Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The eternal bootlicker

This is the third day I've been sitting next to HIM and HE makes my life impossible, even if he's not knowing this.
I mean his attitude is normal for him, I think, but for me he is the biggest jerk far away I have ever met in my entire life. Some poeple would say that "You should be forbearing with him, cause for a long time he was in a bad company!" or something like that, but NO. This isn't about the bad company. This is all about upbringing. I never saw my parents, even my sisters to be that unpolite, under the IQ's -worst-level, jerks.
Yesterday we were writing an exam, and I think he was afraid of asking anything from me, cause of my would-like-to-kill-you look which is in my face all the time when he is near me. Even Merci made a remark that she never saw a disgust like that in my face before. So I didn't help him at all, I mean, come on! Why would I? I was even covering the paper, just to hide the answers away from him, but after a little while when I was ready, and I couldn't pretend that I'm writing anymore, I left the paper in the desk, and I turned backwards to my friends. And this was the minute when he almost shouted that "Ah! That's what I've been waiting for!" and I would like to kill him at that moment. Of course he got an A mark on the next day, as me.
Then today our physics teacher was giving us the marks for the first semester, which actually ended today. So when he was the one, who got his mark, he just stood up, and walked to the teacher's desk, of course he crawled across me, but who cares about me, when he is about to get his D! Really! So when I was about to get my mark, he was just standind in my lookout. I couldn't see the teacher but I heard that she was talking to me, and he saw that I couldn't see her, but despite he didn't get out of my view. Eventually the teacher asked him to sit down. I didn't say a word. Just now: ASSHOLE!
But I don't want to talk about him all day long, so I'm getting into something new.
Today we didn't do anything at school. We weren't learning cause the half of the class didn't come to school because in here the people who are working in the transport were striking. So yeah! For like two hours me and four of my girlfriends, including Merci, were talking about the guys. Of course the girls were talking about how they met, and the first kiss, you know. But it was so bad that right now I don't have a boyfriend, and they were telling sooooo-sooooo cute things. I want to meet someone. To feel happy, and out-of-myself. I wish that it's come true!



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