Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Girls living the wrong lives?

Since I do spinnig, I’m way too tired. I’m arguing with my friends about childish things, and I think it’s not the way it’s supposed to be.
I mean everyone says that if we do sports we’ll be fitter. That’s so false. Or maybe there’s just something wrong with me. Even when I could sleep this morning for two more hours. I felt really tired. My eyes were really heavy when I tried to stay them open. I had only four classes but during this time I argued with Merci like 5 times or I don’t know. We both were tired, but me…Gosh…I was just unbearable. Some other friends asked me too, if there’s something wrong with us or no. So yeah, maybe I should stay in my bed all day, and I won’t insult anyone.
Not to forget…My grammar teacher took a 45minutes long “talk” about 16 years-old-girls-and-the-wrong-way-of-life instead of a grammar class. Just because she spotted a girl in high heeled-boots. Actually it wasn’t that high-heeled, mines were higher, but later she spotted mine too. So she said that we shouldn’t walk in high heels in our age, and we shouldn’t dye our hair ( OK, that makes sense) and we mustn’t use any make-up. Of course I was in high heels, had make-up on, and my hair is dyed (ok, mine is just tinted, I didn’t use haircolor). The point is that she was looking at me very often. But come one that’s something that I can’t change. Since I was 8 or 9 I have brushes and eye shadows in my hands. I grew up using make up, and I used to do it for school too since 7th grade. I’m not that girl who rather hides in the darkest corner of her room instead of going out without make-up. I love my face without it, I just love to do it. That’s it. If she doesn’t like it, don’t look at my face. Anyways, almost every girl use make-up in my class…so I wasn’t the only one.
She was talking about the false nails too, but I don’t have false nails. Merci has. J Or there was the classic theme about making “friends” at discos, and if you go into them they look at you like fresh “meat”. Thank Godness I don’t like these places at all. I won’t ever go into any. Not even make “friends” there. Come one! I meant guy “friends”!
When I got home I made french fries to myself….that was my luch. And I hardly could make myself to learn history. Oh and my sister bought me the Gone with the wind’s sequel Scarlett. It has 948 pages. When I’m gonna read it out?



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