Friday, August 21, 2009

Worst holiday EVER!

Hey, it' me again....after a really-really long time! Because I had to survive my worst holiday ever. With my best friend. We were at her gradparents house in the countryside.
I know it sounds stupid. Because I dear to bet that a lof of you would dieing to spend a week with your best friend, and being away from your sometimes-crazy-and-unbearable-family. Am I right? But I just didn't even enjoyed a moment of it.
I was like a zombie. I walked, I did breath, but didn't really talked or smiled. I have no idea what had happened to me, but I just had that huge homesickness. And as it seems me and Merci can't bear each other even for a day. We couldn't do anything, cause there was nothing. The only one enjoyable place was a beach.....With only one pool!!!
And nothing else. How Should I bear this?
At times I just wanted to cry. All day, until my parents got me back home.  But I didn't. I counted every second of the day, and I claimed myself with this monologe: Every second brings me closer to the end of the week.I didn't want to let to know Merci, about how i'm feeling. I wanted to show her how much I enjoy the life there. Surprise.....It didn't work....but I thought it did.
On the last day we had a huge fight. I managed to cry, cause I had no idea why was she mad at me. She shut the door at my face, she didn't talk to me, and she just easily looked over me. Of course I did it Either, but I alredy was in a minor depression. So I didn't bear it long.
The other day when we were about to going home, she just told me the whole thing. She was pissed of, cause I didn't even laughed,  smiled or just talked with her, and it ended with a huge hug. And to be honest I was soooo relieved. That was the last afternoon we had to spend there, and went out to the beach. And I don't know why exactly on the last day, but some cute guys just started to waveing to us. And we found out that these guys were our neighbors.
So still to this day I have bad memories, an I promised myself, that I wont ever go back to this place. But I did survive. But the funniest was when Merci called and asked me if I wanted to spend one more week there. I just laughed out loud, and lied that I have other plans for the rest of the summer.


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