Friday, January 15, 2010

Spinning,presents, on-set romance..etc.

Hey guys! Tomorrow I'll have a spinnig class with Merci, my sister, my form master, and an another friend. Actually I'm really excited, but I'm nervous too because of a couple things.

1. I have never tried spinning before, and I think I'll look like an idiot, while I'll try to keep up with everyone. I'm gonna make a fool of myself in front of a bunch of people. You guys are probably know now, but I tell you again. I'm really bad at puclib speeking, or any other thing where I have to stand in front of a lot of people. I HATE when everyone is looking at me. It is dusturbing me all the time. My hands starts to sweat, and I forget everything what was in my mind. But two thigs are comforting me. My sister and my friend haven't done spinning before too, so I wouldn't be the only one.

2. I'm so curious what will my form master think about my sister. I mean she won't tell me, but if she and Merci will talk, I'll get it out of Merci somehow. I wanna know what she is thinking about her, just because I really love her. I mean my sister.

Merci is persuading me for a long time now, and I thought that "Okay, I'll go to that wicked spinning, just leave me alone". I'm way tooooooooooo LAZY. And we even go an hour earlier bacuse they want to work-out before the training. I couldn't believe in my ears. My luck that our form master (OMG let's call her Stacy, cause I'm full of that "form master" thing), Stacy drive us to the gym. Casue, yes, the strike is still going on. So, if she wouldn't drive us, we would have to go an another hour earlier. Just to walk there. What a crap!
Lately, I've been thinking about Merci's 16th birthday present as you know. I think I won't buy any lush products, cause I was thinking. I want to give her something that she'll remember after a few years later too. I mean, If I give her a lush gift bag, she'll use it all up in like a month, and she'll never remember what she got from me. Maybe if she'll fall in love with it as me. But I just want her to remember for her 16th birthday. I mean okay, it's not a big deal, she's not turning 21 even 18 but It's different a little bit then 15. So I thought about wallets. She wants one since this fall. I didn't buy her one for Christmas, cause the bag, which I bought to her was way too expensive to buy a wallet too. So now I'm thinking about one, and a juicy couture bracelet. But I don't know.....I'm still thinking.
And OMG! I've just found out that Channing Tatum and Jemma Dewan are actually married. I didn't even know that they are together, and when I heard that they got married I almost fainted. What a cute couple. I love on-and-off-screen couples. Like: Vanessa Hudgens&Zac Efron, Ashley Greene&Jackson Rathbone, Miley Cyrus&Liam Hemsworth....etc. These are the sweetest things that ever can happen. Awwww



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