredy 6. I showered and washed my hair yet. And I read. So that was my yesterday.
To my largest grief the school started today, but to be honest it went really fast today. It was awesome to meet with my friends after a long week, that we had been away from each other, but of course meet with the idiot-half of the class wasn't that melting.  I had seven lessons, but I didn't really realized it, just when we were about to go to training. It felt really good. On monday I have a step-aerobic and a fittness lesson, and on Thursday I only have a fittness one. I arrived home like half hour ago. I ate and now I'm here with a glass of wine (My mother let me do this often) and writing...
But I didn't told you that yesterday evening was awful. My form master called me, but I didn't know that she was, I thought that it's someone else....I was thinking about a man who always calling me that he is looking for peter. I've told him like houndred times that it isn't his number, but it looks like he doesn't really care about it. Anyways, I thought that it's him, so I picked up the phone and said Hello, in a really angry voice, and she said she's sorry for disturbing like 10 times. It took so long to explain, why I was so angry. So it was extremely  embarassing. Now I have to go to study!