Thursday, December 31, 2009

An another year passed.....AGAIN

Here we go again. An another year passed and I have nothing memorable from this year. My summer was the worst that I ever had in my life, the school is still boring, and this was the year when me and my friends had a lot of disagreements. I feel so sorry about that. But of course there are good things even if there are a little. In this year's begging me and Merci was a huge fan of twilight so we did paint each other like vampires. Or maybe we just wanted to cause we looked like two ill jailbirds. We were running around in her house because we didn't want her mother to see us.
 It was funny, but she did find out, and she gave us a  "what's the problem with you guys?" look. My luck that his father wasn't at home. I remember that a few days later we to ice skating to a lake which froze over. I love skating on lakes, and actually it was
 huge and flat. It was funny. We brought hot tea with us and we put it down on the ice and when we left and picked up the tea the ice was melting in a circle where the tea was. And merci just fell. Well it was memorable. She was watching some guys playing hockey and she just fell on her back cause she didn't notice a huge snow mound. I was laughing and she was shouting with me to help her.

Then there were other sleepovers, and actually I don't really remember of them, just one when my parents and my my older sister went to a trip to Italy for a weekend. Merci stayed with me for the whole weekend and we did crazy things. Around this time we started doing fittness and we wrapped ourselves in foil to sweat. It was weird. I don't put up a picture of that cause we are half naked so... Then we went to my cousin's wedding. I remembet that I was searching for the best dress for weeks. 
 Then I found a black mini dress. It was gorgeous. And I got a lot of questions about it. Then the school finished and we went to my class form's weekend house with Merci and four of my girlfriends for a week. It was the best part of my summer. We usually went to running and we went shopping together and of course to the beach. Then the school started and we had fights with Merci. It was a really bad beggining for a year. But we discussed it and we are fine now. So since the school started the only good thing was the premiere of New moon. We saw it together with a bunch of friends. And then now here and another year passed. But we had a really good Christmas. This was my year. I mean the good things. Of course I don't really remember to some things but it was a acceptable year for me. My New-Year's pledge is that I won't fight with my friends cause they are really important for me. Sometimes I just don't know why are we celebrating the NewYear. Just an another year pass away, and we are a year older. It is so bad. But anyways, I hope you'll have a really good New Year. And for those who are going out: Have a wonderful night! Happy New Year!



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