Friday, January 22, 2010

Deadly dull Friday

Weekend has just finally arrived...and I am not doing anything interesting. 
Right now I'm just watching a German (I think) TV show about families. I don't even understand what they are talking about, but somehow it just attracting my attention. It's about a really weird family. They are all wearing pink, and their whole house is pink. So everything. Expect a little boy, who seems to be the one who is always the wrong somehow. The mom is blonde and wearing pink all the time and she likes her daughter only. She doesn't even care about her son. You know I'm just trying to get the whole thing...:)....There isn't anything in the TV.  Like an hour ago I was watching the Dollhouse, which is my favourite series right now, but I have all the parts of it on my desktop, and now I can't watch them cause my sister needed my desktop. So I'm just bored, that's why I'm watching German shows about pink families. Actually I'm not a TV junky, I just wacth it if there isn't anything to do.
Merci and me were talking about that we should go out today, but the cold and snowy weather just stole our appetite. So now I think she is sleeping....:) She is always sleeping if we are not going anywhere. I always wake her up somehow.
OMG! There is a lot of trash in my mind. I don't even know what I'm writing. My attention is still on the pink family. And I still don't understand it. Be right back in a minute! I just had to run down to my mother, cause she was shopping again, so I helped her. I don't know what to do in the whole evening. Ummm.....I have a new favourite new song: Superstar (Smash It) by Kimberly Cole. It's from the dollhouse's first series, third episode, when Echo has to be a singer too to armor a superstar. It is just a really good song. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. 
UHHH! Gosh! I hate this laptop. I can't see the keyboard when it gets dark. I have to use a lamp or something. Why couldn't they put some lighting in it when they made it? Now I'm just super lazy to stand up and turn on the lighting. I barely can see what I'm typing. Ok, I'm going away before I get a brainstorm. I promise that tomorrow I'll write something more sensible. 



Trecia said...

Heyya! I haven't visited your blog for such a long time already! Lol at your whole paragraph about the pink family! XD oh oh oh, the song I'm addicted to at the moment is Parachute's Under Contol. Don't ask me why the band's name is Parachute, I have no idea. lol

dafo said...

Hi! It's good to hear about you! This post is just meaningless!
I visited your blog like a day ago! You've really gone. What's going on with you latey?

PS.: I'm gonna listen to that song!

Trecia said...

haha.. erm.. I've kinda stopped blogging already. There'll be a major exam coming up at the end of the year and I've decided to spend less time in front of the computer. So noble,eh? xD Anyway, I'll stop by and visit your blog in the future when I have the time! =)

dafo said...

Well, I hope you'll do well! :) I wanted to spend less time here too, but that turns me off a little after school! So that's my guilty pleasure!

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