Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas haul: Part 2 (family)

I know I had gone, but I was reading the Fantasy lover by Sherillyn Kenyon, and now I'm reading Eclipse. So the best day of the year has just passed away so qiuckly. I'm so sad.
I know that in many countries people gíve presents at Christmas day. But in my place we used to give them to each other at Christmas Eve. We don't really have any traditions, but of course we have a daily routine. When we wake up we usually have breakfast together. After that if we don't have a chritsmas tree, my dad have to go and buy one, but usually we do buy the tree before this day. So me and my sisters decorate it together. My parents don't really, cause they are cooking and cleaning the house. Then we have a few hours of nothing-to-do-and-just-hanging-out time and when it gets dark we give our presents to each other. After all the wrapping paper tearing we have our Christmas dinner which is around 5pm, and we usually just spend the evening together, talking, taking pictures and stuffs like that.
I wanted to talk about my presents. From my parents I got a book, The time traveller's wife, I got two OPI nail polishes, 1. Pamplona Purple 2. Lincoln park after dark. I was shocked. Just because my mom told me that it's too expensive for a nail polish, she did buy it for me. She said we only have Christmas one time a year! What a cutie! I also got money and a translator which is pretty useful for me now. I got bed linens, sheets. You know we always got things like that.
From my younger sister I got a nail polish dryer! I was like OMG. I didn't hear about that before. It works amazingly. It dries my nails in a minute. It's really cool. I also got a perfume. I told you before that I bought the Espirit's VIP life for one of my girlfriends and I was so sad that I didn't buy one for myself cause it was so unexpensive. But my sweety sister bought it for me. I was lik YAY! :)
And from my older sister I got Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse, a make-up palette which has gorgeous colours, a Remington hair straightener doily I mean it has curling irons too and it's so good, and also for joke I got an eye mask for the night if I can't sleep. Actually I was always whining that the lights come to my room from the street and it's so bad, but I son't know how can people sleep with eye masks on.
So I hope you'll have/had a great holiday. Merry Chritmas!!!



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