Saturday, January 9, 2010

The patch which saved my confidence

Oh my gosh! I can't bealieve what that herpes patch did. That huge bulge is only a little red spot now on my mouth. And I used it for only two days. Awesome. I feel sooooo happy right now.

So I was happy in the morning too, and I went shopping with my mom. I know, I know! But really I didn't want to buy anything. She wanted to buy herself boots, and a coat, but we just went next to a promod boutique with 50% off sale. I couldn't just walk away!!!! Come on I have feelings, and I'm a girl. For my excuse I ONLY bought a Shirt. In a 50% off sale!!! I bought that red one. Actually I don't like the model, and it looks bad in her, but actually it's really gorgeous. Believe me! If you live in Europe you can buy it here. Or if you live somwhere else you can choose it here. But my mom bought everything she wanted too, so that's good. Oh, I almost forget! I heard a lot of things about the lush products, and I always wanted to try them out, but I wasn't sure that we a have a store in Hungary. But I just found one! I almost fainted. I didn't buy anything cause I wanted to look around in the net, and get to know a little more what's that lush really is. But they tottaly bought me! I'm going to buy something this month just to try it out. I was thinking about the Think pink bath bomb, and the Creamy candy bubble bar or maybe the comforter bubble bar! HELP ME! Tell me what's the best thing to buy, what's your favourite! I can't choose!
When we were about to go home, and we went up to the parking lot, we met with my form master. I just saw a pink something coming towards me, and then I saw that it's a pink person waving, and then I saw the blonde hair and I got explanation for everything. :D I love her. So we just talked a few words, and we all went to our seperate ways.
And I'm so in trouble! Merci's birthday is coming so fast. It's on the 6th of February. She is turning 16. I don't know what to buy her. When I entered the lush store and saw those little, wrapped gifts I immedaitely thought about her, cause she's in love with bathing. But I think she just never heard about lush, and she would think that I bought something horrible to her, and she would never use it. I mean that's what I'm afraid of. So help me again! What to buy her!!!?? Or should I buy her lush gifts, and tell her everything about lush?!! HELP!!!!!!!!



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