Sunday, April 25, 2010

My last few days....

Hi guys! So today is my sister's 20th birthday and I want to wish her a happy birthday, and I hope this year will be better for her. 
So......the health day....First we had a beautican in our class, and she told us very clever things, ans she even gave us some products, which is pretty exciting, cause for some reason I love to use new things. The next class a man came in who was showing us how dirty the water is. It was disgusting, and still I am kinda afraid to drink my water from the bottles. The last class was about eating healthy, and everyone had to do a little presentation about a fruit or a vegetable or something. I got almonds, and I remember that I even wrote down that I was suffering with it, cause I had to short it down, and thanks for my retarded brain, I left it at home, so my work was for nothing. Then we head to a spinning lesson, which was soooo much fun. We, me and Merci just beat down the guys, who are the I-am-doing-football-and-every-sport-is-a-big-crap types, and we were so proud at ourselves. :) Then on the evening, when I felt that I can't even make my eyes stay open, I went out for a concert with my sister. It was an opened place, and I have to say that I almost froze to the ground as I was waiting for the band to start. My sister recommend me to drink something, so we won't be freezing, so she bought us gin and tonic. I drank his the first time in my life, and it was actually good. But the band was even worse. I was standind there, bored by an hour, while my sister was dancing crazily. It wasn't that much fun for me, cause I would enjoy more a pop concert or something, cause they were playing rockie I think. It's not really my type. But when were about to go gome, I saw the retro stage, where they were playing Elvis. It would be better to dance to Elvis, than standind bored and watching people dancing. :)
Yesterday I met up with Merci, and we were actually watching movies, but I think we should had to go out, cause the sun was shining after a week of rain. But instead we watched Pet semetary's first half hour, cause Merci was screaming everytime, when there was a scary scene, so we decided to watch something else. I put in My sassy girl, and it was a great chioce, cause we both almost melted because of the main guy's cuteness. Then we put in While you were sleeping, but in the half of it,we turned it off and we listened to music, and ate, cause her mother cooked for us. Then I think, after a half hour I went home. I did nothing, just laying around and playing games online. It was good to do nothing. 
The time already shows 9:44am here and I should be ready for 12:00 , which means I have to wash my hair, I have to do my make-up, I have to dress up, and clean my room. I don't how, but I will be hurrying. 


PS.: Picture is from the concert! I look ridicolus, but I just wanted to put a picture here. :)


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Hi! I do have facebook, I just can't find you! I'll keep trying! But you can add me too by searching for Hajni Major or!

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