Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunshine, self-knowledge, pigs and a lot more!

Let me start my fairy tale!
Once upon a time, when I woke up I saw the sun shining for the first time this month! My mood turned out the best, and I even sang some songs in the bathroom while I was getting ready for school. I was whistling even when I realised that I have to bring two heavy bags for school. I stepped out my house happily, but I was neorvous too, knowing that something will bring me down, but nothing happened. Actually I got some remarks that I look really good today but that was all. Me and my friends were doing the last arragements today about the fresher's ball. We had to sing too in front of the senior class. It was embarassing....but they were enjoying it and they were singing with us. Then I had two exams today, but they went pretty good at all. So nothing had disturbed me.
We have a new lesson on thursday. It's self-knowledge. It's about ourselfs, and like the teacher said, he want us to have a healthy self-esteem, and to be honest, I think I don't have one. I mean a healthy one. I don't know why....sometimes I'm like a little grey mouse in the corner of a crumbling building. But the exercises are a bit confusing. Today we did a game, the point was that each of us had to say an adjective which characterize us, but we couldn't say the one that they said before. The girls just mucked my two ideas. Nice and impatient. So I said trustworthy. He asked each of us why we chose this, while I was laughing in a girl who is as big as a pig and her ego is like the effeil towel. She was sitting in a chair in a skirt, and she pulled up both her legs, and everything was showing. I wasn't the only one who laughed!! So I'm not that mean. I'm trustworthy! :D
When I got home I had to bake some cookies, cause every girl need to bring some for the ball. So I finished it up at 5pm. It's 7.30pm alredy, and I want to go to shower but I had to learn too, and I need to paint my nails, cause they looks soo bad. Ahhh! :)



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