Monday, December 14, 2009

Is it like....normal?

I've been so sick since Saturday. I had temperature too, and it was so bad. I hate it. So the thing is that I think I have flu. Don't get me wrong, I went to a doctor, but my observation is that the doctor's just look at you, and they give you antibiotics. So that happened to me today. I didn't even finished my speech about my complains, when the doctor springed at me. She just wanted to stuck down that stupid stick in my mouth. But she's my doctor since I bornt, so she knows that I don't like it too much, but I think my blink was enough horrible, and she took down the stick. So I got a lot of medicines and I drink coldrex all the time. But I was like a little girl, I didn't want to drink any more, cause whenever I drink one, I feel like I wanna throw out. But now I feel a little better.

But there's something you have to know. I got sick because I went to an aquapark with Merci. But it was at night. And it was really cold, I mean that cold that the other day was snowing. So in this cold weather we went out to the outer pool. At night. And if that still not enough, I went home with wet hair. (I went home by car) So I know I was stupid. I know. I messed up. But my dad was literally shouting with me, who is the embodiment of calmness. My mom was actually really calmed, but she is the one who is really edgy all the time. And as you guys know, I wanted OPI nail polishes for Christmas. My mom couldn't get them. She said that the shop only sells them for manicurists. What a crap. Of course, it's Hungary.

Anyways the aquapark, was just amazing. I had a really good time like this a long time ago. We laughed a lot. So Merci. I wanted to say a few words about her. Right now she is really mad at me. I mean, she says that she is mad at herself, but I know her. She is mad at me cause I didn't go skating with her, and I don't go to school, while she sucks in school. I get it, but I didn't choose it. I would have better things to do than laying in the bed all day, cause it's kinda boring. And my back is hurting too. I don't know. She thinks that I have a wonderful time, while I almost choke all the time when I cough. But I talked to her, and now I think slowly we will be fine. I hope. I love her. She is my best friend. She's like my sister. I don't like it when she's mad at me.



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