Saturday, May 29, 2010

Driving licence, vacation, Miley....

It's kinda surprising for me to do a blog post at this time, which is for me means NIGHT, but I thought that this is a Saturday evening, and why would I go to sleep at 10pm already, and what time is better to do a blog post than a saturday night, cuddlep up in my bed, showered. Well, that's why I'm here. Today I went to my local grocery store and I bought some stuffs for my upcoming vacation with my class, starts at Thursday, next week. I just bought some random things, but I found out something which makes me wanna scream in my happiness.
My daddy told me on the way going home, that if I do have a licence I can drive no matter how old I am. I have to get some papers from my doctor that I normal, and stuffs, but it makes me so happy, cause I thought that I will be travelling with the buses and trams for the rest of my life, but now I have the hope's tiny light. This september I want to do all the paper thigs for my licence and I hope that around next year I'll be able to sit in a car. And drive!!! Yaaay! I can't wait. Cause you know in Europe you're not allowed to drive until you're not 18, but you can get your licence when you turn 16. I just thought taht it makes no sense if I do my licence but I can't sit into a car, or anything, and I just forget it anyways. But that makes me so happy. Thank you dad for letting me know. I don't know why he didn't mentioned this to me earlier, but I don't even care about this now.
Right now I am watcing a live streaming from portugal and waiting for Miley Cyrus to perform. I just got the link for it. So I think I'm going now, this blog post is already pointless, so Good night!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A rarely used ability

OMG! I am so sorry that I've been gone for a whole week, but the last few days were really crazy for me. And of course I was really lazy, doing some blog posts, but most of the time I was doing errands, went shopping, met with friends, tried my bicycle after 6 years, visited my once-upon-home, went on a trip to the palace of magics, and etc. 
We had a long weekend, because of the feast we have here, and I don't know where else, but we did not have school, and work and such things like that on monday, so I was able to relax a bit. I had to sleep after all what happened to me the weekend. On friday I tried biking after 6 years, and I have to say it did not went good. I mean I can ride my bicycle but my dad was waiting for me, he wanted to go around the town, I just went outside to try for a minute, and I couldn't go in a straight line. He was absolute out of himself. I had to listen to him while he was literally humbling me, cause I wasn't able to do a circle or whatever he wanted me to do. It ended up crying in my room, and being mad at him for days. But the next day was just even more interesting, cause we were able to biking around the school and everywhere with some of my classmates, and I was so happy, that we are doing this on a beautiful, sunny day, and I realised that my father had gone from home. And of course he took the key for the garage, where my bike was. So I did not go cycling, thanks dad! I was still mad at him because of the friday, and on saturday I thought I am going to explode. I was soooooo mad, that I haven't been like this a while ago. 
Finally I comforted myself with a little shopping in the mall, and I bought some goodies, including a pale pair of jeans, an oversized black shirt, and a pair of earrings. I went with my sisters, so it was even better, but I felt sorry for what happened afternoon. On saturday evening we did a little trip with my sister to the countryside, to get my her cycle home, but we didn't have the chance to go and try it out, cause I helped her wash her car, which took our afternoon. But on monday morning we went on a bicycle trip, and we biked for almost 3 hours, and we visited our elementary school, and the house where we grown up. When we arrived home, we were starving, and ordered pizza (yes, again :)) and when we couldn't move from the repletion, my sister started making pancakes. So, you can imagine how much I ate that day. And to be honest, I am just gaining, and gaining.....but it only shows on my stomach. :S 
Last but least, my yesterday was good. I had only five classes and we went to the palace of magics, where we took some funny pictures, and had fun. And even today we had four classes, so I am really pleased. And what's going on here with me? The storms became an every day thingv here, so I am not really get frightened, when suddenly the sun hides, everything gets dark, and it starts thundering, and the wind starts to blow. Then it all gone after ten minutes and the air is so much better. I can't wait for the summer holiday, and I feel very pissed when I think about that some schools are over. Mine lasts for June 16th. My summer starts at June 17th. Pray for me! :)


PS.: picture is a rainbow from yesterday's strom!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Terrible weather, dentists, musicians

