Friday, April 2, 2010

Bad joke or a sour woman?

Well, in not a lot of, but in some of the situations I am right! Let's just say that the turkish guy only wanted to have FUN with Merci, and he didn't have any purpose to make a relationship with her, which wasn't surprising for me. When she called me, that the guy blocked in his thoughts about them, she was very dissapointed. She couldn't believe it, and she kinda sill wanted to talk with him after all these. I just awared her, that this guy is just like a lot of others. He has nothing special, and he is even a jerk. Now, I think after 3 or 4 days she is in a better mood then she was in when they were "talking". That obvious afternoon I didn't tell her that "I told you"! I didn't want to hurt her feelings, I only told her that we couldn't expect much better. But yestreday I just spilled out these three hurting words: I told you! She looked at me, she wasn't smiling, she wasn't mad....she was just unloving. She said that I am right! I didn't want to hear this from her. It semmed like she feels sorry for it, I mean it seemed like she feels ashamed in front of me, which I never wanted! We were always our other halves, and we were never like that with each other. She doesn't have to feel aynthing like that when she is talking to me. I didn't tell her because I wasn't sure what I saw, but I think it was something like that. 
Now, we have our spring break, and I am about to meet her. We are gonna watch new moon I think...again :). We saw it once a while ago, maybe at november or something. So now I have the DVD and I go to her place to watch it, and just comfort her a little. But before this I have to meet her in our local-market-place, because she has to buy something for her cats....I'm waiting for her call, actually, and I have to pick up my bag and some clothes, and go. She went training this morning, and she is still there...I don't know...So this whole thing's point was that I knew it from the beggining that he has to be kidding with her with this LOVE thing. But she wasn't really listening to me. Well, how Jane Austen said "Before marriage, we gotta have some unfulfilled loves". I think she might be right. But it's just hurts sometimes....
I know that yesterday was april's fools day. I shall write something stupid here and thn spill that it was only a joke or something. But I was lazy, and at 6 pm me and my sister decided to go out shopping. Ok, it's actually funny, because we she wanted to go running, but I wanted to go skating. Then she said Ok, let's go skating and we even dress up and everything when I just realised that one pair of skates are missing. I kew that my other sister lended it to someone months ago, and I became really agnry. But then we decided in our unexciting hours to go shopping for a near mall. So we jumped in the car and went out for the evening. I almost bought the Last Song, but I realised that I don't have any money with me, and I didn't want to ask from my sister. So the only joke we made was at school. We switched classrooms with a class, and we were expecting the other class' teacher, when our teacher stepped in the room. She didn't seem to get the joke, moreover she was sourer than she usually used to be if it's even possible. So it didn't turn out like laughning all day, it was just like a normal day. So now I got the call, and I have to go!



Anonymous said...

ahah, i love the tittle, it's cool and sometimes true

dafo said...

Well yeah! Sometimes these people can really make a big deal about a joke, and just make sad a lot of others!

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