Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yes!!! I am alive! After all.....

I'm so sorry that I've had gone! I just had a quite a few things to do during the weekend, and I did not have the laptop with me. But now I tell you about everything.
First of all the animal asylum was a bit strange for me. I mean I thought that I'm going to see something horrible, I mean I saw a few things, but there were one outstanding thing. The way they kept those poor dogs!! OMG! They were in a few cages, which was filled with lots of mud because of the one-week-long-raining thing. The dogs were all muddy, I just barely could pet them, because If I just touched one's head my hand looked like I did some weeding. So it was kinda embarassing how they did not care about that the dogs wallowed in their own dirt and in the mud. So I was a bit mad, and I didn't even mention how much food we brought and they did not say a ratty thank you for us. After all the way back to home was more than an hour, and I wasn't really in my travelling mood. When  I got home I was extremely tired, but I only could sleep after 10pm.
After my hectic and beneficent saturday I was at home learning. I had to leard a few things for literature because we had a huge exam on Monday. So I was kinda resting and learning. I also watched Camp Rock! :) I was full with the learning, and as I turned on my TV it caught my eye. 
On monday I did not do anything interesting I was at school and that's kinda all. I just had to go and buy bio almonds! :) It's a funny sidestory, but on Thursday we'll have a health-day at school just for my class. Almost everyone got a fruit, a vegetable or something, to make a little presentation. I got almond, so I had to go and look for bio almonds, and I did not have time to do a post. 
And so today I just made myself, but I am really tired, I have a headache, and I have to learn for English a lot, and I have no idea how I'm going to do this all, but I'll try to keep everything under my control. 
And for some reason this is the third day when people say that my make-up is heavy. The first time I had blue eye shadow on, yesterday green, and they were all saying that I only need a mini skirt to be a b**** and today I only did a neutral eye look, and now the teacher told me too. I thought that I'll go crazy. I think tomorrow I won't have make-up on. I don't know what's wrong with people!



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