Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Remember! FEAST!

I don't know if you have a feast on November 1. but we have, and every shop or mall or anything are closed. I just don't have an idea how could I forgot it, but me and my sister went to the local grocery store, and of course we were thinking, that why the heck is it closed?! After like 5 minutes in the coldest air ever I got it that what the day is, so we walked home still in the coldest weather ever. It was a really long walk, like 20 minutes and we found a little kitty. She was soooo cute. We stopped for another 15 minutes just to pat her. At least she was enjoying it, so that matters. When we got home I had to cook, cause my parents were out of town, and my sister doesn't really know anything about cooking. But she was helping me a lot...she crumbed the fish. :) So after we ate, we saw a movie (What women want) and kinda that's all, cause when it finished it was alredy 6. I showered and washed my hair yet. And I read. So that was my yesterday.
To my largest grief the school started today, but to be honest it went really fast today. It was awesome to meet with my friends after a long week, that we had been away from each other, but of course meet with the idiot-half of the class wasn't that melting.  I had seven lessons, but I didn't really realized it, just when we were about to go to training. It felt really good. On monday I have a step-aerobic and a fittness lesson, and on Thursday I only have a fittness one. I arrived home like half hour ago. I ate and now I'm here with a glass of wine (My mother let me do this often) and writing...
But I didn't told you that yesterday evening was awful. My form master called me, but I didn't know that she was, I thought that it's someone else....I was thinking about a man who always calling me that he is looking for peter. I've told him like houndred times that it isn't his number, but it looks like he doesn't really care about it. Anyways, I thought that it's him, so I picked up the phone and said Hello, in a really angry voice, and she said she's sorry for disturbing like 10 times. It took so long to explain, why I was so angry. So it was extremely  embarassing. Now I have to go to study!



Anonymous said...

Hey there!

Not sure if you remember me but you commented on my WordPress blog a few weeks ago. Anyway, your old blog led me here so I thought I'd take a look.

By the way I hope that bad night the other day turned out for the better. I guess mine did, eventually.

Anyway, umm hopefully you visit my blog again! It's been really interesting reading yours. And good luck with the studying! :)


dawn said...


I tottaly remember you, and I often visit your blog. And yes my day turned out pretty good after that bad night, thanks.
Your blog is interesting too, and I've been waiting to your TOP TEN ALBUMS'S second part! :)

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