Sunday, April 11, 2010

A heavenly party on saturday

Let's just start from the beggining! On Friday I went shopping for presents as I mentioned. I bought a beautiful purple shirt, and a cute earring with bows to the bday girl. And also a birthday card. And of course I couldn't leave without The last song, so I bought the book, and I was way too happy. I also bought myself a pair of earrings, which one says hate and the other love. It looks soooo cool. I weared it yestreday, and I got a lot of questions about them. 
Sooooooo yesterday! As you might know I went to one of my girlfriend's birthday party, which was held at her house. She lives like 20 minutes away from me by car, but still not in the same city as me. Because we don't have licence we all decided to go together, so we met up at 1:45pm yesterday, and went with a bus. When we arrived after 30 minutes I saw my dreamhouse. Her (parents') house is PINK! I was like OMG! As we passed through the garden I saw her dog too, which is a huge golden retriever. She was as big as two of me. And his name is Arthur. He was way too cute, and during the day, we went out to play with her like a million times. Actually he was playing with socks, and we always stole it from him, so he started chasing us all the time. So yeah we really cute. 
Then she showed us the whole house, which is pretty cool, cause there were a bunch of balloons saying happy birthday. And I think I liked the bathroom the most. It's soooo beautiful. Then we just sat down in the living room, where were the DJ, and the food. Actually the guys went upstairs to play card games, so we girls played some stupid games, like musical chairs. It's a game which I last played in kindergarden. It's all about that for example 10 people are playing, and we carry 9 chairs into the room. As the music goes we have to go around the chairs, and when someone suddenly stops the music everyone have to sit down, and the one who couldn't find a seat is out of the game. And you play this till all the people fall out, and have one winner. But I'm pretty sure that everyone knows this game, so I just tell you about the other.
It is a stupid game too. We filled two bowles with smarties, and brought a pack of sippers. Two people had to play at the same time, and the challenge was that, you had to transfer as many smarties to an another bowl with a sipper as many you could in 30 seconds. I lose all the time, but I wasn't sad at all. :) But my friends took videos of everyone who tried it out, and it was kinda embarassing. 
Then we had a kind of dinner which was amazing. There were a bunch of meat cooked in hundreds of different ways, or you could chose ham rolls. You could also chose the garnish. There were mozarella salad (which is my absolute favourite), potatoe salad, corn salad, french salad, paste salad...etc. We ate soooooo much, and after the meal, we had a little preview of the bday girl's dancing skills. She is dancing for almost 4 years, and she is doing it beautifully. Then we had the cake, which was zacher cake (my favourite again) and then we went upstairs, talking, playing games, and just laughing. But there were and another amazing thing in this party. Chocolate fountain!!!! It was on the middle of the desk, and around it there were 5 different types of fruits, and you could chose what you wanted to put under the fountain. I have to say that the pineapple, and the kiwi was wonderful with chocolate. I felt I'm going to explode cause of the sooo much food, but I think it worth it. I arrived home at around 9:15pm, cause my dad took me home. All I could do is have a shower, then I fall into my bed. 
Because this post is already really long, I'm not gonna start into a nwe story, but I have to tell that the yesterday's party was amazing, and incredible. I laughed a lot, and talked to people who I never really used to. We were all so loose, and just had a great time hanging with each other. I hope that I'll be on the guest list. And again happy birthday to YOU!



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