Right now I am cuddled up to my pillow in my warm bed, cause that was all I was waiting for all day long. I need warmth! I need some suneshine to get back some color in my face. I look like a pale, and dry one-week-old piece of something. I feel  like I'm missing too much D vitamins, and get a little bit more hydration by the 2 weeks lasted raining. The weather here is like it was in February. It's cold, rainy and windy. People are walking around in heavy, winter jackets, scarves, and boots. In MAY! Come one! I am so sad, and depressed! I need to see somesunshine, and I want to wake up for the sun shining through my window in the morning, not for the frantic wind blowing the trees, and shaking my windows in the middle of the night. That's crazy! I hope this summer won't be like this at all. 
Today was also a freezing day and when I thought that it's over I had to go with Merci to the dentist, because she is very afraid of them, so I was kinda dangling her, by sitting with her in the waiting area, holding her hands, or just making her comfortbale in that stupid room where the walls has white tiles all over, and has that nauseous, but signature scent. As we entered the building it was all over in the air. And she was just even more nervous. She was that much nervous that she almost cried. I saw her eyes get watery. And don't get me wrong. It wasn't a simple checking, cause her tooth broke in half. She had to go and fix it, but the doctor, who is a comlite idiot, did not do it for her, cause I think she was way too lazy to move her ass. So she relived a bit, but she knows that he has to go somewhere else. 
The way back home was also freezing, and I almost fall asleep on the tram. I might get a little cold, I think, but I hope it will gone for next Thursday which is the first day of our hoilday with the class. Oh, I didn't even mentioned why I think I get cold. As we were searching for the dentist's (cause we didn't know where it was) we walked for a good 30 minutes I think, cause we somehow walked in the same street all over again. We even asked a few people and none of them could tell us where to find it. I was freezing, I was tired, Merci was nervous and she was making me mad after an hour listening of her snivel about the same thing. So I was a bit stressed when a guy showed us where to go, and as we were making our way to the clinic, we met with our music teacher. She is living here near the clinic. She was kinda surprised seeing us. 
Now I think I'm going to have a shower, cause I am freezing. Good night!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Two birthday parties at one day

Hello there! I am back from a Monday school day which was pretty exhausting, and when I finally got home at 3pm I went out with my parents to a department store to buy some stuffs to my holiday with my class which will be next week's Thursday until Sunday. We are going to biking all 4 days long. I don't know how I will survive it, but I am sure that I have to collect all my streight to make it. 
I am still pretty tired after my birthday party which was on Saturday. There was even two. First with my family. Everyone were out, expect my mom, so I had time in the morning to make myself ready to everything. I washed my hair, showered, did my make-up...etc. We ordered a huge pizza for lunch and everyone arrived (mean: my sisters, sister's boydfriends, dad) and we just started eating, talking, and joking around. It was a really good, and calmed lunch. After all we could not move because of the lots of food, but my cake was waiting for us. I got a Sachertorte cause it's my favourite thing ever. I had the pink (or purple) elephant on it form Pooh and two pink candles showing 16. It was adorable. So we ate a little cake, then I got my presents. The big present was a camera, which I was asking for. It's pink and sooooooooooo cute! I had an oppurtinty to try it out at the party, and it's amazing. So I was waaaaay too happy. But when I first opened it, I thought that it's black because on the box there was a black one. But nevermind! I am sooo happy. I also got a memory card, and a pink camera bag. And a pair of earrings which symbols a kitty. So cuuuutteee! Again! 
At 5 I made my way to Merci's house to join to my party. You might know that I was sooo afraid that there will be only 3 people including me, I was nervous all day long, in the end, I thought I stay at home, but then I just made myself to go. When I arrived all of my closest friedns were running down the stairs, and I almost cryed. It was the cutest thing they ever did to me. When I got out of the shock of the surprise we started the party with karaoke, megastar, dinner, my second cake which was dobos torte (a famous hungarian cake) and just funny things. It was a really good night but next time I will recommend them not to do a plus sleep over cause we were all exhausted and it turned out that everyone wanted to be in their own bed, sleeping. And so what I got? I got a pillow with everyone on it, a book calles Mixed Doubles by Jill Mansell, a bracelet, a pair of earring, a jewelery holder, which is a doll, and it has a ruffled pink dress, and look amazing. I also got a bunch of chocolate, and just some other cute things which I can't remember. It was a really good day, and I am so pleased they did thid for me. So Thank you guys again! 


