Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cavalcade of birthdays

I feel like a bottom offender. Today is my mom's birthday, and we did not have time to buy anything for her, and to be honest today this was the last thing that I was thinking about, and when I was in the middle of painting my finger nails, I got a phone call from my sister that it would be fit buying her something, and let's meet up at the mall right now. At around 6pm. I was in my sweatpants and in my hoodie, with my nails half finished, the polish almost dripped down cause it was so fresh. I could not go! And now I have a huge guilt. I know that I shall go, but I couldn't dress up or just brush my hair without blurring everything on my nails, and if they would not look that bad messed up, I would defenetely go, but ahhhh! So now I feel really bad, and I feel that I am missing everything! But I also have a few things to do today. I know that painting-my-nails-when-I-have-millions-of-errands-to-do is not too good, but after a timeless month, I thought that this evening I'll finally paint my nails to look great, for the tomorrow's concert (I'll tell you about it in a minute) and just look like a human after a really long time. But of course, exactly this afternoon seemed the best for her to go out and shop. You might think that if this day is a birthday why I am not in my best clothes, celebrating, sipping champagne, and eating cake. That's because it's a weekday, and in our family when someone's bday is in a weekday we push the celebration to the weekend. What's even funnier, my sister's bday is in Sunday!
So the concert! Tomorrow evening in a local pub there will be a concert where my sister really wants to go. I only agreed to go with her because she has noone to go with! And I had one condition, that she has to drink a few coctails with me. So I think it'll be kinda fun....I hope so!!
And tomorrow is also gonna be a tiring day, because my class, as I mentioned, will have a health day, and then we all will head to a spinning! Then I have to go home, have a shower, dress up, make-up, and everything, then go to that stupid concert thing. Then the next day is school! Perfect! I'll feel like a rag! So now, I'm going cause I have to do some other things as I mentioned before!



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