Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Occlusion from my friends, Bookaholic

I feel like I've been at home for years now instead of a week. I don't do anything just reading and eating. Honestly I started to worry about my size. :) I didn't do any sports since the first week of December. I have to do something, cause I'll look like my snoring pig. I've read Fantasy Lover, A hunger like no other, Eclipse, and now I'm reading The time traveller's wife, and I can't wait to read Dear John which I bought today. I'm irrevocably a bookaholic. But this is all of my friends fault, cause they can't say a date which is actually good for all of them to make something together, and I have to do something to spend the day, so I usually drag myself to my bookself in my pajamas and take down a book. But yesterday I realised that I haven't got one which I didn't read before, so me and my mom went to shop today and I bought Dear John as I mentioned.  So I'm free all week long if my books won't consume me.

We went to a huge hipermarket where you can get everything. Expect Nicholas Sparks' Dear John. I didn't lose my enthusiasm I rememberd that outside of the hipermarket part it has a small bookstore. I went into it, and after like 5 minutes I found what I was looking for. I was really satisfied with myself. I LOVE buying books. We went into a shoe shop too, and I bought a cute mule. :)
Me and Merci couldn't meet since the Christmas party, cause we always had something to do and this makes me upset. I really miss her. She had to go to make her nails done, she had to go to her grandparents, and stuffs like that. And today she and her dad bought a doggy. A little puppy. She said that he is sooooo cute. I can't wait to see him at the New Year's party which will be in her house this Thursday. Now I'm going, I want to finish The time traveller's wife. Have a good night!



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