Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This year's first, real snow

Hey Guys. So you know, I grudgingly believe in meteorologists. In my town, they've been telling us that snowing can be expected for like weeks now. Well, there was no snow.
Yesterday evening I watched TV, and saw the weather report. They said that in the morning we can expect snow. I was like, ok another wrong alerting. But when I woke up I saw this.
I was like OMG. My luck is that I'm not going to school this week, cause as you know I'm sick, but that was just wonderful. I mean watching it from the window, it's really beatiful, but I hate it when my boots are actually wet INSIDE. But hey, it's just sooo amazing. Merci called me like a minute ago, and she is just in a depression. :) She doesn't know how to go to school without endind in her butt, sitting on the ground. And this snow is just like 1cm at all. And supposedly it will be snowing all week long. I hope we'll have a white Christmas day. It's so extraordinary.

I can imagine my mom's face, when she woke up this morning, and looked out of the window. She loves snow, but just in that way as me. Watching it from the warm house. She hates it when she is freezing. I mean she's really the one, who goes out and in like 1 minute her fingers are tottally frozen. We should live in a mediterranean place. I told her that a few times. :) So, I know people invedted cars before, but she doesn't like driving in this slippery road. So I will solace her, when she arrives home.
Ahh, I didn't mentioned before. Mom is so bad at lying. She just fudging on my present all the time. One time she says that she bougt everything, and in the next minute she says that she bought nothing and she has to hurry. And you know she couldn't buy me the OPI polishes (If she really couldn't) , but yesterday evening, we met in the kitchen, and she looked at my finger nails, and then at hers. She said she wants OPI too, and she wants to go, and buy it with me. I was like, didn't you said that you couldn't buy any. And she was like yeah. So she just talked indiscriminate. So now I'm confused. I just don't know what will I get. Until yesterday I had a few ideas, but now, I'm groping in absolute gloom.
8 more days till the holiday. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!



Anonymous said...

Wow, your place is really beautiful. It never snows here in Malaysia. I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to make snow angels all my life. Ha! Btw, if you want to read the Time Traveller's Wife, I have the PDF file. I can email it to you if you want! =)

XO Trecia

dafo said...

And you don't know how jealous I am. :) I wanna spend just one cold, and snowy winter in a warm place. Snow angels are fun, but then all your back is wet, and then you get a really bad flu. :) Experience. Anyways, thank you, but I think I got it for Christmas that's the only thing I'm sure about my presents. But, is it good?

XO Hajni

Anonymous said...

I'm actually reading it halfway through, but so far so good. I've never touch real snow before. And throwing snow balls looks awesome. Here, when the weather is too hot, you even sweat in your sleep. Btw, I have all 4 Twilight saga books on PDF file, too! Again,if you want them, just let me know. And fyi, I'm not someone who reads books illegally. Lol. My friend sent them to me as a gift. xD

dafo said...

This is so new to me. I mean someone who never touched snow before. Here it's melting right now. The worst thing ever. I can only see water and half-melted snow everywhere. Here at night, we are sometimes just freezing.
I'll keep it in my mind. Thanks. :)

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