Friday, May 14, 2010

My birthday's excitement

OMG! Tomorrow is my birthday! I've been waiting for this day sooo badly, in the last couple weeks, and I am soooo excited, even if it only means that I am a year older. And I don't really now why am I so keyed up, maybe it's about the happiness when you open your beautifully wrapped presents, and find out that you got what you truly wanted, or the perfect birthday cake with the exact amount of candles burning depended on your age, and all the people around you want you to wish something and blew the candles. Or maybe that's just because this day is going to be all about me. They ask ME what I want to eat, they wish ME a happy, and special birthday, and just blah blah blah...I mean I have two sisters and we kinda always had to share and decide somehow. We always had to deal, and fix things between us. And now I don't have to worry about this.
But to be honest, I have a little bit of depressed feeling too. As I mentioned my friends served me a party which is tomorrow night, and today like all of my friends told me that they are sorry but they can't come. So there will be me, Merci and and another friend, who I don't like at all. That's not gonna be an interesthing party, I have to say, and I wouldn't go, if Merci did not tell me today that she already ordered a tiered cake. I was shocked. I told her to bake me something, not choosing the pattern, the colors and everything seperately. And now there will be 3 people. WOW! And to be honest, this whole week, I was waiting for this party sooo much, cause all of my friends were invited, and  I thought that we will have good saturday evening, but now I don't EVEN want to go. All I want is to stay at home with my family. I know it sounds stupid but now, I lost all of my cheerfulness cause there will be only one person who is really my friend and this person is Merci. We all hate the other girl, I don't even know why was she invited, but who cares now. It will be even worse. And I can't do that I am not going to the party, because it would be unfairness to Merci. So I'll have to suffer an evening and a night with these two people, and it will be BORING!
When I told Merci that we should take the party to next week, she was a bit pisse but she said that It's my decision, but I didn not want to hurt her. Now she is always asking like "Are you really sure you're coming?" and just stuffs like that.Well I don't know, I hope that it won't ruin my whole bday.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do we really have to say goodbye so early?

I just got home from a meeting at school. We had kinda an evening with the parents, and the students and we talked about all the stuffs we had to kinda analyse a bit. It was just my class. We had so much fun arranging all the tables and chairs, putting all the colored, plastic cups on the tables, and all the sweets perfectly together of course in the cutest ways. We watched our spinning video together, and joked around with my classmates all evening, and I felt over the moon. 
Of course, how it's used to be, my happiness did not last for long. Just a few parents stayed at the school, along with me, Merci, and two other friends. And this is also important that I've heard a really sad thing about my "english fairy"! She is deciding leaving the school, and leaving US! I was so upset but I did not cry or anything. I just accepted it! She chose the worst school ever, cause all the teachers are old, and the most important, that they are old-fashioned. My favourite teacher of the world is just so fresh, and acting and thinking young, and in a true, real aspect. She is always right, has the best and cutest ideas, and always laughing at something like a little girl. But the other teachers look at her like a fool, and never, ever admit her as a person there. They act with her like she is the last offender in the world, because she is not a sour, old lady, who doesn't like children. And now this evening, when we were standind there with just these few people, she told it to the parents, and some of classmates, cause we were the only one who knew it, and I was trying so hard holding back my tears, but when I looked at Merci, and I saw she was crying, and all her face is covered with tears, I couldn't hold them back any longer. We just hugged each other and cryed. They tried to comfort us, but it did not last for long. When we said our goodbyes for this day, she was driving in front of us, and I saw a tear on her cheek. It was so heart-smothering, and we were crying all the way to our home. Still now, sometimes it's difficult to type, causeI can't see much from my tears. I know that she hasn't even decided it yet, but even thinking of makes me sick. This evening started good, but it turned out sooo emotional, and ti became a disaster. Now I'm going to sleep cause my eyes are red and puffy!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A gift giving fairy from England

