Wednesday, January 20, 2010

History, maps, cats and even more

Yay! I have a free day tomorrow! No school, no waking up early, and no learning! 
Well, if you follow me on twitter, you must have to know that everytime when I have to learn history I loose all my pep for a life. It was the same yesterday. I had to learn sooo much history, and guess what?! I was the lucky one who had to tell the whole lesson to the teacher. In the break before the class, we were talking about who is going to write an exam or tell it to the teacher. I told them that I'm going to be, but they said that some jerk is going to go. So they were looking at me with wide-opened mouth when they heard my name from the teacher's mouth. And you guys know that I hate doing anything in front of a lot of people, well yet if it's necessary to speak. But thank god, the teacher just gave exercises to the class, so I could sit next to her, and tell her everything. I was a little bit freaky with the that wicked map, showing every towns, and cities that I had been talking about. I hate maps, and I'll hate them forever. Even in the end I was weird cause she just asked me about the previous curricula, and I just forgot about it at all. I mean I wrote an A marked exam about that, and I couldn't say anything. But that's okay, she said that I learnt it wonderfuly, and she gave me an A. I couldn't say any thank yous.
Also, I've ordered a book like on last week's Thursday, and I still didn't get it. I have to finish it for the 1st of February, but I don't how I will, cause my friend was at the bookshop and they said that they're doing some kind of an inventory, and those books which had been ordered might arrive a week later. So I can expect it for next week's Wednesday. That's no too good. I don't know how I'm gonna read it out. If anyone is interested it's Oliver Wilde's Picture of Dorian Gray. It will be an "interesting" book. I heard weird thing about it.
And awwww! My mom went away this afternoon cause she had to buy some food. So the point is that she called me when she got home, cause she wanted me to help her carrying the bags into the house. When I stepped out of the door, a little kitty was looking at me, like at the Shrek movie. My heart melted in that moment. I feel sooo sorry for those pets, who just got rejected. I mean when the baases just got bored of their pets and they throw them out. I could kill these people. So I started patting it, and I just wanted to let it in the house but my mom didn't let me. She says that I want to adopt every pet that I find. And that's true. My heart broke into million pieces when I closed the door in front of its face. It's so sad!
And last but not least! Today...spinning! Wooohoo! Ok, I'm not really that happy. Actually I don't have energy to do it, but after all I feel way better If I do it then If I don't. And I can sleep tomorrow. So that's the only reason why I go today. And my sister asked me to, so that's an another thing which is important to me! Love her! So now, I'm going to pack for the working out! Have a great afternoon!



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