Tuesday, February 2, 2010

....and the busy, new month begins!

February has already reached us with its frosty claws. Well, where it's frosty! Cause I feel a gigantic-sized jealousy of everyone who lives in a warm place. I've been freezing for months now!!! I need some sunshine too, cause I look like a carcass, with my pale face. It looks ridiculous, with my hair, cause I have a darker brown hair, and OMG! So I'm freezing, there's 11 inches of snow, and everything is frosty where the snow is not covering, my nose is running....and I think that's all. 
I said that this month will be a little busy...well, yeah! I have a couple of things which I have to keep in my mind! First of all tonight I'm going skating with my friends, I hope It won't be difficult not to forget it...:) I'm excited and nervous too. I mean I LOVE skating, but I'm sure about the company....but I just hope that it will be great. It starts at 9pm and ends at midnight. (But I alredy mentioned that) Right next this week Merci's birthday is coming, and this week I have to go and buy her presents too (Cause I couldn't go at the weekend...stupid snow). Then this Friday we hold the carnival at the school, which is nowhere! Really! I don't even know what to wear! I need a costum. (Another errand to my things to do list). Then, after a week, we have my sister's name-day and my dad's birthday too, so I have to go to buy another presents. And the last thing I know is that I have a research task for the school. I have to find a famous, hungarian woman's grave, and do excercises. It's confusing, and I don't even know where it is!
So I have to keep in mind a lot of things, and I'm not really sure that I remember everything.....But my last day of January, Sunday, was a bunch of fun for me. Me and my oldest sister, Virág (means flower) went for a walk in the biggest snow, and we ended up with a sledge on the top of a little hill. We just fell of it a lot of times. There are bunch of pictures of me and Virág on the ground. I felt like I'm 5 again, and to be honest, it's way better to be older! So that day was a worthy final for January, which wasn't my best month in my life beacuse of a few things. 
Ohhh, before I forget! I read Jemima J! It was great! I almost sad thatit was awesome, but I just stopped myself. I  mean it was relly good, and I enjoyed reading it, but I won't say that it can approach, for exmaple, the twilight saga. So It was great! Right now I'm reading Lover enshired by J.R. Ward. If you her books you know that they are really good. This is the latest book which was published here from the Black dagger brotherhood series. I'm corious, cause Meci said that it's a little boring. Well, let's hope it's not. 
Now, I'm going to read a little, and just annex myself until the evening!  Have a good day!


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