Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New year's fames: Hobo, school, parties etc.

This is my first entry this year!
So first of all, happy new year everyone, and I really mean that you'll have one, better than mine seems to be. And Merci's. I mention her here just because her little puppy died. And he was only 4 days with her. RIP Hobo, we hope you are in a better place now.
I'm so in depression. Really. It's snowing. That's not really a big deal, but I have to go to school by my two, freezing foot at 7am is the wosrt thing that ever happened to me. Since I had been at home for 3 weeks and I was lounging in the bed for days, waking up at 6am wasn't a heartmelting thing. I'm so, so jealous for people who are home schooled.
Right now I should learn history because I missed an exam cause of my sickness, and now I have to write it, but it's soooooo much. And I have to study Phisycs too. I hate it. Gosh. I don't know how I will get used to it.
But here's something happy. My New year's party. I had been talking about it for years now, like an obsessed. So when we got to Merci's house we get welcome drinks. Our mouth dropped. It was something really alcoholic, and I get to know that it was 16% alcohol. I know that this isn't that much, but for us it was enough to laugh unstoppable through the night. It was really embarassing. When we went out for dinner we couldn't eat at all, because of the laughing. At around 11pm we were finally acting like normal people, but at midnight her parents came with a bottle of champagne, and of course we had to drink a glass of it, but when her dad get to know that we liked it, he left the bottle with us. :) It was hilarious. By the way we didn't drink it. We had warmth all night long and we couldn't sleep until 4 am. We woke at 8 am of course. Why could we sleep any longer!? I got home at noon and I went to sleep and I only woke up in the evening. So it was a really good night.
And last but not least. I feel like I'm in kindergarden. Our teachers are making a seat order. They will put me next to an idiot, selfish d***. I mean come on! I'm a junior in a high school. The last time when the teachers did that was at 7th grade. So don't get me wrong if yuo'll see a foulmouthed entry on Thursday. I will be rally angry I think. So again, I hope you'll have a muvh better new year that we have. I'm going to study!



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