Saturday, January 30, 2010

The intact snow is beautiful, but groaty too

I've just got home from a mall where I had to do a couple of errands, and I have to say, that it was really hard to get through it!  
The reason why was it sooo hard, the snow. We have a huge snow, I can even tell you how much, but it reaches up to my ankle. My parents didn't want to drive, so me, my sister and my mom walked. The clime was wonderful, but the fact that my feet were actually wet, and freezing just ruined everything. Anyways, you might think that I'm an idiot, that I couldn't wait with the errands, but no! I really couldn't. First of all, I had to buy two huge posters. I have to make advertising for the upcoming carnival which will be hold at my school, so today I have to do it with Merci, cause we have to bring them on Monday, and tomorrow we're not able to do it. I bought masks, and such as things like that to make the posters sthick. I also had to receive my english book, which I ordered weeks ago. The funniest is that I got its blueprint yesterday, but I think I'm gonna give it to someone else who doesn't have the book. Oh, and I have to read it until Monday! I don't know how, but I'll fix it. I also had to go into a dispensary, cause I'm a bit sick so I bought some pills, to make me healthy again. :) The worst is that a lot of stores has 70% off sales and I had to do my best, not to buy anything. I promised myself. It was really hard. You have no idea how beatiful sweaters and jeans I left behind my back. It's laceration. 
Yesterday I went spinning. Well went to the 3.30 one, and I have to say I missed the darkness. When we go to the 7.30 or the 6.30 the trainer truns off the lighting and we have a little neon lamp on while the music is lumbering. But it was good. The numbers were actually really good, better than usually what the trainer used to play. 
So now I have to go, cause I have to collect pictures to the poster then I have to make it, so I have to do lot of things today. So I hope you'll have a sunny day....I wish we could have! 



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