Gosh! Today was just so much fun for me. In the morning as Me and Merci were waiting for the bus to come, my english teacher (and our friend) picked us up, and just drove us to school, because she saw us satnding there and she thought that it would be generous not letting us waiting. Actually she just got home from England, and as we arrived to school, she did not let us go until she did not give presents for us. She was soooo sweet, because she knows that we can't really giving it back to her, cause I can't just fly to London and shop her a bunch of cute things, leaving behind my school, and just stuffs like that. So she was really sweet!! She bought us pretty much the same things, some cute things from River Island, I don't know who knows this, and I got a flamingo patterned flip flop, which looks hilarious. We also got some sweets, but during some pretty exhausting classes we ate them. It was a really good day for me, and as I just look through my week, the what's-gonna-happen-this-week part, well I'm getting more excited in every second, thinking about my birthday with my family and my friends. Oh yeah! Well that's a big thing which really bothers me. It's so cruel not knowing what they are planning. They even go out of the classroom without me to discuss the party plans, and I just feel sooo curious and sad at the same time. Tomorrow they are going shopping, and I am not allowed to go!!!!! I was like what? It's ok that they have no idea what the hell they should buy me, but come on! They could really buy me a simple thing, and if we are here, I don't really care about the presents. If they don't give me any, well that's it. Which means a lot to me is that they want to celebrate it with me, and that's what matters.
We went shopping on Sunday as I mentioned, and I bought my party outfit. I just found a cute pink top with no back and no pants, and it has a bunch of ruffles on it. I'll post a picture later when we are partying. 
And now as my teacher was in England, I think learning in England would be such an amazing thing, and OMG! I'll be shopping and walking in the cities all the time, and just spend a lot of money. I want to live there for my college years, and I know that I will miss my family sooooooooooooooooo much, I can't even write it down how much, but I know that they are supporting me, and they all told me to do it, no matter what. I think it's my chance to move my life somewhere. Plus, my parents will be super proud at me! :D


Sunday, May 9, 2010

The naughty birthday present

I've just woke up half an hour ago, and finally I could sleep 11 hours without waking up at my usual 6 am. It felt amazing, and I just love when I can sleep in.
Yestreday I met up with a few of my girlfirends, and I have to say that this was just an amazing afternoon. We started off with caramel cookies, then cheesy chips, salty chips, while drinking Ice tea in big portions, then party mixed sweets, then cheesy and onion chips, and then the last we could eat was a huge ice cream. We were laughing so hard all afternoon, escepially on the lots of food we ate. We were joking around, and I went home in the best mood I've had this week. When I got home, my parents arrived too, because they were out of twon for the day, cause they were celebrating their wedding anniversary, and they just ran out of the big city, to a small, romantic one, where they had lunch together, and walked for hours. I even got a suvenir, which is a beautiful porcelain spoon with the city's name on it. And we got other things too, like food, but the spoon was kinda outshinig, so I just mentioned it. Then the evening was quite funny too, cause we watched megastar, which is the same like american idol, but it's hungarian, and it's sooooo funny cause they are showing the auditions for the first 2-3 episodes. I laughed my heart out, cause the people who go there have no rationality about themselves.
When I was showering an important thing hit my mind, and I knew that I have to talk with my mom about that, so I quickly finished the best part about my evenings, and rushed to the kitchen in only a towel wrapped around me, and I saw my mom, my dad, and my sister doing something with a box, and when they saw me, they started yelling at me, that they thought I was showering. I said I was, but I need to to talk with moml, and stuffs like that, and this whole scene made sense for me when they started to hide the box from me, and just shut it to my mom's dresser. It was my birthday present. Gosh! I almost saw my present!! I was shcoked. I even told them how can they be so loose watching my presents when I can see it anytime if I rush to the kitchen just like I did. Gosh!
And now I am reading Rebel Angels by Libba Bray, the author of The incredible beauty, which was amazing and Rebel angels is the second book. It's great. But now I have to learn, cause I'll have a few exams next week, and later the afternoon we'll go out shopping.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

