Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chillin' on the ice with snow

Right now I have only 50 minutes 'til I have to go to school! Actually me and Merci didn't go to the first class because on the second we have kind of an exam, and we forget to learn, so we're just want to get late. But I'm just frgihtened-of-my-pants. My teacher is actually mad at us, cause we have this set-up that we can "rescue" ourselves if we didn't learn or we don't have homework, twice in a semester. Well, it's the first week of the second semester and I just ran out of them in this subject (economy). First I forget to learn a 4 pages long lesson, and on the other day  I forget to do my homework. I'm that lazy since the holidays, and I can't get used to it. Anyways she said that she disopped in us! I was like WTF? Really. Me and Merci are way the best in this subject, and does she really mad at me?! Gosh!
Right now I just got home, and the morning was just way too hilarious. When me and Merci was near to the school, we really-really got frightened, and we were about to go back home, but we've just decided that we HAVE TO go! Ah, and when I stepped out of the house the snow started falling really hard, and now we have a huge snow. I don't even know how I'll go tomorrow. So we were laughing sooo hard, sometimes at each other when we were about to fell down on the ground, or when the snow just fell into our eyes, and we couldn't see anything. But the funniest was that both of us were shaking because of the fear. We were afraid so much that it was way toooo funny! Okay, you might think that we're rabbits, but come on! I have never done such things like that! I didn't really lied to teachers before, and stuffs like that.....
 And I have a lot more to talk about! First of alll! On next saturday we'll keep Merci's 16th bday! I am very excited! She asked for fitness pants from me, and I know which I'm going to buy her (which is pink and looks totally gorgeous) so I'm gonna buy it for her this weekend, and also I found a hilarious thing too which is a book called New Mona! It's a parody of twilight, and it looks really funny! I think she'll be really into it. I also gonna buy her sport socks. Yes! I have a couple pairs in pink, and she always whining that she wants too. So the party....well we were joking that we'll lay her a chippendale with an edible thong, but we'll just have a nice little party, with the closest friends! I don't know what kind of cake I should bring....I thought that I should order one with Robert Pattinson's portrait on it. She won't ever eat it! :)
And yay! I'm going skating next Tuesday with Merci, her mother, and an another friend. It starts at 8pm and ends at midnight. This is all about Merci's mother, cause she works for a local TV station and it hired the whole skating-rink for that evening. They did it last year too, and I'm just excited, cause the last year was sooo much fun. But we'll froze! That's one thing which I'm pretty sure about. And if everything goes well, me and my family are going skating too to a lake this weekend. :) Yes! Which had frozed! I love skating on real lakes! That gives this good feeling...I can't even explain it! You have to feel it!


P.S.: I bought those shoes, and I'm in love with them! I haven't weared them yet, but we didn't get 40% off, we got 50%! I was like, I couldn't buy them in a better time!


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