Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review: Lush creamy candy bubble bar

You guys don't know that eventually I went back to the Lush store and I had to buy just one bubble bar, which is the Creamy candy one as the title says. I was so excited to try it out all week long, and today I just made myself to clean out my bath, and take a lush bath.
I only used the half of the bar, and I think it made enough bubbles. Just the water wasn't pink at all, but maybe If I would put the whole bar in it it will turne out light pink. I don't know. So when I got in, I immediately burned my legs down. The water was too hot. :)

But I fixed it, and I have to say that the water was softer. Or I don't know. It was not like when I just have a usual bath. It was so soft, and easy. Maybe I'm just hallucinating, cause everyone said in every videos I watched, that the water was really smooth, and moisturising. But I felt something like that too. And OMG! The smell was just amazing. I still can smell it on my skin, and on my bathrobe. Even my sister asked that what is that sweet scent, and she was in the in my room, which is really far! I was wondering that I should buy soaps and shampoos in the same scent, and I would smell like a lush store. So it was really relaxing, and I will totally buy some other things from lush in this month.
So tomorrow I have only 35minutes long classes, and I'm so happy about that. But I still have to walk to school, cause the strike is still going on. My hands are soo dry, cause it's so cold out here.



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