The rainstorm-liking girl

Gosh! Researching people in the net is not always a good idea. I don't know what's true and what is not, but I am kinda freaked out, and I don't want to believe in these things, but still something tells me inside that this is logical, no matter how badly I fight for the opposite thing. I am talking about a person that I used to really love, and now I just don't know what to feel. I read quite bad things about this person, and the look of this someone is not matching with the article, but I still think that a bit of the "truth" (that's how they call it in the article) is true. I just don't think a look-like-a-really-sweet-person-even-if-I-just-look-at-him/her type of personality can do bad things like that. Ok, let's be clear, I don't know this person personally, but what I've heard and saw, my opinion is still the same, what I wrote down a line over. So, don't be jealous people! Don't be!
Yesterday evening there was a huge storm here, and to be honest, we could all feel it all day long, because all day we had no air, and we were all walking around in tank tops, but the sun wasn't even shining. So yesterday was quite hot, and steamy. When I saw the thunders and the black clouds above us,I ran outside, and I was waiting for the rainstorm. I have to say, I did not have to wait for too long, cause after a minute the raindrops started falling faster and faster by every second, and after an another minute it was raining heavily, giving the most amazing scent to me that I could ever smelled. I was standind by our window outside, and as the rain was pouring, the wind also started to blow crazily, and it blow the water straight to my face, then to my clothes, and I looked like a mad person with my curled-by-the-rain hair, and in my wet clothes cleaved to my body. I enjoyed the rain, and the smell of the fresh air, and also how madly the wind blowed my hair, and mixed it with the rain. I love storms. OMG! I just love the heavy rains in the summer. When I was a child I used to be afraid, and hide in the car, if we were somewhere, and now I really did regreted it. I love to jumping and dancing around freely in the rain, like cavemens danced when they wanted to bring or dismiss rain. I want to shout out how happy I am these times, and I could have the chance. We used to go to lakes a lots of time, because my dad is a big angler, and we always escorted him. There was nothing jus the lake, soem reed fibers, and a giant corn field. There I could shout and dance. But I just hid in the car. Gosh! :)
Today nothing special happened, I just had a little extra free time, which felt sooo good. I am kinda confused how to do the next Saturday, cause it will be my bday, and my friends decided to do me a bday party, as I mentione before, but it turned out that we will celebrate it with my family in the same day, so I am thinking about switching the dates somehow, but I don't want to piss off my friends, cause you know, they just setted it for me, and I changing dates, but I hope, I'll fix it. 

Monday, May 3, 2010

A one-off, and life changing chance

We just finally reached my favourite month of the year! I've been whining about the three-weeks-long-rain, the huge snow, the cold weather, and just many things I hate about winter, but now I can go out in a t-shirt and in ballerina shoes. How cool is that? It's May!!!
I know I told you before that this is my favourite month, and the reason is a bit complex. This is the month of my birthday, and I think it's kinda goes back to my childhood, when I was waiting for my presents in the rising sun, and it was always a good memorie for me. Now, I just love the whole month, my birthday, and everything. This year I asked for a camera, which is just mine, cause there are always a lots of arguments about the one we have now. So I hope I'll get my pink one. Today I also got to know that my lovely friends are really planning me a bday party, which is a sleepover too. It's my birthday, on the 15th of May, Saturday. I hope it will be a really good day, and I will be able to enjoy the party with my firends in the evening. 
Also! Yesterday we went out with my sisters, to pierce our ears again, but this time, I pierced a pair, one in my left, and one, in my right ears. Now I have 3 holes in my left ear, and 2 in my right. I just love it, but that's all. I won't get anymore. I just decided it this night, when I wasn't able to sleep much, because my ears were hurting, and I barely could sleep in my sides. That was horrible. And it's still hurts, when I touch it, or something. But I survived the very first one in January, so I think nothing will be wrong. 
Today we did not have  lot of school, and that means that tha senoir classes are graduating, and we had school in the afternoon, and it's going to be the same the next two days too. I am happy, cause I can sleep as long as I want to, and then I have hours to make myself ready for school. 
There is also a thing which is making me sad and excited in the same time. A friend of mine, told me that me and Merci can go to England to study in a university, when we finish the school. I was happy of course, that she can make it work, cause it would be a huge experience for me, studying in England, but I don't know how I'll be able to leave my family here. I really miss my parents, and my sisters even if I go somewhere for a week. What would I do if I go to England for half years?? My sister will be pregnant around this time, and I wanna be there, and see every part of her pregnancy. I wanna see how my little cousin will born. I know I am running in time, but it makes me wanna cra, if I think about leaving everything behind me. It  freaks me out. But it's 3 years away from me, so I have time to think, and find a suitable result.