Monday, January 25, 2010

Miracles happen, even if they are tiny

OMG! I just had a really bad night! I went to bed at 10.30pm but I couldn't sleep until midnight, if I remember well. That's one of the worst things ever. You're laying in your bed, and try to fall asleep for hours, but when you're about to really do, you just wake up in your happiness that your almost fall asleep. And I don't know who had this too, but I had last night, and I wish that it won't happen again. I was so embittered and angry. I think after a while I couldn't sleep because I was so mad!
I turned to my other side for the 100th time wen I saw light! I didn't know who was awake but I thought that it can be my sister, who is, we don't know why, can't sleep at Saturday nights, and in my silent fuming, I thought I look after it. It was her. And when I entered her room I saw the amazement in her face. It must have to be that I wished her a good night hours earlier. She couldn't sleep too. (Whenever she can't sleep I always tell her to come to my room, and wake me up, and she said that I should do the same, but we never really do, so I did it for the first time....but I didn't wake her up). Honestly, when I pressed down the door handle, I got frightened a bit, cause I didn't want to wake her up. But she was just sitting in her bed watching some african people in the TV. We looked at each other and laughed. We talked for a little while, but she started to be very sleepy, so I let her go to sleep, and I went back to my bed. I was wilde-awake. But then, somehow I fell asleep.
In the morning when my mobile was ringing to wake me up at 6.30am I felt like as if a roadroller would have gone through me. In myself I was swearing,and I desired if only a miracle, which makes my day right, would happen. And guess what? My music teacher was missing from school! Well that was a miracle, even it was little. And then, that stupid jerk, who is sitting next to me, thought that he takes the management in his hands, and he sit back to his old seat, so Merci sit next to me all day long! I was extremely in a better mood.
Until now nothing interesting happened, there aren't any more miracles yet. I've get a book from Merci, to read. It's Jemima J by Jane Green. I'm excited about it.
I don't think there is anymore I can write about. I hope you'll have a better week than mine!



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